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· The Christian INQUISITIONS were more ‘just and holy’ mass-sacrifice

· All the followers of these butchers share in Catholic/Protestant guilt 

· Mere Suspicion of Witchcraft or ‘heresy’ was and still is a Death Sentence 



· Why did the mighty Vatican not CRUSH the Protestant Reformation? 


In 638 AD, shortly after Muhammad first launched the intolerant, imperialist religion of Islam in his quest for world domination and control, (as still witnessed in our day,) Islam began to wage merciless and extremely violent jihad or ‘holy war’ against the Jews, Samaritans, and native Christians in Israel.  Persian Muslims succeeded in liberating Jerusalem from Roman Christianity, but tolerated Catholic pilgrimage as a source of income.  However, when Muslim Turks took Jerusalem during the 11th century, Islamic militants stopped all Christian pilgrimages to Israel.  During those 472 years of Islamic control, Muslims sacrificed tens of thousands of Jews, Samaritans, and Christians to their Muslim god Allah.  In addition, Muslims evicted thousands upon thousands more from Israel; brutally attacking, and destroying synagogues and Christian churches, murdering everyone inside.  They even tore down the papacy’s most ‘sacred’ cathedral, ‘The Holy Sepulchered,’ to turn it into a mosque.  In 1099 A.D., allegedly to “put an end to the Muslim destruction and massacre in Israel,” Pope Urban 11, the Catholic Church’s special advisory to Roman Emperor Alexus 1, reinstated the “just and holy wars” or Christian crusades to Christianize Jerusalem.   Their creed was, “God wills it!” 

Just as Islam promises suicidal Muslim militants special rewards and privileges in paradise, the pope promised the fighting crusaders, “God himself will lead you, for you will be doing His work.  There will be absolution and remission for sins for all who die in the service of Christ.  Here you are poor and miserable sinners [under the oppression of Europe’s Feudal System,] there you will be rich and happy!” [The cruel, European Feudal System is explained later on in this study.] 

In 1212, the Vatican even sacrificed thousands of German and French child crusaders in their “just and holy wars” to submit forcibly all non-Christians to their rule! 

Roman Catholic Jihad in Israel and in other countries replicated Islam’s Jihad perfectly, both in concept and in style. 

For the next 200 years, in an ongoing orgy of blood, rape, plunder, torture, (and the continual murder of both Christian and pagan soldiers, innocent civilians and children especially,) their human sacrifice to their unbiblical ‘trinity,’ (with their false ‘holy spirit’ Mother Mary or actually the Roman Catholic fertility goddess Sophia or Shekinah, her father-god-‘husband,’ and dead christ-‘son,’) [scroll down on the WebPage] exceeded that of Islam by about 9 million people! 

In addition, the countless numbers of helpless animals such as horses, which Jews and other inhabitants of Israel, Islam, and Roman Catholics sacrificed to their brutal gods during those centuries of murder and mayhem, are never even mentioned! 

Most disturbingly, modern preachers, charismatic evangelicals especially, refer to their spiritual wars against demons as “Christian crusades” – while their church members do not realize that these ‘crusades’ refer directly to the inhumane Roman Catholic (and Protestant) “just wars,” which were nothing else than continuous, en-mass human and animal sacrifice to Satan! The truth of Jesus’ Word declares the complete opposite of ‘holy or just war,’ “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but [in prayer, we come against Satan and his demonic entities…]  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down [spiritual] strongholds, casting down arguments... bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ… You, therefore, [because you preach the Gospel of Grace,] must endure hardship as a good [spiritual] soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier… Fight the good fight of FAITH, lay hold on eternal life… Jesus answered, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.  If My Kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight [physically,] so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My Kingdom is not from here.’” (Eph. 6:12; 2 Cor. 10:4-5; 2 Tim. 2:1-3; 1 Tim. 6:12; Jn. 18:36.) 


All the Church Members or Followers of these Butchers Share in Roman Catholic and Protestant Guilt 

Another most dreadful type of witchcraft, the Roman Catholic Inquisitions, just as the Protestant (Lutheran/Calvinist, etc.,) Inquisitions, also remain etched in history as more continual, shameless human sacrifice to Satan, which these Christian leaders, as well as their millions of followers, (both Roman Catholic and Protestant,) conveniently ignore – and as we will see, still practice!  Before and after, but especially during the Middle Ages, the Christian Inquisitions, as the Roman Catholic crusades, drenched nearly the entire known world with rivers of human blood. 

These incredibly serious acts of witchcraft reflect on everyone who calls him or herself by the name of “Christian.”  Religious Christians without moral conscience, (who have never yet accepted or known the true God of the Bible,) might be able to ignore such vile acts of premeditated torture and en-mass human sacrifice to Satan.  However, truly born again, Holy Spirit filled children of God will renounce these church systems, their incredibly false doctrines, and their bloodthirsty, false leaders; drastically distancing themselves from every single one of their acts of human and animal sacrifice to “be holy, as God is holy,” (1 Pt. 1:15.)  In the words of Jesus Christ Himself, “A bad tree [CANNOT and will not] bear good fruit… Therefore, by their fruits you will know them…  Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN.  Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your Name, and done many wonders in Your Name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” (Mt. 7:18-20.) 

Followers of paganism and Christianity might not realize that they are under the same condemnation as their pagan forefathers – or of their ‘church fathers’ the Roman Catholic papacy, Protestant leaders Martin Luther, John Calvin, Zwingli, etc., and all their other accomplices.  The Word of God declares in Rom. 1:32b, “…knowing the righteous judgment of God - that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them!” 

God also declared in Lev. 5:1-5, “If a person… is a witness, whether he has seen or known of the matter – if he does not tell it, he bears guilt…”  Until the leaders and members of all these pagan and Christian systems confess and renounce their participation of, support to, and defense of their idolatrous “forefathers” - those religious mass-murderers and serial killers; their false beliefs and religious norms and forms; their indescribably bloodthirsty crimes against humanity and the innocent creatures of God, and especially, their incredibly false beliefs, doctrines, and abuse of God’s holy Word - they all fall under exactly the same judgment as their satanic leaders, (read Ex. 20:1-6.) 


Mere Suspicion of Witchcraft or ‘Heresy’ was (and still is) a Death Sentence 

During Roman Catholic and Protestant Inquisitions, (witchcraft against God that outweighs even the crusades in mercilessness and cruelty,) both the Vatican and the Reformers, (in union with Europe’s bloodthirsty Christian monarchs,) assumed the so-called ‘divine right’ to use any means of torture and execution to eradicate witches and so-called ‘heretics,’ or those who disagreed with their church doctrines.  Just as modern Catholics, Protestants, and other religionists, (all real witches,) still do! 

Simply accusing one’s personal enemy of ‘witchcraft’ or ‘heresy,’ gave one the ‘godly right’ to deal with the accused in whichever way one deems fit – an unspoken rule that still governs both pagan and Christian culture alike.  Although not even a quest for real Scriptural truth and justice sanctions torture, and physical and emotional murder, God’s truth, justice, and righteousness never came into play.  The mere accusation of witchcraft was a death sentence in itself. 

Once labeled a witch or a heretic, the stigma was, (and still is) enough to banish the accused from society, or to lead to public execution.  For instance, so-called ‘street law’ still ‘sanctions’ a whole community to execute the accused without trial. Nowadays, so-called ‘civilized’ religionists like Catholics and Protestants still organize families and societies to execute their enemies and so-called church ‘heretics’ on an emotional level by slander and banishment – a most evil form of religious torture and murder.  Religion always has been, and always will be a most callous and dangerous murderer.  The bad tree of both pagan and Christian religion simply cannot bear good fruit. 


The Dark Ages began when Caesar Constantine declared Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century, and lasted until about 1200 A.D.  The control of the bloodthirsty Roman Catholic Church brought new a much deeper understanding to the world where spiritual and emotional darkness, and physical misery are concerned. 

The Dark Ages marked the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church’s ‘holy’ and ‘just,’ killing spree by ‘divine right.’  Drunk on the helpless pleas, torturous screams, and the moaning and gasping of their dying victims, the Vatican of Rome feasted on an ongoing orgy of human sacrifice and innocent blood – all in the name of their unbiblical ‘christ!’ 

Whether attending their feasts of torture and mass-murder, or attending the ‘holy’ altars in their ‘holy’ crystal-and-gold cathedrals, the pious papacy wore their ‘holy’ purple, scarlet and black robes, muttering their mystical prayers in Latin while threading their talisman-beads, the rosary, through their bloodstained fingers, going about their many ‘divine’ duties most serenely.  This depicts the fulfillment of John the Beloved’s prophesy in Rev. 17:4-6 perfectly.  He wrote, “The… [whore, exactly the opposite of Christ’s holy bride,] was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations… [they drink the so-called ‘literal blood of christ’ from a golden cup.]  On her forehead a name was written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots [such as Protestantism in the form of Lutherism and Calvinism, which was born directly from her, keeping to much of her doctrines, forms, and norms,] and of the abominations of the earth. I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the [true] saints and with the blood of the [true] martyrs of Jesus…” 

Before any of their victims could sink into the sweet, dark abyss of unconsciousness and death, they had to endure the unimaginably dreadful dungeons and the maximum amount of force, pain, and humiliation, which the Catholic inquisitors used to extract confessions from their prisoners. 

Cuttingedge.com wrote, “Priests threatened their female penitents that, unless they would have sex with them, they would turn them over to the Inquisition! So effective was this threat that one dying priest revealed in 1710, "by these diabolical persuasions they were at our command, without fear of revealing the secret." [Page 36, "MASTER-KEY TO POPERY", Father Givens] 

However, rape, violence, and shame were the least of the worries of the accused. In most cases, death or life-long incarceration was a certainty.  No one knows for certain how many people the Royal (Roman Catholic) Inquisitors, had tortured to death, slain by the sword, burnt at the stake, baked in ovens, hacked to pieces with satanic torture devices, or drowned in rivers as witches, heretics, so-called ‘re-baptizers,’ who rejected their unbiblical ‘baby baptism of rebirth and salvation,’ etc.  [More on this later on.]

The general estimation of humans, which Roman Catholics sacrificed to Satan during the Dark Ages only, is about 1 MILLION.  If we consider the sparse population of those times, these numbers amount to mass murder on a most phenomenal scale!  However, given the immense span of 600 to 800 years, (the duration of the Dark Ages,) the fact that no one seriously kept score, and the free reign and unlimited state support that these psychopathic witches assumed for themselves, these numbers could amount to anything.


Since the 4th century AD, the Vatican ruled their Roman/Christian, Byzantine Empire with a crushing fist from Constantinople in Rome. (Constantinople was the seat of the 4th century Caesar Constantine, the first Roman Catholic Caesar of the Roman Empire.) They tolerated no resistance to the dissemination of Catholicism.  They had their mind firmly set on submitting all of Europe, all of the many European colonies, and eventually, the entire world to their rule.  At the dawning of the Italian renaissance in Europe, (the Middle Ages, which signified the rebirth of Roman mythology, or Roman religious beliefs, which, as we will see, form the basis of almost all of Roman Catholic doctrine and practice,) the Vatican shrugged all forms of self-control, unleashing another great flood of Inquisitions to eliminate all religious and political opposition once and for all

Medieval inquisitions officially began again in 1233 A.D. when Royal Inquisitors dispatched unrecorded numbers of troops to paint the farms and streets of Europe with human blood.  According to plan, the inquisitions quickly grew in strength and brutality and overflowed into Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the New World; Asia; Goa and Brazil, Mexico; the Philippine Islands; Guatemala; Peru; New Granada and the Canary Islands.  This time, en-masse human sacrifice to the Roman Catholic gods swamped almost the entire known world, which, at the time, was in the dark, destructive grip of the merciless Vatican and their royal puppets, the monarchies of Europe. 

It is logic that during more than 14 centuries of ongoing lawless tyranny and unrivaled bloodshed, most trials were never recorded, and so, most of the victim’s names got lost in the mayhem.  Most non-catholic sources calculate that, from the time that Caesar Constantine instituted the Roman Catholic Church as Roman State religion in the 4th century until the Spanish inquisition in 1834, (a span of some 1400 years,) the papacy murdered an estimated 75 MILLION people through their brutal inquisitions alone.  Other sources, influenced by the Vatican itself, set the final figure merely into the thousands. 

Cuttingedge.com wrote, "…In the Inquisitions, pain inflicted on sexual organs was very prevalent, another clear sign of the sexual obsession brought on by the perversions of celibacy…  Another demonic spirit swept through the Church… of absolute, diabolical hatred of mankind, accompanied by a corresponding love of torture…  Wealthy [Roman Catholics] sat on the other side of a plate glass window, looking at people being tortured [to death,] as if they were watching an opera! [For instance, they often watched the accused] slowly die, suspended with ropes so they can be rotated on an exceedingly sharp point sticking into their anuses or vaginas…  [THIS TYPE OF HUMAN SACRIFICE WAS RITUAL IMPALEMENT AND SEATED IN THE ANTI-GOD SIN OF HOMOSEXUALITY — A MOST ANTI-CREATIONAL SACRIFICE, WHICH SATAN DEMANDS CONTINUALLY, AND FOR WHICH THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PAPACY HAD BEEN WELL KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE AGES.]  And so was inflicted on the south of France one of the ferocious massacres in history. Bands of northern brigands pillaged and plundered. In the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire, 12,000 'heretics' were killed ... Thousands more were burned at the stake. At Toulouse, Bishop Foulque put to death 10,000 people accused of heresy. At Beziers the entire population of more than 20,000 was slaughtered. At Citeau, when asked how to distinguish Catholics from Catherists, the abbey replied with his famed cynicism: 'Kill them all; God will know his own'." [Thompkins, p. 58.] 

It is no secret why they chose burning at the stake as one of their favourite methods of execution… During such annual sacrifices as the 13-Day Sacrifice to the Beast, April 19 - May 1, their human sacrifices must be by fire, and must produce as much human terror as possible. A sacrifice to Lord Satan that is most pleasing contains the following elements, with each element exaggerated to the highest possible degree

1. Trauma, stress, and mental anguish, sheer terror.

2. The final act in the drama should be destruction by fire, preferably a conflagration [cremation.]

3. People must die as human sacrifices…”

Legendary too, is the inhumane cruelty of Roman Catholic and Anglican kings and queens during the inquisitions. (The Anglican Church separated from the Roman Catholic Church to allow Europe’s kings to divorce their wives.)  In a most daring orgy of blood sacrifice, the royals and the instigators of these incredible crimes against humanity, the Roman Catholic papacy, targeted Anabaptists especially. (The Anabaptists were the true disciples of Jesus, who baptised them Biblically, as Jesus Himself set the example and as He had commanded in Mt. 28:18-20.)  Together, church and state tortured the Anabaptists to death by tearing their bowels out while still alive, and by burning them inside and between all their sensitive body parts.  They were buried alive.  Sawn through down the middle.  Frozen in snow.  Their cheeks and chins were cut away to expose their jaws and teeth.  Baptists especially, were slowly drowned “for the glory of [the Roman Catholic] god(s)!”  (Roman Catholics worship Mary, ‘queen of heaven’ or ‘god’s wife;’ ‘father god,’ Mary’s husband; and their dead son, the false Roman Catholic christ, still nailed to the Roman Catholic cross.) 

Among the most bloodthirsty of these monarchs were England’s ‘Bloody’ Mary, (Mary Tudor,) and her ruthless husband Philip 11 of Spain.  They are notable for their personal management of the slow, meticulous murdering of the accused – particularly the Anabaptists.  Amongst other diabolical means of human sacrifice, Mary Tudor herself commanded her Roman Catholic soldiers to tear and hack the accused to pieces while still alive and to stuff their mouths with explosives to blast off their heads. 


The Protestant Reformation from Roman Catholicism began in the 16th century.  However, this was not a complete break with the Roman Catholic Church. 

Although the Reformers renounced saint worship and other types of Roman Catholic witchcraft, they kept the most important core doctrines, structures, and pagan initiation rites of the Roman Catholic Church, as we will prove during this study. 

In fact, Calvinists still revere many of the Roman Catholic papacy, such as ‘saint’ Augustine and ‘mother’ Theresa of Calcutta as their church fathers and mothers; teaching their distorted doctrines, commending their false ascetic lives, etc.  In this way, Protestantism carried the same false and murderous, antichrist spirits of their Catholic ancestors into their ‘reformed’ Christian religion.  (Calvinism with its Catholic doctrines and initiation rites still forms the very foundation and core of the Dutch Reformed and Methodist Churches, and of all the other churches associated with her.) 

This Protestant witchcraft in the form of Lutheran and Calvinist Christianity germinated in Switzerland, quickly took root amongst many of Europe’s monarchs, and spread to all the captured, European colonies worldwide. 

As the Reformation was primarily a political and economical revolution, the support and protection of Protestant monarchs exalted the Reformers, (Martin Luther, John Calvin, Zwingli, Melanchthon, and their other contemporaries) to the status of the Vatican and the papacy, allowing them the same military might and religious rule.  The Reformers, just as their Catholic church fathers, immediately insisted that all the citizens of these countries immediately and mindlessly submit and convert to their so-called ‘reformed’ doctrines and Protestant authority.  Those who would not surrender and obey, (just like in Roman Catholic despotism,) were declared ‘heretics’ and ‘witches,’ and were either forced at the barrel of a gun or at the tip of a sword to convert or die

Falsely, the Reformers presented ‘religious freedom, true church advancement, and doctrinal, [not Scriptural] purity’ as motivation for their atrocious Protestant Inquisitions and political wars, which we also discuss in this study.  Just as the Roman Catholic popery, these so-called ‘true ministers of the Gospel’ declared that they have a “holy doctrine which no man might speak against or resist” – so-called “irresistible grace.” [More on this later on.]  The motivation behind this doctrine is that this false ‘grace’ ‘anointed’ the Reformers, (just as the Vatican,) with ultimate, ‘divine’ power while it eliminated God’s own special gift to all of humanity - free will and personal choice.

John declared most explicitly, “[Jesus] came to His own, [the Hebrew nation,] and they did not receive Him.  But as many [of all the nations] as [chose to] received Him, to THEM He gave the [divine] right to become children of God, [not church members;] to those who [personally] believe in His Name; who were born, not from blood, nor of the will of the flesh, [as through Christianized, church initiation rites,] but of God [Himself.]”  (Jn. 1:12-13.)   


Why did the Mighty Vatican not Crush the Protestant Reformation?

John Calvin ‘came out of nowhere’

During the Catholic inquisitions, very few of the Vatican’s enemies escaped the relentless Royal Inquisitors of the reigning monarch and his partner in crime and witchcraft, the ‘holy’ pope.  As witnessed by their bloody crusades and earlier inquisitions, it was in the power of the Vatican to obliterate all opposition against the Roman Catholic Church.  Yet, the papacy never crushed their ‘enemies,’ Luther and Calvin for ‘heresy’ against their church.  They did not throw them in a wet, dark, stinking dungeon to torture them inhumanely until they finally confessed their crimes against the king or queen, the church, and god, (the Vatican;) nor did they execute them by burning, homosexual ritual impalement, or by tearing their ‘blasphemous’ tongues from their mouths. 

To clarify this ‘mystery,’ one has to understand who Martin Luther and John Calvin especially, really were.  Calvin’s mother raised him a staunch Catholic, yet he was never ordained to the priesthood.  Instead, he lived an ordinary life and went to study law.  Then, suddenly, he came ‘out of nowhere’ to establish a worldwide, Protestant Reformation to dethrone the mighty Roman Catholic Vatican as the ruling power of the world.