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Links to Subjects in the Article: MUSLIMS (AND CHRISTIANS) FOR CHRIST 


Renette Vermeulen


         An Article for Christians as well as Muslims to gain better understanding of the truth of God’s Scriptural Word


[Acknowledgement to the person who published this image]

Hardcore News reported that Sweden legalized Islamic child “marriage.”  This is child porn, child molestation, and child rape.  Sweden also legalized drugs.  This is how First Wold countries in Europe are coping with the immense Muslim ‘refugee crises,’ as Muslims flee from their communist countries.  This is the United Nation’s way of creating a Fourth Borderless, One World, ruled by the New Morality (or total immorality,) where everything ungodly in the form of ‘human rights’ is ‘culture’ and therefore acceptable. 




MUSLIMS (and Christians) FOR CHRIST

True believers will repent from neglecting the commission of Jesus
Jesus’ believers need the Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
¨     Religious path of Islam and ‘church’ Christianity versus Jesus, The Way 

Ţ Is Greeson’s ‘CAMEL METHOD’ to evangelize Muslims Biblical?   


Ţ The ‘Camel Method’s’ 100th name of Allah, Islamic Salvation, and our Savoir in the Qur’an

¨   The Islamic/Christian doctrine of Predestination 

· Predestining Allah even chooses their measure of sin 

· Allah created the black race from his left side 

· Islamic Paradise

¨ The Five Pillars of Islam Versus Biblical Faith and Salvation in Jesus
  YOUR BIBLE SAYS JESUS WAS IN THE GRAVE FOR 2 NIGHTS AND 1 DAY” - It’s true; how do we explain? 
Your Bible was corrupted; you have no ground to stand on” - How will we answer that?
Paul founded Christianity, not Jesus- How do we disprove this
  How can God be ONE God, and a trinity?” - Even most Christians do not know the answer!
Only a cruel father will crucify his own son” - How do we reason against that?
You blaspheme to say that God became sin and became a curse on the cross!
Paradise and Gehenna (hell) were both in Hades 
  If Christ Jesus is God, how could God forsake Himself on the cross?” - Yes, how indeed?
If Jesus is God, how could He pray to Himself, sit at His own right hand, and be High Priest?”