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¨ The Responsibility of Victims from an Accountable Age (completely omitted in psychology)

· We were Born and Raised under the Dreadful Consequences of Sin 

· God Holds Us All, (both Old and Young; Pagan and Christian,) Responsible from an Accountable Age  

· At What Age does Accountability Dawn upon a Child? 

· Shaming and Denial covers instead of exposes unrepentant abuse 



Now lets say, according to psychology’s extremely false doctrine of ‘truth,’ that a patient’s husband or wife committed adultery.  The words “commit,” “adultery,” and “adulterer” too, do not exist in cognitive behaviour therapies because they say, in one culture, adultery is a nearly unforgivable, abusive sin that destroys marriage, family, and social life.  In another, polygamy and free sex are an acceptable part of everyday life.  Hence, the patient’s belief that the spouse “committed” a “crime” such as “adultery;” (therefore the spouse is an “adulterer,”) is not logic, or collective, rational reality.  The cognitive knowledge that, (viewed collectively or cognitively,) ‘adultery’ is simply a learned, impaired religious view, is TRUE LOGIC AND RATIONAL REALITY.  The “real” problem is therefore not the adulterating spouse, but the patient’s own impaired and negative religious/cultural view of reality.  [Actually, adultery does not exist.  It is merely an upsetting perception in the ‘sick’ mind of the victim!]  The victim (although victims too are self-made and therefore do not really exist!) is actually the problem, not the perceived ‘adulterer.’  Thus, the unreal, negative perceptions in the mind of the patient, which is an impaired reality, constitute the problem.  So, those who suffer because of sin actually do it to themselves as they are ‘religiously and culturally impaired,’ mainly because of their ‘sick’ religious beliefs. 

The patient’s problem is therefore only an illusion! 

This is the old-old psychiatric (or actually the Buddhist/Hindu/Nazi/communist doctrine of ‘Maya’) that suffering is not real but caused by impaired reality.  These religions all teach the witchcraft of humanism and reincarnation,’ where suffering is supposedly not a reality but an unreal, imagined perception of pain, torture, starvation, incarceration, etc.  [Scroll down on the WebPages to the relevant headings.] 


The treatment to repair the patient’s ‘problem,’ as diagnosed by Psychology's Cognitive and Logic Based Therapies 

The patient, through self-discovery, self-healing and self-will, (as humanity supposedly only uses 10% of their brainpower,) must rectify learned, self-destructive, unreal, irrational emotions by changing their negative feelings of rejection, anger, etc. cognitively into positive, rational, and real emotions. 

The problem of “impaired religious and cultural belief” can easily be changed by doing ‘positive corrective exercises’ to acquire the “real” cognitive knowledge of different cultures. 

This can only happen if the patient replaces cognitively his or her impaired reality of self-defeating, learned perceptions and negative words such as  “sinner,” “sin” and “adultery,” with collective, “positive and REAL reality” such as unconditional love and unconditional acceptance


While Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) seem to mirror Paul’s commandment to ‘deal with the past God’s Way and move forward,’ (Phil. 3:13-14,) it equals the medicating of symptoms such as a runny nose and fever, while ignoring the cause of the illness: killer bacterial pneumonia. 

In Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and all its occult accomplices, prescription medication also plays a major part in the treatment of mostly unsuspecting people, who fail to reach cognitive or actually ‘collective consciousness,’ which these witchdoctors term “Repaired Reality.”  (All of this, of course, is pure New Age Dogma!) 

Sadly, the careless over-medicating, over-dispensing and long-term use of soul and life demolishing prescription  ‘medication’ (or actually very dangerous drugs,) resulted in the addiction of countless people suffering from depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety, etc.  These drugs are far more habit forming and life destroying than the addictive and dangerous drug named “alcohol” - and addiction to alcohol can never be defended or minimized in any way!  In fact, used indiscriminately, these drugs are just as hazardous as any other illicit narcotic found on today’s market. 

Consequently, many conscience-’impaired’ medical doctors, psychiatrists and chemists have become superrich, sophisticated, educated drug lords, while medical aid funds pay billions upon billions to support the addiction of ‘sick’ drug addicts on prescription ‘medication.’ 

The extremely dangerous, illicit drug PCP (or Phencyclidine,) widely known as one of the “dissociative drugs” used from  1926 to 1965, (and in some countries into the 70s-90s) as an anaesthetic in medical operations on humans, (it is still used in animal ‘care,’) was banned from human use because of its hallucinative “disruption of distinct cognitive functions… overt alterations in cerebral metabolism, [that is brain function] and brain connectivity…”  [Medical Journal, BioPortfolio.] 

In laymen’s terms, PCP causes, among the many other complications, cognitive and memory impairment and amnesia.  Today, PCP is the most widely used ‘recreational’ drug in the world known as Dip, Angel Dust, etc.  As an ANAESTHETISING,  DISSOCIATIVE or DETACHING drug, it completely distances the user with the first inhalation, (when smoked in a ‘dipped’ cigarette, etc.,) from  him or herself, the surroundings, circumstances, other people, and above all, from God!  PCP, (as most other drugs,) instantly DESTROYS the ‘cognitive’ or religious, moral, and cultural framework of the user! 

In effect, PCP and all its dangerous relatives do what cognitive psychology does through ‘cognitive exercises’ and ‘re-education:’ it obliterates the MORAL LAW OF GOD, written on the hearts and minds of humanity! 

Similarly, when used long-term and indiscriminately, anti-anxiety drugs or actually, dissociative drugs in the Benzodiazepine class subject people to memory loss and other dangerous complications.  Two most common drugs in this class are Alprazolam (Xanax,) and diazepam (Valium,) used as anticonvulsant in epilepsy, in panic attacks, insomnia, etc.  Cognitive impairing drugs (among others) are anti-cholinergic drugs such as Paxil, Detrol, Demerol, and Elavil.  These prescription drugs and all their deriditives are PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS or HYPNOTIC DRUGS that act on the central nervous system, “affecting brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behaviour.  These substances may be used recreationally, to purposefully alter one's consciousness, or as entheogens for ritual, spiritual, or shamanic purposes, and as a tool for studying or augmenting the mind.” 

Entheogens (that allegedly “generate the god within,”) are drugs that actually ‘blow open’ a hole into the reality of the spiritual world, (the Fourth Dimension,) effectively connecting the user with demons, who usually pretend to be ‘angels of light and truth.’  False religiosity, hallucinations and prophecy; “transcendence, revelation, (including meditation, yoga, and ritual prayer, psychedelic and visionary art, chanting,) and music (including peyote song and psytrance, traditional medicine,) psychedelic therapy, witchcraft, magic, and psychonautics” flow from these encounters with Satan. 

When stopped, Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome multiplies all the effects that this drug first suppressed and supposedly ‘medicated;’ plunging the user into a deep abyss of emotional and physical hell. 

Believe the Word of God, people! 

The Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer to the spiritual, emotional, and physical ills of this world!  He Alone is the Healer and Redeemer.  Without Him, there is no Truth, Life, Light and Way; only darkness, deception, and eventually, eternal hell.   


The actual motive behind all such mind-altering Satanism was and always will be to unify the whole world first through ‘collective unconsciousness,’ the so-called ‘old’ psychoanalyzing that ‘regress’ humanity back to their primal state before evolution supposedly began.  A state where religion, culture, and character differences ‘does not exist while everyone lives by primitive urges.’  Now, humanity has to be unified globally through ‘collective consciousness’ in a grey, mindless, robotic world where individualism, individual religion, individual thought, and individual culture do not exist.  In this New World, everyone has to become “one” in a one-world culture with a one-world religion under the control of a one-world government. 

While communist governments and their shaman psychiatrists and psychologists profess ‘human rights,’ they are actually stripping humanity of even their basic, God-given rights to think, reason, and worship the One and Only True God in Scriptural Truth through personal faith in and obedience to Him Alone. 

The only real sanity that exists in this world is found in the Truth, Jesus Christ Himself, Who is the Word of God. 

However, through the global implementation of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Logic Based Therapy, etc., dictator governments and all their government-ruled institutions are indoctrinating the world’s masses into worshipping their inhumane political despots, (the world religion of Political worship,) as already witnessed in the history of global communism.  [Click and scroll down on the WebPage to the heading.] 

This “new world” will be the “rainbow” world where all truth and all lies have amalgamated to become cognitive or collective reality.  These citizens of the New World Order will accept any and every form of oppression and abuse from their communist gods and communist christs.  God warned nearly 2,000 years ago in the Book of Revelation, (13:8, 3-4,) “ALL who dwell on the [UNIFIED] earth will worship him, [Satan,] whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb…  And ALL the world marvelled and followed the [murderous, oppressing, communist] beast...”  [Scroll down on the WebPages to these subjects.]



It is a reality of life that we all live under the dreadful consequences of sin from the moment we are born into this sin-infested, broken world, (Romans Chapters 2 & 3.)  We can only begin to change this sick situation through personal surrender to Christ when we reach the age of accountability according to our individual, personal ability — and especially, once we are able to understand and choose the truth of the Jesus’ Gospel.

Nonetheless, none can hide behind the fact that we ‘inherit’ the sin, troubles, and even sinful behaviour of our forefathers, which remains a reality for us all.  This has nothing to do with the occult teachings of regressive psychology or the alleged ‘generational curses’ on sincere, obedient believers of Christ, which some denominations teach.  Sincerely born again believers in Christ CANNOT be cursed unless they transgress God’s Moral Law and remain in sin unrepentantly. Jesus said no one can curse those whom He had blessed.  Still, God views unrepented sin in such a serious light He curses those who continue nonstop in MORAL sin.  Prov. 28:13 declares, “He, who covers his sin will not prosper.  But whoever confesses and forsakes them, [or repent and do restitution according to God’s commandments,] will find mercy.” 


Notwithstanding the false doctrine of ancestor  curses on obedient disciples of Christ, no one can dispute that we all gravitate ‘naturally’ towards the sinful behaviour and problems of our ancestors.  Apart from the fact that we learn from our parents, teachers, friends, etc., God Himself declared in Ex. 20:5-6, “...I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to those who love Me and keep My [Moral] commandments.” 

For instance, alcoholism and other types of sinful behaviour run in families.  Great-grandpa Tim or Thabo was a violent alcoholic.  Grandpa Tim or Thabo was a violent alcoholic, Pa Tim or Thabo was a violent alcoholic, and Young Tim or Thabo is a violent alcoholic. 

Or: Grandma had her brother-in-law’s child.  This sinful curse might skip one generation.  Then it surfaces in the third generation, when Daughter-in-law has her brother-in-law’s child, just as God had warned! 

This being said, it is important to add that life is all about personal choice by the grace of God, (Deut. 30:19.) 

The old example of two brothers illustrates this perfectly.  They both had the same mad, alcoholic father.  They both grew up under his intolerable abuse.  Both were neglected, assaulted, scorned, and maltreated.  The one became a drunkard and abuser just like their father.  The other became a dedicated pastor.  When asked why they are so different, the drunkard answered aggressively, “What do you expect with a father like mine?”  However, the pastor explained quietly, “Well, what do you expect with a father like mine?” 



Nothing in this article or in the book, Dealing with Abuser and Abusers God’s Way, diminishes the crimes perpetrated against victims, or exonerate UNREPENTANT abusers.  However, contrary to the false and mostly hidden occult teachings of psychology, the way in which both abusers and their victims react to abuse is crucial to their salvation, redemption, healing, and their general well-being in this world.  By this I mean, psychology teaches that man is but a primal animal; living on primitive urges and desires and therefore has no moral responsibility or accountability at all.  In stark contrast, GOD’S WORD teaches that humanity was created in the image of GOD and has to live by the Moral Law of God.  Therefore, if the abuser never repents according to God’s Scriptural commandments, he or she will continue the abuse, which will only worsen over time.  Conversely, if the victim of abuse never searches for God’s Truth in every aspect of his or her life and obey the precepts of His Moral Law, there will never be true redemption and healing for that person. 

(And yes, once an abuser has accepted Christ, ENDED the abuse by repenting from sin; confessed his or her sin to God and in the case of abuse, to the victim as well and asked forgiveness, THE MATTER IS SOLVED!  If God does not forgive and renew abusers, then He does not forgive or renew any other sinner either.  We all are saved, redeemed, and healed through faith in, acceptance of, and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ Alone.) 

As a result, all people from the age of accountability and according to their mental capacity are compelled to forgive one another all REPENTANT sin committed against one another, (Jam. 5:16.)  Although, as seen in the book, ‘Dealing with Abuse and Abusers God’s Way,’ this does not happen instantly or automatically but through obedience to Jesus’ Moral-Law commandments. 

On the other hand, if the victim allows the deceptions of psychology to permeate his or her soul, self-pity, hatred and revenge will destroy the victim’s life and everyone else involved.  So, both the abuser and the victim have the personal responsibility to deal with their particular situation the way God intended, and in fact, commanded in His Word. 

Another fact central to our salvation, redemption, and healing in Christ, (and also contrary to the lies of psychology,) is that we have to realize and accept that personal responsibility and accountability are essential SELF-PROTECTING Scriptural commandments and creation principles of God!  (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:15-25; Jn. 1:12-13.) 

For instance, it would be useless for victims to blame, hate, and even take revenge on abusers without taking the responsibility to work through the abuse God’s way!  Whether a person is an abuser or the victim of abuse, to diminish and avoid personal responsibility and accountability result in far reaching and growing sin, which endanger not the deceived abuser and his or her victim only, but everyone in contact with them. 


God Holds Us All, (both Young and Old; Pagan and Christian,) Responsible from an Accountable Age

God’s Word makes it clear that we have absolutely no excuse to continue living in a state of sin and cursedness without Christ, or to continue in UNREPENTANCE from any type of sin, (Jn. 1:12-13; Rom. 3:23-24; Eph. 2:1-10; Rev. 21:7-8.

For this reason, God holds us all responsible for every sinful decision and action from the very moment we can distinguish between right and wrong, and thus, can decide to do right or wrong, (Rev. 20:11-25; Rom. 2:11-16; 3:21-23; 7:7-25.) 

This sounds as if young children and those who have never heard or understood the Gospel, and were never taught the Moral Law of God, might be exempt from personal accountability before God.  Yet, even pagans, who never regard Jesus or even heard about Him, are answerable before God because they too, have His Moral Law written on their ‘hearts,’ or human spirits, (Rom. 2:5-6; 14-15; 1 Ths. 5:23.) 

By ‘default,’ all people that possess the necessary mental capacity, (supported by God’s Moral Law and the conviction of the Holy Spirit,) KNOW it is ‘wrong’ to steal, lie, defraud, rape, murder, etc.   

In addition to God’s inward Moral Law, the Holy Spirit, using all the precepts of the Moral Law written on humanity’s ‘heart,’ convicts everyone on earth (capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong personally,) of MORAL sin, righteousness in Christ through His completed atonement, (the Way out of sin,) and judgement for living without Christ and for perpetrating God’s inward, Moral Law of Love unrepentantly, (Jn. 16:8.) 

Hence, guided by God’s inward Moral Law and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, every person from the age of accountability knows ‘instinctively’ the difference between right and wrong.  However, young children at this age does not necessarily understand the Gospel, all the precepts of the Moral Law, and the many rules of society because they are simply too young to comprehend, personalize, and remember it all.   All people from an accountable age, and especially from the time they are old enough to understand the truth of God’s Word, actually undertake a journey or lifelong process of growth in Christ, which is never an instant thing.  Despite the many excuses people have not to serve God and not to obey His Moral Law, my old mother always used to say none of us knows it all.  We learn until the moment we die, because we have never died before.  Therefore, no one knows beforehand how to die! 

Nevertheless, no human being has ever, or will ever be an ‘ape’ or any other kind of animal without morality.  Most of humanity act worse than animals do, but they all have the responsibility before God to live according to His Moral Law in the leading of His Holy Spirit.  As a result, God requires that every human being from the age of accountability will choose between right and wrong, and as the person grows in intellect and knowledge, to do progressively what is right. 

Accordingly, God warned in Jam. 4:17, “To him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” 

As a result, God will hold us all accountable before His judgement throne for all unrepentant disobedience to His Moral Law of Love.   


At What Age does Accountability Dawn upon a Child? 

Think back to the very first wrong thing you did. 

How did you know it was wrong and why did it make you feel guilty?  (I am not talking about not wearing your shoes when you were supposed to.  I am referring to Moral sin like lying, stealing, being cruel to animals and other people — or even your passivity in the face of another’s cruelty, etc.) 

That was when you became accountable for your sins, discerning between right and wrong.

Even young children are therefore responsible for their own decisions and actions from the age of accountability, or when they can understand the difference between right from wrong, and choose to do good, (or allow good) instead of bad. 

The age-old principle of God is that sin remains sin in both young and old, but that God wants us to make the right choices as soon as we are capable of doing that. 

Most Bible scholars believe accountability usually dawns upon us between the ages of five and seven, and for many, even earlier according to personal ability.  Paul explained this as follows in Rom. 7:7-12, [All people are born into a state of sin and cursedness, (Romans Chapter 2.)  However...] “I would not have known sin except through the law…  But sin,  taking opportunity by the commandment, [the precepts of the Moral Law, “you shall not steal, covet, lie, murder…” which are written on all human ‘hearts’ while no one is able to keep the Moral Law in totality, Gal. 2:21,] produced in me all manner of evil desire. 

“For apart from [me knowing the precepts of] the [Moral] law, sin [or accountability] was dead [in me.]  Thus,  I was alive once [unto God] without the law…” [Paul means, I was completely innocent and belonged to heaven before the age of accountability; not knowing right from wrong, because all babies and little children belong to Jesus in their innocence — (see the Heading at the bottom of the WebPage, The Little Children; What is Scriptural?)]

“But when the law came, [when I began to know right from wrong, being guided by the Moral Law of God written on my heart in the conviction of the Holy Spirit,] sin revived, [meaning the sin-state into which I was born took hold of me,] and I died spiritually, because I stood guilty before God for breaking the entire law.  (Breaking one precept of the law makes us guilty of transgressing the whole law.)  And without personal acceptance of the complete atonement of Jesus in my place, I could do nothing to save myself from my guilt and condemnation...]” - (Jn. 1:12-13; Gal. 2:16-21; 3:21-25.) 

The entire contextual truth of the Bible makes it clear that babies and little children, should they die before the age of accountability, go to HEAVEN.  However, to escape spiritual death under the condemnation of the entire law, ALL people with the mental capacity for accountability, (or the mental ability to understand not only right from wrong, but to comprehend the truth of God’s Word,] need to be born again spiritually through personal and sincere faith in, and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Hence, it is necessary to evangelize even young children with the true Gospel of Christ, (Jn. 3:3-5.)  

To allow them to be Biblically baptized as disciples of Jesus, however, must remain the child’s personal decision until he or she is old enough to fully comprehend the Scriptural responsibilities which accompany Scriptural discipleship in Christ.