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· The innocent animal is never at fault 

· Animals have souls but lack their own ‘animal spirits’ 

· Can animals understand human language? 

· What happened in Eden, were animals capable of human speech? 

· Balaam’s talking donkey 

· To neglect and abuse animals is witchcraft against God 




The Innocent Animal is Never at Fault

It is interesting to note that wild animals do not naturally prey on humans.  I believe God placed that ‘knowing law’ into the minds of animals - not to view humans as prey.  It is a scientific fact that even top predators such as lions and sharks do not naturally hunt humans as food.  Every single time an animal, either wild or domesticated, attacks a human, abusive humanity is always at fault in some known or unknowing way!  Each time a beast retaliates, it happens through human encroachment on their shrinking habitat, human interference with the order of the natural world, and the misunderstanding, maltreatment, incarceration, cruel and satanic abuse, and the molestation of God’s innocent creation. 


Animals Have Souls But Lack Spirits, (1 Cor. 15:38)

God connects the blood of everything on earth that ‘moves, creeps, flies, and swims’ to its life force, or soul. 

However, God did not create animals as tri-part beings like humanity, yet they are of different “flesh,” (1 Cor. 15:38.)  

A human being consists of a personal human spirit, (the supernatural part of humanity – where the moral conscience, intuition, and worship are seated.)  

A human also has a separate, personal soul, (the natural brain or conscious mind, where intelligence, emotions, and free will are seated,)

Both the human spirit and human soul are contained in a personal, physical, human body, (1 Ths. 5:23; Heb. 4:12.) 

In contrast, animals are two-part beings.  Animals have physical bodies and feel pain and pleasure just as humans do.  They shiver in the cold, pant in the heat, thirst, hunger, and get ill, lonely, scared, etc. like humans do.   Yet, animals do not have personal, supernatural, animal spirits, as God did not create animals in His ‘image.’  That’s why we never see an animal attempting to worship anything.  Nor is an animal, (lacking moral conscience that is seated in the human spirit only,) capable of immorality, which is moral sin such as lying, stealing, murder, and adultery.

Gen. 1:30 refers directly to the “souls” or conscious minds of animals, which some Bible translators changed to the word “life.”  As animals have souls just as humans have, animals are free-willed beings just as humans, and animals too, can make definite decisions.  Animals, like humans, are also intelligent – although they can never be as clever as humans are, as intelligence is part of the living soul, or conscious mind of both humans and animals.  In addition, scientific experiments and even close interaction with animals prove undoubtedly that animals have all the soulical emotions, and therefore also all the emotional needs, which human beings have.  Animals too, can be protective, loyal, brave, jealous, compassionate, etc.  Consequently, animals also feel lonely, fearful, shameful, and rejected.  They long for their pack members, yearn for acceptance, love, and comfort when they are afraid and lonely.  Much of what people simply describe as ‘animal instinct,’ (such as good parenting,) is in fact the same basic emotional traits humans are born with. 

It remains a blatant lie that animals ‘evolved’ extraordinary abilities such as the ability to discern earthquakes and tsunamis in advance, smell out a trapped human, and migrate over great distances without getting lost.  God created animals with souls similar to those of humans, but gave them extraordinary capabilities, which humans do not possess.  These are amazing animal talents, which God designed specifically to equip animals for survival in the wilderness, as described in Gen. 1:24-25; 30-31. 


Can Animals Understand Human Language?

Animals do not have all the capabilities of humans; they are a completely different species from us.  It is simply ridiculous to expect animals to act like humans, assuming they naturally understand human language, culture, and intention, as though they were born learned, disciplined people.  Our dogs and other animals are not born with a Grade 12 certificate – and neither are humans!  In fact, animals are incapable of such knowledge.  Even humans have to learn from birth how to understand human speech, the different nuances of acceptable human behavior, and every other facet of human life! 

Like neglected children, whom we never taught speech, manners, and other people skills, animals are simply incapable of sharing some of our civilized human environment without the necessary training and loving guidance.  However, should we be willing to invest time, love, constant interest, and patient teaching in animals, we will reap an abundance of pleasant surprises from these wonderful creatures of God.

What happened in Eden – were Animals Capable of Speech? 

The question often arises whether it was possible that humans and animals could talk to one another in Eden. 

Yes, according to Scripture, animals and humans could converse with one another during that time.  Before the fall in Eden, an untarnished relationship existed between God and humans, between husband and wife, and between humans and animals.  Even before God created Eve as Adam’s best friend, God gave Adam, (as the crown of His creation, whom God placed in a managerial position over His creation,) the privilege to name all the animals. The cattle such as sheep, the birds, the beasts such as lions, and even reptiles such as snakes were Adam’s best friends first, (Gen. 2:18-25; 3:1-5.)  

Moreover, animals, just as Adam and Eve, could see God “walking in the garden in the cool of the day,” and they, too, could “hear His voice in the garden,” (Gen. 3:8-10.) 

Though the snake was exploited by that evil spirit called “Satan,” animals even knew that God commanded Adam and Even “not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…” as the snake asked Eve under the guidance of Satan, “Has God indeed said…”  Regardless of satanic abuse, God still held the snake itself responsible for allowing such witchcraft, cursing the snake “more” than all the other animals, (Gen. 3:13.)  So, animals were capable of understanding human speech, and even of speaking human language in Eden, thus, Eve did not find it strange to discuss even spiritual matters with the snake. All of that changed after the fall, which corrupted every relationship known to man – man’s relationship with God, with his fellow man, and with the animals.  The relationship between humans and animals deteriorated further when God gave man permission to have animals for food after Noah had left the ark, (Gen. 9.) 


Balaam’s Talking Donkey 

The Bible’s account of Balaam’s donkey is simply astounding.  It happened about 1,400 B.C., when King Balak of the Moabites sent for Balaam the magician to curse the Israelites, who were encroaching on his territory. [We discuss such curses later on in this study.]  Balaam was a pagan psychic, yet he said that God spoke to him.  It is therefore common for even unbelievers to hear the voice of the Omnipotent God, Who stated undeniably, “ALL SOULS ARE MINE… The soul that sins shall die.  But… the just… [who obey Me] shall live,” (Ezek. 18:19; Numbers 22.) 

God forbade Balaam to go with King Balak's elders to commit witchcraft in his attempt to curse the Israelites.  He nevertheless disobeyed God, so that “the Angel of the Lord stood in his way with His drawn sword in His hand,” ready to strike him down.  The donkey, seeing the avenging angel blocking their way, turned aside and waddled into the field.  However, Balaam, remaining oblivious to God’s impending judgment, furiously scolded the donkey and assaulted her with his staff to turn her back onto the road.  This happened three times until the donkey could go no further.  She finally lay down under Balaam’s weight and surrendered to the incredible pain of his rod.  She chose to submit to her master’s inhumane rage, rather than risking the vengeance of God.

Then God opened the mouth of the abused donkey and she asked, ‘What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?’” 

Amazingly, without getting the fright of his life, Balaam answered furiously, “Because you have [made a fool of] me [in front of King Balak’s men.]  I wish there were a sword in my hand, for then I would kill you!” 

So, why wasn’t Balaam stunned speechless when the donkey spoke to him?  Some scholars believe he was too angry to be shocked.  Others think that, being a magician himself, he was familiar with ‘magic tricks’ which, they say, make animals talk; maybe he thought one of his tricks had boomeranged on him. In addition, he could have been familiar with the account of the talking snake of Eden, and knew that an animal would be able to talk if God so chooses. 

Undeterred by his unreasonable anger, the donkey calmly confronted Balaam’s violent attacks on her.  She asked, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden ever since I became yours, to this day?  Was I ever inclined to do this to you?” 

The donkey’s clever reasoning put Balaam to shame and he had to admit, “No…”

Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, “He saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way with His drawn sword in His hand, and he bowed his head and fell flat on his face.”

Why have you struck your donkey these three times?” God demanded an explanation for his assault on the innocent animal, “Behold, I have come out to stand against you, because your way is perverse before Me… The donkey saw Me and turned aside… these three times.  If she had not turned aside from Me, surely I would also have killed you by now, and let her live.”

Balaam surely hung his head in shame, saying, “I have sinned…” Numbers 22:22-33. 


Conclusion: to Abuse and Neglect Animals is Witchcraft against the Highest God

We cannot expect animals to understand and reason the way we do, as animals were created a step down from humans on the creation-ladder of God. Still, we know from Scripture and from experience with animals that they can and do interpret, remember, and, (in surprisingly intelligent ways,) react to past and present experiences. 

As seen with Balaam’s donkey, animals can resent, question, and remember the abuse of humans, which proves the sinless soulical abilities that animals possess.  Animals do not have supernatural animal spirits, but we also know that animals can ‘see’ or experience God and the spirit-world more readily than most humans can.  Countless people have testified how God used their pets and even other animals to discern dangers and protect them from intruders they knew nothing about.  Recently, we read in the news of a horse that attacked and fended off a rapist, saving the life of its rider!  Once, a woman asked us for help, as her home was overran with demons, which she could feel but which her dog could see, barking to warn her each time a demon manifested itself.  Since the fall, all of humanity, infected by the hatred of Satan for God and His creation, has been in enmity with God, with one another, and with the wonderful creatures of God.  Knowing how wonderfully God had created humans as well as animals, it is really hard to understand how even born again believers in Christ can discard, neglect, abuse, and torture animals without any remorse, or regard for their Creator.  It is time that human beings wake up to a few sobering thoughts concerning animals. 

Stop committing witchcraft against the Highest God by disobeying His commandment to take care of His creation. 

God will certainly, as with the abusive Balaam, who beat his innocent donkey, demand an account from all cruel masters, who should have considered animals as the loving companions and loyal friends that God created them to be, (Numbers 22:22-33; Gen. 2:19-20; Rom. 8:20-22.)  Your pet is not a little human.  It does not have the capability to know right from wrong instinctively.  Unless you spend the time to teach your pet, your pet knows nothing.  Yet, when you adopt a pet, you adopt a family member, which you have to take care of for the rest of its life!  Your pet has no one else to provide love, care, and protection for it; you are its whole world!  Hopefully, you would not leave your child out in the cold; hungry, thirsty, chained up, or locked up in a garage or a back yard – so why do you torture the special friend, which God had entrusted to you,  in such inhumane ways?  People with human hearts would not cruelly beat their innocent children, make them fight to the death for sport, and devise satanic forms of torture to kill them; actually sacrificing them as blood sacrifices to Satan – so why do it to defenseless, speechless animals?  Your pet cannot sin.  Therefore, it can never commit a sin.  If you have a problem with a pet, it is because you do not care to understand, and provide for the basic needs of your animal.  If you confess Jesus Christ in your life, or even if you just consider yourself human, honor Him by taking care of His vulnerable creation!   


DO NOT BE FOOLED BECAUSE IT SOUNDS BIBLICAL:  Kent Hovind Creation Science  or ‘Answers in Genesis’ teach THE EVOLUTION THEORY IN A CHRISTIAN CLOAK.  God's so-called ‘re-creation’ after the fall in Eden, [i.e., from lizards into dinosaurs and from dinosaurs back into lizards as Creation Science and Evolution teach,] or ‘adaptations,’ [i.e., certain sea animals ‘adapted’ or changed themselves to become land dwellers and plants ‘adapted’ or changed themselves to become carnivorous fly-catchers, desert plants, etc.,] is pure evolution-dogma, which fits snugly into the completely unbiblical, unscientific, unchristian, creation science theories of that incredibly false teacher, Kent Hovind

Let us test a few of Hovind’s doctrines against pure Bible Truth – 

1) HOVIND: "Dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Noah took dinosaur eggs on the ark..."  

THE GOD OF THE BIBLE:  "Of every living thing of all flesh you shall bring TWO OF EVERY SORT into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female..."  Gen. 6:19.  This proves that dinosaurs definitely did NOT live in Eden either before or after the flood! 

2)  HOVIND:  “The earth was flatter and without mountains before the flood of Noah.  [This lie COMES DIRECTLY FROM EVOLUTION DOGMA!] This flood destroyed the surface of the earth to create mountains, canyons, etc.” 

BIBLE TRUTH:  In the beginning, God shaped the entire landscape of the earth as we know it today through His almighty moving of the “waters” that covered the earth when God separated the “Seas” from the “Earth” in just one day, (a 24 hour period – Gen. 1:2, 9-10.)  In that single day, God created “high hills, “high mountains,” the Grand Canyons, etc., which, of course, existed BEFORE Noah’s flood, (Gen. 7:18-19.)  At Noah’s flood, the floodwaters “receded continually” or gradually, and slowly “dried up from the earth” during the course of about 12 months.  The flood of Noah did NOT gush away in one go to form mountains because they already existed before the flood!  (Gen. 1:8-9; 7:20; 8:1-15.)]

3) HOVIND:  “At the flood of Noah, the seas were underneath the earth in a place called “the deep,” which burst open and the waters under the heavens [which was actually a thick layer of ice, melted]... to destroy all the trees, vegetation and animals…  Everything was buried underneath the cataclysmic creation of mountains and canyons...  That's where all the coal comes from!" 

BIBLE TRUTH:  In Gen. 1:9-10, on the SECOND DAY of creation already, God said, "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear...  and He called the land Earth and the waters Seas..." 

Hovind does not even know that the seas were exactly where they still are today, because God created it to be so!   After the flood, the “FOUNTAINS of the deep [underground springs and rivers] were stopped, and the rain was restrained,” (Gen. 8:2-3.)  Moreover, the water animals were not ‘destroyed’ in the flood; as that would have necessitated the re-creation of all the sea and water creatures, as well as all of earth’s vegetation.  Only the creatures that were “on the face of the GROUND” or on dry land were destroyed, (Gen. 7:21-24; 11.)  When the water eventually began to dry up GRADUALLY from the earth, the dove came back with an olive leaf in her mouth from a tree that was still standing under water on one of the highest mountains, which God had created at the very beginning in Genesis. 

Creation Science and Hovind's list of gross Scripture twisting and additions to Scripture goes on and on.  However, to read more into the Scriptures and the real Biblical changes, which God Himself made to creation because of the fall, (like the earth that henceforward brought forth weeds,) is to conjure up witchcraft against God.  To come to the twisted conclusions of Creation Science, which is based on the completely illogic, anti-creation philosophies of the evolution theory and not on the real, contextual truth of the Bible, is to be “proud and think above that which is written… [which] makes us differ from one another [in belief and Biblical doctrine,]” (1 Cor. 4:6-7.)    

Idolatry and Witchcraft in the Garden in Eden Brought the Curse on All Creation 

Scripture makes it clear that in the beginning “all the animals, birds, and everything that creeps on the earth,” (such as snakes, lizards, and insects,) fed on vegetation, or on “green herbs,” (Gen. 1:30.)  So, without adding, omitting, and twisting Scripture while still keeping biological facts in focus – how do we answer questions like, Did God create the lion, which lay next to the lamb, with predatory equipment such as sharp claws and long, carnivorous fangs, or did such predators gradually ‘change or evolve’ into hunters after the fall?  [The lie of evolution.] Did God create snakes and insects with venomous fangs and stingers in the beginning, or did they themselves ‘develop these adaptations’ after the fall?  Did God create insects like leeches and mosquitoes to prey on blood from the beginning, or did they too, suck on plants first, and then ‘developed’ their own, sharp proboscises to penetrate skin? 


God cursed His once immortal creatures with toil, old age, and death

We can be certain that God’s curse on the snake, ‘the ground,’ and on humanity was fulfilled on a multilevel – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  God said to the once perfect, sinless, physically immortal Adam in Gen. 3:17, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife and have eaten from the tree of which I have commanded you not to eat, [effectively committing idolatry and witchcraft against Me,] cursed is the ground, (not the entire creation and all the vegetation,) for your sake, [so that] in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life.  Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, [strange, invading, hazardous, poisonous plants – symbols of a multilevel fulfillment of toil, trouble and hardship.]  You shall eat the herb of the field… [which you will now have to cultivate with difficulty,] until you return to the ground from which you were taken.  [You would have lived as sinless, carefree immortals on earth, but henceforth, all of humanity, (and all of living creation; animal and plant life too,) will be subject to toil, trouble, suffering, old age, and death.]” 

A New Testament Paul confirmed that a major change from effortless blessing to survival and senseless suffering, (not a physical, evolutionary change,) came over creation at the fall, as “creation [became] subjected to futility.” 

God’s once perfect, ever-living creation on earth became prone to the rot of sin. 

Henceforward, hardship and decay would rule over God’s entire physical creation, (Rom. 8:20.)


God cursed the snake “more” than all the other cattle and beasts

In Gen. 3:14, God said to the snake, “Because you [have deceived the woman,] you are cursed MORE than all [the cattle or domesticated animals AND all the other ‘wild’ beasts.]  On your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life…”  The snake would also become “subject to futility” like all the other animals on earth.  In addition, a two-fold curse would follow it “all the days of its life,” which symbolizes God’s judgment on the devil for abusing the snake and deceiving Eve, thus causing Adam so sin knowingly; plunging all of humanity and creation into degradation and death.  Firstly, a specific, multilevel change occurred from a state or position of blessedness to a state or position of cursedness.  Secondly, a specific kind of hostility between the snake and humans would make life even more difficult and dangerous for the snake than for all the other animals. 

There are many different interpretations of “on your belly you shall go.”  Most Bible scholars believe that the snake could have been a lizard with legs.  If that were true, why did the curse not cause all lizards to lose their legs and become belly-sliding snakes?  Maybe God cursed the snake as a sub-species of the lizard family as some people allege.  However, this poses the problem of how many legs a 6-meter long anaconda had to lose that day in the Garden.  Realistically, someone remarked that an anaconda on legs would have resembled a giant centipede more than a giant lizard.  Some Christian leaders like Martin Luther (and the incredibly false Christian Creation Science, or ‘Answers in Genesis,’) say the snake first walked upright on two legs like a human.  This too, would have been impractical as an upright anaconda would have been as tall as a tree. Others think the snake was able to fly and lost its wings.  If so, would it not have had feet as well as wings?  John Calvin and his followers say God cursed the snake only on a spiritual level, humiliating it. 

It is true that snakes do not literally ‘eat dust’ either.  Gary Vaterlaus explained in ‘Contradictions Left in the Dust,’ The imagery is symbolic of a creature low, despicable… In Micah 7:16-17, God prophesies of a time when the nations will come crawling to Him… ‘They shall lick the dust like a serpent; they shall crawl from their holes like snakes of the earth…’” 


Conclusion: The Curse of Eden was a Multilevel God-change – which is NOT the lie of evolution

Evolution mumbo-jumbo such as “continual and gradual adaptations” or so-called ‘evolutionary changes over millions and millions of years’ are not Biblical, logical, and definitely not scientific!  The real motive behind that anti-creational lie is to cut creation away from the Creator.  Not a trace of the evolution theory can be found anywhere in Scripture.  Since those first six days of creation and especially since that day of the fall, lizards are still lizards and have not become dinosaurs.  Neither have dinosaurs become lizards.  Nor are some dinosaurs (like that “scientific” hoax the Loch Nest monster) still roaming the earth, as Kent Hovind and the distortive ‘Answers in Genesis’ of Creation Science alleges.  Crocodiles are still crocodiles, elephants are still elephants, humans are still humans, and so forth. 

It is unlikely that snakes were venomous creatures before the fall as Scripture tells us that all the animals, birds, and “creeping things” were once peaceful grazers.  However, without re-creating any of His creatures, or ‘evolving’ them into other species, God Himself, because of the fall, changed the talking snake in the Garden into a species of ferocious predators, and since that day, most serpents incapacitate their prey with deadly venom, which aids in digesting prey when swallowed whole.  Because of what happened that day in the Garden, God also equipped carnivorous beasts, birds of prey, oceanic predators such as sharks, and all kinds of ‘creeping things’ with fangs, sharp claws, talons, venom, and stingers to