¨ Dedication to Earth, Fire, Smoke, Wind (or Air) and Water gods through baptism sacraments, etcetera 


Fire and smoke gods in fire rituals, TEAM-BUILDING FIRE WALKS, SMOKING, and the religious use of candles and incense

Cremation is a pagan fire ritual and not the same as Biblical burial 

¨ Initiation or ritual pagan and sacramental church dedication is a pact with the devil

Willing or unwilling sexual initiation or dedication to Satan 

A Scriptural distinction between rape and unwilling participation 




Dedication to Earth, Fire, Smoke, Wind, Air, and [baptizing] Water gods

Signs of God’s presence manifested as wind, fire, and smoke in the Bible.  Our Creator God can never be the wind, fire, earth, nature or any other created thing, which pagans and Christians revere as ‘a god’ itself.  E.g., the ‘male’ sun god Ra or Sol, and the goddess or ‘holy spirit’ of Roman Catholicism, Mother Mary, or actually Mother Nature, or Mother Earth. 

Jesus created everything: heaven, earth, wind or air, fire, water, and smoke, etcetera.  Thus, every created thing and being is subject to Him, (Heb. 1:8-12.)  Yet, pagan and Christian ritualism, which credit ‘power’ to these God-created elements, refers directly to sacred, saving, protecting water, wind, fire, and smoke.  Such dedications or initiations are made directly to the water, fire or smoke itself, as divinity is ascribed to those God-created substances. 


Satan always turns Biblical encounters with God into witchcraft to gain a foothold in the minds of people.  The main difference between Biblical manifestations of God and the worship of nature, is that pagans revere natural forces itself as sacred, because they worship the sun, earth, moon, stars, wind, air, fire, water, (and even plant and animal life itself) as deities.  Hence, these so-called “deities” have different names in pagan cultures, but by any name, these ‘gods’ are worshiped for their ‘holy,’ ‘supernatural’ abilities and alleged ‘benefits’ to humankind. 

However, the element of water, for instance, has no paranormal properties in itself, although there might be some health benefits in warm or cold water and some of the minerals it contains, but it will always remain nothing more than a created element of God.  Sadly, most ‘health’ practices invoke the power of the water god itself.  Hence, in both paganism and Christianity, we find so-called ‘holy’ water and ‘sacred’ springs and rivers ‘of healing and life,’ everywhere on earth. 

The ‘saving,’ ‘hallowing,’ ‘regenerative’ water god in pagan and Christian baptism 

The Bible refers to water only as the symbol of God’s spiritual “washing, saving, redeeming, sanctifying, and cleansing Word,” (Eph. 6:26; Titus 3:5; Jn. 3:3-5, 4:15-24; 1 Jn. 7:7-9, KJV.) Jesus’ baptism of sincere, believing disciples is by immersion in ordinary water, as John and Jesus demonstrated at the Jordan river, (Jn. 1:29-34; Mt. 3:10-17.) 

Natural water itself has no ‘secret,’ ‘saving,’ or ‘healing’ properties.  So, paganism, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, (Dutch and other Reformed churches,) and all others that teach Baptismal Regeneration, knowingly or unknowingly use the Old Babylonian water god, (Enki in Sumarian and Ea in Babylonian mythology.)  They alledgedly accomplish so-called “spiritual regeneration” or the “rebirth” through this natural element when it is ritually applied by “anointed” or initiated clergymen and other witchdoctors.  Even schisms of Christianity such the Seventh Day Adventists, (who practice Baptismal Regeneration,) and Jehovah Witnesses, (who see water baptism as a ‘necessary step’ to salvation, though they do not teach Scriptural faith in Jesus,) actually use the power of the water god in the sprinkling of babies and the baptism of adult converts to accomplish so-called “spiritual regeneration” and other ceremonial initiations into their religions. 

Hence, in both pagan and Christian worship, the alleged ‘supernatural’ properties of water do not merely relate to God’s created, natural element, but to the so-called ‘holy’ water itself as a healing, hallowing, and saving entity.  Allegedly, as in Catholicism and lately also in Protestantism, so-called ‘holy’ water is even used to cast out demons! Roman Catholic and self-styled Protestant ‘deliverers’ also use the water god (‘holy’ water) to cross, ‘bless,’ or ‘anoint’ themselves to ‘put on’ the water god.  Hence, in pagan and Christian water rituals, water is not viewed as a mere symbol of truth and salvation as in the context of the Bible.  The ‘power’ of water itself, administered by an ‘initiated’ or humanly invented ‘anointed’ pagan or Christian shaman, is the savior – the regenerator, sanctifier, healer, etcetera, (1 Jn. 2:20-27.)

The earth god and goddess, or Pan the sun god and ‘Mother Nature

The crux of all nature worshiping religions, (‘pantheism,’ New Ageism, masonic orders, etcetera,) is the worship of the fertility gods ‘Mother Earth’ or ‘Mother Nature’ and the sun god, from whom supposedly ‘all life flow.’  In some religions, earth itself is also worshipped as the male god Geb that allegedly incarcerates the dead in his body, the ‘sacred’ ground.  In Africa, earth is worshiped as the ‘supreme’ god Anansi.  So, to kiss the earth is to kiss Geb or Anansi.

Wind and air gods 

Even some Pentecostals call the wind “Maria,” or “Mariah;” the feminine god or holy spirit of the Roman Catholic trinity.  Wind and air are allegedly not merely natural substances, and so, they are worshiped as “live-giving” gods and goddesses of “blessing” or “prosperity.”  The Egyptian god Shu or ‘Air’ supposedly also has dominion over the sky.  The Greek gods Anemoi and Aeolus, supposedly “keep the four winds of the earth” that can “forward” people on their journey in life. 

However, the manifestation of the presence of God and His angels can also take the form of wind.  That is why the Holy Spirit manifested His presence at Pentecost in the form of wind, (Acts 2:2-4; Heb. 1:7, 14; Rev. 7:1; 15:8.)   

Thus, when South African Promise Keeper Angus Buchan called up a terrible storm during one of his “mighty men” conferences, (the abominable “mighty men” in the Bible were so wicked God destroyed them in the flood of Noah, Gen. 6:4-5,) to manifest the so-called “second, third, or fourth outpouring” of the Holy Spirit, he was calling up evil spirits, not the Holy Spirit.  The context of New Covenant Scripture is clear on this matter.  The Holy Spirit was poured out once and for all at Pentecost.  At that moment, for the very first time, He came to fully and permanently indwell all true believers “until the end of the world.”  Also, God will never call up storms; Jesus calms the storms, (Acts. 2:38; Mt. 19:18-20.) 

¨ Concerning the so-called ‘gods’ of ‘air,’ Job 31:8 declared, “There is a [human] spirit in [every] man; and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding.”  The only supernatural “air” that we breathe is God’s “Breath,” which He “breathed into humanity at creation.  This was not (merely) natural breath;  it symbolizes His Spirit and His spiritual and everlasting life,  which He only gave to humanity, the ‘crown of His creation,’ (1 Ths. 5:23; Job 32:8; 33:4.) 

Fire and smoke gods in fire rituals, team-building fire walks, SMOKING, and the religious use of incense   

Fire and smoke rituals are sacrifice and dedication to Satan.  God met Moses at the burning bush when He revealed His presence in the form of fire, (Ex. 3:2.) God’s angels can also manifest “as fire,” (Heb. 1:7, 4.)  God and His holy angels are not the fire itself; His presence can be like fire, (Acts chapter 2.) 

‘Sacred’ fire, ‘holy’ smoke rituals, etcetera, call specifically for the worship of and communion with a god, as the fire and smoke itself are revered as deities. The Babylonian fire god was called Gerra and in Gibil in Sumeria. In Biblical times, worshipers of the Canaanite sun god Molech sacrificed their children by throwing them into the ‘arms of the fire god’ to gain ‘blessing’ on their crops, marriages, etcetera, (Lev. 18:21.) They were not simply sacrificing their children by cremation; they were actually sacrificing them to the so-called ‘sacred fire’ named Molech. With the same motive in mind, followers of voodoo and other forms of witchcraft still cast their children, virgins, etcetera, ceremonially into open fires and active volcanoes to gain ‘blessings’ from the fire god.

The natural burning of candles excluded; in the spiritual New Testament, the burning of candles in church and other religious ceremonies and rituals during prayer, etcetera, and in fire-cracker feasts, (when pagans venerate their gods of fire and light,) indicate the presence of pagan gods.  Thus, whenever water, fire, or smoke rituals are used in tribal, church, or corporate context, that always initiate people into communion with demon gods, to bind them spiritually and emotionally to a tribe, lover, spouse, family, church, or community.  Institutions such as corporate companies and sports clubs use things like hot coal walking for ‘self-enrichment’ and ‘team building.’  In reality, the fire god itself is at work to protect them from burning their feet, and they are unwittingly being initiated into Satanism by their participation.


The ‘holy smoke’ god, (called Tezcatlipoca among other names,) is ritually invoked by sharing a “peace” pipe, jumping into the smoke of a smouldering fire; ‘smudging’ (fanning or blowing) ‘holy’ smoke over oneself, an object, or someone else, or allegedly sealing a friendship, covenant, or treaty. Such smoke rituals also ‘seal a baby’s soul into its body,’ ‘ward off’ bad spirits or ‘negative energies,’ and call up ‘spirit friends’ or demons to unify and protect people.

As idolatrous Old Israel, many believers “burn incense on the mountains, [which translates into, among other things, intentionally inhaling smoke in the New Testament,] and blaspheme God on the hills. [So, God] will measure their [smoke sacrifices to Satan] into their bosom… [and] repay [it] into their bosom,” (Isa. 66:7,6.) No wonder smoking causes emphysema and lung cancer. God also entrusted money to people for physical provisions and to glorify Him. But billions use their money to buy cigarettes and other drugs to glorify Satan. Additionally, God made the human body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, and smoking is one of the ways to “destroy His temple,” (1 Cor. 3:16-17.) Smoking is “slow suicide,” and one must not murder — either oneself or others who must inhale the smoke.  Paul commanded, “Do not present the members of your body as instruments of wickedness… Do not be mastered by [or addicted to] anything,” (Rom. 6:13-12.) Everything we do must be to the glory of God, (1 Jn. 3:15; 1 Cor. 10:31.)

The Zulu culture of South Africa also use the ‘holy’ smoke of a herbal mixture called “impepho” (or “impehepo”) in tribal and private rituals to communicate with ancestor spirits, and during animal and other sacrifice. Impepho consists of specific herbs mixed with Shamanic Tobacco. This type of ritual is a common practice in occult rituals around the world, as also seen in American Indian and Aborigine ancestor worship. People also inhale the smoke, which has a sedative and hallucinate effect, inducing trances, visions, and dreams. 


The use of incense in pagan and church ceremonies to “signify and/or call up the presence of a god,” is commonplace. Although God manifested His presence in the Old Testament as smoke, and the ceremonial, old temple law required specific “fire and smoke offerings” to God, (Lev. 2:16, 3:5; Heb. 8:13,) the indwelling Holy Spirit in His spiritual temple of believers does not manifest such signs. Hence, the burning of incense under the New Covenant refers to pagan gods or demons and not to the God of the Bible. Yet, as in crude paganism, the Bible-twisting clergy of the Roman Catholic Church and her affiliates swing burning incense to “enkindle in the heart the fire of God’s love, exhaling the odor of Christ.”  In this way, they release their Christianized smoke god to supposedly make their prayers ‘rise into heaven.’ But in New Testament terms, the prayers of sincere believers; their thanksgiving, holy lives, and holy deeds of love and truth are as sweet smelling, spiritual incense before the throne of God, (Eph. 5:2-14.) Paul explained in 2 Corinthians 5:14-17, “Thanks be to God Who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place [where He chooses to use us as His instruments.] For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…”

Cremation Is A Pagan Fire Ritual and Not the Same as Biblical Burial

Cases where those who were “accidentally” burned to death excluded; in the rare but indisputable Biblical accounts of the cremation of the dead, it becomes apparent that the people of God did not accept the pagan practice of cremation - except in cases of pestilence and as a sign that the person was unacceptable to God.  In Amos 6:8-10; 8:3, where they came to take the bodies of those who were under God’s judgment to be cremated, they “did not dare to mention the Name of the Lord.”  Similarly, the cremation of the bodies of King Saul and his sons, (Saul committed suicide on the battle ground,) signify that both unbelievers and unrepentant believers have no hope of the bodily resurrection in Christ, (1 Sam. 31:12-12; 1 Chronicles 10:14.)  Sadly, this dedication to and union with the pagan fire god was gradually accepted, and is now preferred in most denominations of Christianity. 

The well-known burial citation, “From dust to dust and ashes to ashes…” is not in the context of the Bible.  It comes from the sister church of Roman Catholicism, the Anglican Church’s ‘Common Prayer Book,’ which permeated Protestantism as well.  God created humanity from dust and commanded that they “return to the ground, for out of it you were taken.  For dust you are, and to dust you shall return,” (Gen. 3:19.)  If Old Abraham did indeed say in Genesis 18:27, “…I, who am but dust and ashes…” he was contravening God’s original creation principles and God’s commandment in Genesis 3:19 – which is ludicrous.  It is clear that “…and ashes” was either added by Catholic/Anglican and Protestant translators of the Bible, or Old Abraham was polluted with pagan thought and custom, which he picked up during his travels through their territories. 


As in Old Germanic Europe, it also became custom among ancient Romans to sacrifice slaves by burning them alive with the body of their master to ‘assure him safe passage to, and service in the afterlife.’  Those European pagans believed, (as many pagans such as Hindus still do,) that the ‘sacred’ ceremony of cremation is necessary to ‘release the soul from the body and from this world,’ into the hands of Gerra and in Gibil so that the smoke can then carry the ‘soul’ to the afterlife. 

Judaism chose burial over pagan cremation.  In Jesus’ times, Hebrew cremation opposed to burial was not even discussed.  And after His ascension, Jesus’ disciples believed that the dead human bodies of true believers are merely “sleeping” in their graves, awaiting the sound of the “last trumpet,” when the [deceased] body will be raised incorruptible…” (1 Cor. 15:50-54.)  Thus, among the first believers called “The Way,” (Acts 9:2,) as well as in Roman Catholic Christianity, (Acts 11:26 KJV,) a great distinction was made between burial and cremation, as they had the hope of the bodily resurrection of the dead at Jesus’ return, (1 Ths. 4:13-18.)  In contrast to dedicating or ‘committing’ our bodies to Jesus Christ at burial, during cremation the fire and smoke are the gods, which release and receive the souls of the deceased

Therefore, even in early Christian culture, cremation meant that the deceased person did not hope on Christ’s return to be bodily resurrected to be with Him, (1 Cor. 15:35-54.)


“Making your children pass through the fire” is Child Sacrifice and Ancestor Contracts with Satan, (Deut. 28:10-14)

Satan is never satisfied with just the sinful service of humanity.  He demands the bodies, lives, and eternal souls of all sinners and their descendants.  He knows that God commanded, “You shall have no other gods beside Me… For I… [will] visit the iniquity, [this is not a bloodline curse’ as some churches teach,] of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generations of those who hate, [or reject and disobey] Me,” (Deut. 18:10-14; Ex. 20:1-6.) 

This means, people go by the customs and beliefs they were raised — and of course, demons are behind all sin to cement them in deception and iniquity.  ‘Making their children pass through the fire’ or dedicating/sacrificing their children to false gods is part of the pact, which both pagans and Christians make with the devil.  Hence, Satan insists that everyone on earth, who are not wholly dedicated to the Truth, Jesus Himself, and the truth of His Word, enters into a legal contract with him in some way or another.  If he can use false church dogma, membership, and so-called ‘saving’ sacraments to achieve that, he is satisfied.  So, Satan cunningly convinced our ancestors, both pagan and Christian, to sign the contract on our behalf while we were still too young to make decisions concerning our own lives, and before we could choose the destiny of our eternal souls.  In Christian ancestor pacts with Satan, he even has the audacity to stand on the Word God, which he turns into deceptive control to suit himself. 

Those pacts remain intact for unbelievers and unrepentant church Christians, but true believers are free from all Satan’s claims on their lives from the moment they accept Jesus, (Col. 2:9-10.)  Still, it would be wise to verbally annul all contacts with Satan in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! (Eph. 1:7; 12-14.)  It is a fact that, in defiance of God’s protective commandments and for the sake of tribal or church acceptance and membership, ancestors and parents who were involved in pagan and Christian rituals and ‘sacraments,’ gave the enemy a legal contract to control and possess their children through their unbiblical beliefs and submission to false church authority.  Whatever our ancestors were involved in on a religious level, we can be certain that they have dedicated us and even our descendants to Satan. 


In Christianity, the first pact parents make with the devil is ritual dedication or initiation into the church system through the unscriptural sprinkling-baptism – which actually surrenders the baby or adult initiate to the ‘saving’ water god of Catholicism and Protestantism.  The copy of this contract is the initiate’s ‘baptism certificate.’  As a result, Satan has legal contracts over millions of God’s blood-bought souls, who are still trapped in Christian religion!  (Rev. 17:1-6; 18:4.) 

To dissolve that satanic contract on a spiritual and soulical or “mind” level so that Satan cannot control and confuse us, we ourselves must personally accept, confess, and obey the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, and fully repent from all affiliation with that church, society, or religion, (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.)  After that, we must ‘break’ the contract on an emotional level, (spiritually, true believers are complete in Christ, Col. 2:9-10,) and ask God’s forgiveness for the sin, which our ancestors have committed by violating His commandments and our God-given right to choose our own eternal destination.  Next, we must repent, (or completely turn away) from all involvement in that religion or church.  We must destroy all church and other religious certificates; renouncing out loud all ancestor pacts, which were made with the devil on our behalf; asking God to break all demonic holds and influences that Satan had gained on our souls (minds or thoughts and beliefs) and physical lives — and on our descendants, (1 Jn. 1:7-9; Deut. 7:25-26.)   

¨ However, personally born again believers in Christ must be vigilant not to fall into the traps of the so-called ‘deliverance’ ministries, which teach false doctrines concerning our “evil blood line” and “ancestor curses,” as truly born again believers live in a spiritual position of redemption, salvation, and blessing  in Christ. 

The only ‘certificate,’ which the sincerely born again disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ need, is the one Jesus Himself promised in Revelation 10:11-15, “...Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. [The record of heaven’s born again, believing citizens.]  And the dead were judged according to their [sinful] works, by the things which were written in the books… and anyone not found written in the Book of Life [as they are not in Jesus,] was cast into the lake of fire.” 

Willing or Unwilling Sexual Initiation or Dedication to Satan 

The more extreme the pact people make with Satan, the greater his demands will become.  The greater the demonic power they seek, the heavier the sacrificial price people must pay.  The more they transgresses God’s Word, the stronger the bondage that befalls them.  The more horrific the crimes that transgress God’s Word, the greater the demonic control and ultimate possession of the human spirit, soul, and body will be, (Deut. 18:10-14; 1 Cor. 10; 2 Cor. 6:14-18.) 

Thus, besides having sex with demons, (which is a reality,) it is common for Satanist parents and grandparents to stand naked in a pentagram, calling their children and grandchildren to commit incest with them.  Rape, sexual molestation, and other perversities always call strong demons to the victimsThis is child sacrifice and how Satanists of all kinds seal their ancestor pacts with the devil.  (A pentagram is an occult drawing of a 5-pointed star in equal proportions.  Each point of the star symbolizes one of witchcraft’s five elements – spirit, air, water, fire, earth.  (Remember that Jesus created all the elements and nature, so they erroneously think they are entitled to dedicate to the devil that which belongs to God!)  The star of the pentagram is often encircled to symbolize containment in Satan, and as protection against ‘bad’ magic, the cursing ‘evil eye,’ ‘remote viewing,’ and attack from other witches with ‘unfamiliar’ demons.) 


As God intended the human body as His Holy-Spirit temple, sexual immorality in all its various forms is a most heinous act of witchcraft against the Most Holy God of the universe, which opens people to the control of powerful demons.  Satanists of all sorts know, “He or she who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body, and becomes one in body and in spirit with the [male or female] harlot,” because the human body must be a holy temple to God.  Hence, Satanists and other instruments of the devil always use sexual initiation to control and even indwell their initiates with many demons, (1 Cor. 6:16-20.)  Incest, bestiality, pornography, adultery, temple and money prostitutes, and harlots of both genders play an important part in binding initiates to Satan.  Pedophiles and child molesters, rapists, sodomites and lesbians turn little girls into their “bondage fairies,” and make homosexual boys (or Peter Pans) their “bondage gnomes or pixies,” while adulterers and other sexual immoral people destroy the lives of spouses, men, women, and children. 

Sexual bondage is so strong that, unless the victim is delivered through repentance and knowledge of God’s true Word - unless the experimenting teenager or fornicating adult sincerely dedicates him or herself to God, and drastically repents from all types of sexual sin, sexual sin will escalate continually, and even progress into willful, full-blown Satanism. 

A Scriptural Distinction between Rape and Willing Participation

Unbelievingly, a Christian woman, who was raped while a gang of robbers held her hostage, now teaches publically that she “so overwhelmingly loved her rapist ‘with the love of Christ’ while he raped her, she would have thrown her arms around him if she wasn’t tied up!”  In the face of such satanic absurdities, which twist and nullify the holy love of Christ and the commandment of God to love our neighbors and enemies in deed and truth, we need the contextual knowledge of God’s Word as the true light for our feet in the spiritual darkness of this world, (Mark 7:13; Mt. 15:6-9. ) 

The statement of this mentally disturbed woman is blasphemy - which can bring great condemnation upon many real victims of rape!  In reality, God commanded the death-sentence for the rapist if the victim protested the rape to the best of her (or his) ability.  This is so because the crime of rape intends to murder the victim spiritually, emotionally, and even physically, as it defiles and destroys every area of the victim’s life!  God, in His infinite wisdom, commanded in Deuteronomy 22:25-27, if a man ‘rapes’ a woman “who does not cry out;” (does not scream, say no!, fight back, or desperately seek a way of escape,) he must marry her!  Of course, there are some circumstances like holding a gun to her head or a knife to her throat, which would make it impossible for the woman to cry out. 

However, it is clear that, according to Scripture, this woman who “so loved her rapist,” was definitely not raped.  She should marry the man she accuses of rape.  To ‘love our enemies’ cannot connect to the rubbish she talks.  Rapists and child molesters must be arrested as soon as possible to remove such dreadful dangers from society — while a court of law, which she should seek for the protection of herself and other potential victims, must exert proper justice, (Rom. 13:4.) 

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