· The Rise of Capitalism and the Protestant Reformation 

· The Communist Comrade Jesus of the Protestant Reformation

· ‘Master Calvin,’ the Dutch Reformed/Methodist Pope of Geneva and his false ‘kingdom of christ’

· HUMAN SACRIFICE OF THE REFORMERS: John Calvin’s most infamous human sacrifice to Satan; Servetus on the Stake




In Greek mythology, (Platonism,) “The Wisdom of God” is called Sophia — while Shekinah, “The Glory of God,” is the  fertility goddess of the masonic Jewish Kabalah.  In the Kabalah, Shekinah is also “the divine feminine” and the “soul of god and man.”  Gleaned from paganism and in particular, masonic orders, these goddesses were Christianized by the Vatican as the ‘feminine god’ “Mother” Mary, secretly worshiped as the ‘holy spirit’ of the trinity.  As seen below in the masonic signs and Catholic statements of the Reformers, it is clear that they did not really repent from Mary worship.       


 Mary-Luther-Calvin-Zwingli.jpg  Calvin masonic sign.png

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Þ Above, first three images from the left:  The former Catholics turned Reformers, (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and others,) confessed their allegiance to the Roman Catholic, ‘holy spirit’  Mother Mary or Earth Goddess, not the true God of the Bible.  With some variations, the Reformers all accepted this “Mother of God” of Roman Catholic dogma.  However, the real Mary of the Bible was merely the human mother of the Man Jesus Christ.  God has no mother!  Heb. 7:3, “[God Jesus] is without father, mother, genealogy; having neither beginning of days nor end of life…” 

Þ Above, last image on the rightThe masonic sign of John Calvin, father of the Dutch and other Calvinist churches. 

In Masonry, the ‘supreme being’ is called “The Architect of the Universe.”  Wikipedia wrote, "John Calvin, in his Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536), repeatedly calls the Christian God ‘the [Masonic] Architect of the Universe’, also referring to his works as ‘Architecture of the Universe.’  In his commentary on Psalm 19, Calvin also refers to the Christian God as the ‘Great Architect’ or ‘Architect of the Universe…’ 


William Tyndale masonic sign.jpg   John-Calvin-Freemason-handsigns.jpg    Johannes Wycliff hand on heart.jpg     Martin luther hand on heart.gif  

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Þ Above on Left:  Pre-Lutheran John Wycliffe, translator of the Bible from Latin into English, showed his masonic sign and declared, "It seems to me impossible that we should obtain the reward of heaven without the help of Mary. There is no sex or age, no rank or position of anyone in the whole human race, which has no need to call for the help of the Holy Virgin.”  John Wesley, Anglican/Methodist Reformer, Calvin’s right hand in Scotland, also “affirmed the perpetual virginity of Mary, the Mother of God.”  Thus, one still finds the Roman Catholic “Madonna and child with a votive candle rack and prie-dieu in  Methodist Churches.”  Bible truth: 1 Timothy 2:5, “There is One God and One Mediator between God and men (Jn. 3:16) the Man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself as atonement for all…” 

Þ Above, the last three images from the left:  The unmistakable masonic hand-on-heart sign of John Calvin, John Wycliffe, and Martin Luther has a number of masonic meanings, but mostly it declares that they belong to Lucifer the devil, whom all masonic orders worship


The teachings of masonic societies mostly adhere to the “72 Signs from the Heart of the Celestial Mother” – another name for Isis/Semiramus, etcetera, the fertility goddess, which Catholics worship as ‘Mother’ Mary.  The Vatican’s involvement in, and use of secret societies and terrorist organizations undoubtedly reveal that ‘hidden’ powers behind politics and religion had a special plan with the Reformation. 

The Reformers, as evidenced at the top of the page, were all Mary-honoring masons.  The Vatican's former priest Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian mason, and masonic (most probably Cabalist) John Calvin was a clandestine Jew called “Chauvin.”  (Some say this is untrue; ‘Chauvin’ is French for ‘Calvin.’) 

It is, therefore, widely believed that with the Reformation, the capstone on the masonic pyramid, the Jewish Cabalist Sanhedrin, (in combination with their  powerful workhorse the Illuminati,) secretly sponsored John Calvin and all the other Reformers to ‘break away’ from Catholicism to found Protestantism – a new religion that would transform the world not just religiously and politically, but economically as well. 

The Rise of Capitalism and the Protestant Reformation    

Between the 9th and 15th century A.D., the oppressive Feudal System crushed Europe under poverty and virtual slavery.  The Feudal System was a two-class system akin to communism where the State possessed everything.  Everything belonged to the corrupt superrich elite at the top, (the king and pope, and their ‘managers’ the nobility,) while they pillaged the  populations of Europe’s Feudal countries and their colonies to become super-poor.  Instead of modern despotic, military units in armored cars, Feudal kingdoms were policed and controlled by Roman Catholic, Royal Knights on horseback. 

Hence, coupled with the relentless but very costly inquisitions and crusades, medieval Europe was disintegrating under anarchy and the economic oppression of the joint, so-called ‘divine-right’ rule of Europe’s monarchies and their Roman Catholic papacies.  To overturn the dreadfully impoverishing Feudal System, (and more importantly, to strengthen the depleted world economy, thereby establishing the worldwide rule of the underground Illuminati,) necessitated a worldwide religious and economic revolution. 


Meanwhile, the Illuminati was planning their own Economic Empowerment, (why does this phrase sound so familiar in our modern socialist world,) which would bring worldwide political change and limitless power to the ruling Jewish Cabbalists.  They intended to use this revolution to change hands with Roman Catholicism and its monarchies where political power and world-wealth were concerned, by bringing their own entrepreneurs, bankers, mining magnates, etcetera, to power during a renaissance, (another familiar word in our day,) or rebirth of Greek/Italian ‘sophistication,’ culture, and pagan religion in Europe.  Eventually, the Illuminati would establish superrich Jewish dynasties like the Oppenheimers and the Rothschilds, who would institute capitalism, [a more empowering three-class system,] on a worldwide scale, placing the Cabbalists and their various masonic branches in financial positions where they could own and rule the whole world. 

This time, the Illuminati chose to disguise their political/economic revolution by calling out a religious revolution

The true motive behind the Protestant Reformation was their love of political power and money.

Impartial historians always identified the Reformation with economic and social change.  In fact, the illuminati brought that Cabbalist Jew, John Calvin to religious power to empower other Jews economically in order to change the failing Feudal System into Capitalism. Willie Martin reported in ‘The Christian Party,’ “Under the influence of Calvinism the position of the Jews gradually improved more and more.  Financially, with the rise of the Liberalism of the 18th century, fostered and promoted by masonic influence, Jews were accorded full rights of citizenship in nearly every country in Europe and America.  Since then, masonry has risen to its present domineering influence in the world.”


The Communist Comrade Jesus of the Protestant Reformation

Politically and religiously, the inhabitants of planet earth are always caught between several fires.  It is a Biblical and practical fact that God still allows Satan to keep the “whole [political and religious] world under his [deception or] sway [because they choose to do his will.]”  So, God’s creatures and the rest of His creation will be tortured and oppressed until Jesus comes to make an end to all deception by banishing Satan from the earth, (1 Jn. 5:19; 1 Ths. 1:6-10; Rev. 11:15) 

Political and economic systems, wars, and other types of earthly rule never really ‘make any sense,’ because Satan and his human agents do not have a good agenda as far as earth and its inhabitants go.  Even when it seems as if political or religious ‘change’ is for the better, a bad agenda always lurks somewhere in the shadows.  For instance, America nearly ‘always’ seems to be the paradise of opportunity and wealth, while America is openly called “The [Illuminati’s] Masonic Experiment.”  Most Americans might feel safe under the wings of their ‘godly’ government, as they have always declared, “In God We Trust.”  However, the ‘god’ their government refers to is not the God of the bible, but the god of the masonic lodge.  We can be certain of one thing: America’s false ‘god’ does not have good intentions with either America or the rest of the world.  It is a sore fact that religions and governments are never what they seem to be. 


Similarly, the first leaders of the Reformation supposedly kicked up a great storm against early monopolists, (who still control mega companies, banks, economies, and even entire countries,) and the practice of usury, (their immorally high interest rates on loans.)  But secretly, the Protestants were working towards their own goal of global control.  And global control always involve great political/religious upheavals, which rake in most of the wealth of the world. 

True to the Illuminist/masonic/communist creed, “Constant Revolution Globally,” Martin Luther preached the communist doctrine of Carl Marx from his pulpits, saying, “[Rise to the revolution,] whosoever can strike, smite, strangle, or stab, secretly or publicly… Such wonderful times are these that a prince can better merit heaven with bloodshed than another with prayer…”  This proves that Luther was never a ‘man of God’ but ‘a man’ of the chaotic thief and murderer, Satan.

This ungodly communist call for revolution and bloodshed to advance the different denominations of the Reformation shines new light on Luther’s creed, “Sola Scriptura!” (The Bible Only!)  What then, was the difference between this ungodly Lutheran call for ‘just and holy’ war, which ‘merited salvation and comfort in heaven,’ and the Roman Catholic call for human sacrifice during the crusades, “…There will be absolution and remission for sins for all who die in the service of ‘christ…?’”  And what is the difference between these Roman Catholic/Reformed calls to fight their ‘just and holy’ wars ‘for the sake of a foreign christ,’ and the Islamic call for Jihad, which promises militant Muslim salvation and comfort in paradise?  Such revolutionary sermons, petitions, and protests were, and always will be unabashed witchcraft against the Highest God, Who proclaimed, “My Kingdom is not from here.  If it were from here, My followers would fight…” 

To know what spirit guided the Catholics and their spiritual daughters the Reformers, also reveals the revolutionary spirit behind communist activists such as the iconic ministers Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson.  In union with the destructive path of all religion, calls for religious human sacrifice to Satan strongly relate to the sermons that were preached from the communist pulpits of activists and anarchists such as South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and reverend Allan Boesak in the name of Comrade Jesus, the ‘Great Religious Revolutionist of the South African communist-socialist struggle.’ 

Master  John Calvin,” the Reformer Pope of Geneva, and his Protestant ‘Kingdom on Earth    

Calvinists, as all those who insist on clinging to spiritually dead, man-made religion, find the lamest excuses for the unscriptural doctrines, norms, and forms, which their god John Calvin took from Roman Catholicism.  [Anything or anyone we obey, and thus love more than Jesus and the truth of His Word, is a god to us.]  Additionally, they blindly defend the historical atrocities, which Calvin and the other Reformers unrepentantly committed against God and  humanity, whom He created as completely free-willed beings — a fact which Calvin strongly denies

Calvin was a hard, oppressing, intolerant man, who did not earn himself the title ‘Pope of Geneva’ for preaching the truth of the Gospel, or for loving his ‘brethren’ and even ‘his enemies,’ as Jesus commanded.  John Calvin, the closet Jew and Illuminati agent, actually insisted that his subjects must address him as “Master Calvin.”  By assuming this title of ‘honor,’ he undoubtedly referred to the slave/master mentality of the Feudal system, which still governed medieval Europe at the time.  Of course, it also comes from his core doctrine, Predestination, which states, “God died only for the elect, [the ‘elite,’ or members of Calvinism.]”  What happened to the entire New Testament Covenant, written in the blood of Jesus at Calvary?  This Calvinist statement tries to nullify the crux of Jesus’ Gospel, John 3:16, which declares, “Whoever [personally] believes in [Jesus the Son of God,] will not perish but have eternal life.” 


Calvin described his self-established ‘Protestant kingdom on earth’ as follows, “the church, the state, and the community in which we live, must not merely be a means of personal salvation or a means to temporal needs, it must be A Kingdom Of Christ!  In this [Kingdom-Now on earth] individual duties must be performed by men conscious that they are ever in their great Taskmaster’s eye, [in this context, this means they were always watched by Calvin and his servants, who appointed themselves gods and christs’ over them,] and the whole fabric is preserved from corruption by a stringent and all-embracing [church] discipline.”  However, the Word of God declared 1 Thessalonians 5:23, “The God of peace Himself… [will] preserve you spirit, soul, and body… [until] the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

To motivate all the unbiblical laws and actions of ‘christ Calvin’s kingdom here on earth,’ he wrote in ‘The Institutes’ a Protestant Summa, “The lightest action should be brought under the iron control of a universal rule!”  Calvin was already working towards a One World Order that governs the entire world, as we see now in our day!  He began by referring his “iron control of universal rule” to Calvinism, which he quickly established as “the unbending law of the land;” first in Switzerland and then in all other Protestant countries worldwide.  Just as the Illuminati had planned,  Protestant churches eventually ruled kings, queens, presidents, national and municipal governments, civic administrations, markets, prices, and monetary interests


Calvin’s rule extended even wider than this.  The citizens of Geneva enjoyed no personal privacy.  They lived in constant fear under the ‘all-seeing’ eye of their policing Taskmaster, (which is actually the occult eye of the masonic lodge: the eye of Lucifer.)  Calvin’s tyrannical control effectively turned Geneva into a transparent “city of glass.”  Businesses, churches, friends, and families all lived under the constant supervision of a ‘spiritual,’ Calvinist police force that either fined or evicted from the city all those that laughed too loud, drank too much, etcetera, as ‘shameful citizens.’ 

In addition, the police imprisoned, as ‘enemies of the Church and State,’ all non-Calvinists until they ‘repented,’ or chose death instead.  In Master Calvin’s “Kingdom of Christ,” ‘complete law and order’ also “involved the systematic use of torture, the beheading of a child for striking its parents, and the recorded burning of a hundred and fifty heretics in sixty years… The characteristic of Geneva… was not merely its merciless intolerance…  It was the attempt to make the [so-called] ‘law of God’ [or in reality, John Calvin’s law] prevail [in every aspect of society,] which constituted a total claim on humanity…”  [P. 126, ‘Religion and the Rise of Capitalism,’ R.H. Tawney.] 


The Reformers, just as the Catholic papacy, were brutal serial killers and mass-murderers, who also sacrificed human beings, (the number is unknown,) to their Protestant god on their altars of burning stakes, rivers of drowning, etcetera.   The suffering and blood of all those victims still testify against every Calvinist (and Lutheran) - and also against all their affiliates and followers, who gave, and still give their support to the Reformers, (Ex. 20:5.) 



John Calvin’s Most Notorious Human Sacrifice to Satan: Michael Servetus on the Stake 


 Servetus at the stake.jpgjohn macArthurs says Calvin is a hero.jpg   Servetus burned for errors on the trinity.jpg  

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Sadly, Michael Servetus, in the image above stamped with “Inquisition,” also gives his hand-on-heart masonic sign.  This proves that all those linked to the Reformation were sun-god/Baphomet worshipping masons

Servetus was part of the Reformation until Calvin, in particular, refused to listen to Servetus not to incorporate the pagan, Christianized, Roman Catholic doctrine of the trinity, where “Mother” Mary is worshiped as the third “person,” the feminine goddess Sophia or Shekinah, the “wife of God,” the “perpetual virgin,” or the fertility goddess “Mother Earth.”

Among all the heartless atrocities, which John Calvin, the pope of Geneva and father of the Dutch and other Calvinist Reformed Churches committed, (as described above,) the ashes of one victim in particular screams to heaven against every Calvinist, who clings unrepentantly to these human sacrificing Satanists

On 13 February 1546, some 7 years before Calvin militarily captured Miguel (Michael) Servetus, (a Spanish physician and theologian,) for the so-called ‘crimes of witchcraft and heresy,’ he wrote to his friend Farrell, “If [Servetus] comes [to Geneva,] I shall never let him go out alive if my authority has weight.”  During Servetus’ trial, Calvin added, “I hope that the verdict will call for the death penalty.”  In the light of the authority that Calvin carried, no other verdict was possible.