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The Doctrine of Universalism, (everyone on earth will be saved,) combines with Duotheism, (the Dual God)

· BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC  -  God, Satan, or ‘mind power’ such as ESP and telepathy? 

· Does ‘black magic’ come from Satan and ‘white magic’ from God? 


· White (or good) and Black (or bad) witches 

· Do ‘good’ and ‘bad’ witches know who’s behind it all? 

· Eventually, all witches make a pact, or sign a legal contract with the devil 


· The Meaning of Initiations, Rites, or Passages 

· True Salvation has nothing to do with Initiation, Rites, or Passages 



 The Doctrine of Universalism, (everyone will be saved,) combines with Duotheism (the ‘duality of God’) 

Universalism in its many applications is in essence the doctrine, which refutes the Biblical teaching that all unsaved and those who remain disobedient to the Gospel of Christ, will spend eternity in hell, (2 Ths. 1:6-10.)  The core of this doctrine, as Billy Graham also taught, say all of humanity will be unconditionally saved.  Thus, there is allegedly no consequence to consciously rejecting Jesus as Savior and Redeemer, or unrelentingly violating God’s Moral Law of Love.  While ‘Duotheism’ describes Satan’s dual nature, attributing dualism to the All-good God of the Bible as well, ‘universalism’ intends to unify (or ‘save’) the world in its state or position of sin without personal salvation in Christ, (Rev. 13:7-8.)  Universalism is an ancient occult teaching.  Undoubtedly, its motive is to lure all of humanity away from faith in, and obedience to the righteous God of the Bible, and His Only Way to eternal salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

In both Roman Catholic and Reformed-Protestant Christianity, universalism is also called ‘universal reconciliation’ (‘universal salvation,’) as also ‘demonstrated’ through the Charismatic “river of anointing that saves the whole world” without the preaching of the Gospel of Christ.  Universalism teaches that all people, in the end, will be saved notwithstanding their religious convictions.  For instance, the Roman Catholic ‘mother’ Theresa of Calcutta taught Universalism by saying that “everyone will be saved according to the ‘light that they have received.’  They just have to be ‘good’ Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.”  In this way, Universalism attempts to nullity all God’s Biblical teachings, (actually the entire Bible,) by assuming that everyone will be saved through the “universal love and mercy of God, thus being reconciled to God unconditionally.” 

Messianic Judaism’s so-called ‘automatic’ salvation of the Jewish nation as a whole also falls in this criterion. 

We find the false doctrine of Universalism in its most naked form in the Calvinist [Dutch Reformed, etc.] teaching, ‘the unconditional love and acceptance of God.’   If this doctrine could be true, what would be the point in following any religion - or even have faith in, and Scriptural obedience to the True God?  Contextually, all Jesus’ New Covenant teachings prove that God’s love and acceptance is as conditional as can be.  God’s Divine love for the whole universe and humanity in particular was manifested through the complete sacrifice of His Son.  Jesus Himself clearly said, “I Am the Truth, the Way and the Life.  No one comes to God the Father except through Me…  Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord! Lord! Shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of My Father in heaven,” (Mt. 7:21; Jn. 14:6; 3:16.)  


God, Satan – or ‘Mind Power’ such as ESP and Telepathy?

Most people consider Wicca, (‘traditional herbal healing,’ etc.) as ‘White Magic,’ while religions such as Satanism, Voodoo, etc., are perceived as ‘Black Magic.’  The difference is supposedly between ‘good witches and their good magic’ and ‘bad witches and their bad magic.’  Many practitioners of ‘magic’ often rule out the control of either God or Satan and ascribe their ‘supernatural abilities’ to various forms of ‘brain or mind power.’

So, do ‘white magic and black magic,’ ‘supernatural magic’ and ‘mind power’ differ at all? 

The word ‘magic’ means, ‘supernatural,’ ‘fairy tale fantasy,’ ‘the unexplained,’  ‘enchantment,’ and ‘the opposite of scientific logic.’  Thus, it is clear that both white and black magic are supernatural, illogic, and not of this physical dimension. What then, are ‘mind power,’ ESP (or Extrasensory Perception,) and telepathy?  Most occultists answer absurdly, “Mind power is the untapped supernatural power in the natural or physical brain, as seen in the supernatural power of imaginary, or visualization.”  Completely illogical and unproven, they believe, this ‘supernatural mind power,’ which emanates from the physical organ the brain, can bend teaspoons, lift objects, and through visualization, create realities such as wealth, health, and happiness.  Some occultists also describe ESP as knowledge and foreknowledge that does not originate from natural means, yet, allegedly, it also emanates from the physical brain.  Apparently, so does telepathy or ‘mental communication’ - mind control and mindreading from a distance, or communication without words by speaking into the minds of others supernaturally

Looking at these descriptions without occult blinkers, helps one to understand that ‘brainpower’ in all its various forms is just as supernatural as ‘white and black’ magic.  It is impossible that a natural organ such as the brain can be the source of something so completely out of this world.  In effect then, so-called brainpower is simply the manifestation of supernatural phenomena through a human vessel.  Hence, all these occult practices originate and function from, and through an external force under the deceptive power or “sway” of Satan, (1 Jn. 5:19-20.) 

Does ‘White Magic’ come from God and ‘Black Magic from Satan?

Although some might deny it, all cultures across the globe know, and have ‘always’ known that there are only two supernatural forces in the universe that can wield paranormal power on earth.  No secret society, religion or church exist without worshiping a god of some kind — even if the gods they worship are they themselves.  While the God of the Bible requires a sincere relationship with humanity through Jesus’ blood atonement in their place, Satan the deceiver is the god of all religion.  Thus, he is the source of all theology, which is religious studies from a human perspective.  Satan is the greatest theologian of all time, who always requires religious works and sacrifice to earn everything from him.     

So, if all things good comes from God, surely, nothing good can come from Satan? 

No, Satan, the ‘best’ of both good and evil, constantly lure humanity into the deception that evil cannot really be all-bad, but instead, (as expressed in the teachings of Duotheism and Universalism,) bad is always a part of good.  This is the ancient lie, which the devil told to Eve, “You will surely not die [by disobeying God.]  For [through disobedience] you will [become as wise as gods,] knowing good and evil.”  Unfortunately, Satan was selling the dogma of forbidden knowledge or humanism to Eve in return for her soul, as well as the souls of all those that would descend from her, (Rom. 5:12; 1 Cor. 15:21-22; Rom. 3:9:26.)  Humanism or so-called ‘love’ for self and other people without the true, righteous love of God, is self-worship.  Try as they may, humanity can never and will never be gods or christs, who have the knowledge of God Himself.  God-dependency is humility, and that is what all humanity needs, as taught in Prov. 1:7, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.  But fools despise [Godly] wisdom and instruction.’” 

Satan, the very bad, fallen angel himself is the epiphany of both good and evilIn contrast, the One, True God of the Bible is the Only All-good God.  His supernatural works are completely holy and righteous and are therefore called “Godly miracles,” not magic.  All forms of magic flow form the dual or two-character deceiver Satan, and are therefore termed “witchcraft;” because even when Satan does something good, he always intends to use it for evil.   

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit VS Demonic Abilities 

The spiritual gifts of the God of the Bible, which work His righteousness in the power of His Holy Spirit, has nothing to do with the witchcraft of magic, mind power, etc. - or with the glorifying of believers.  The Holy Spirit gives His gifts for the glory of Jesus Christ, the salvation and redemption of souls; and to build the body of Christ.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit come directly from God, are completely without cost, all-powerful, supernatural; and cannot be earned, bought, or owned.  The Holy Spirit gives His gifts as “He wills,” and specifically for the benefit of all those concerned.  Thus, the Holy Spirit never entrusts His gifts to believers for personal gain, self-enrichment, personal glorification or personal empowerment, (read 1 Cor. chapters 12 & 14.)  In addition, God does not have to ‘prove’ or ‘glorify’ Himself, His abilities, or His power.  All these “invisible attributes are clearly seen and understood” in the manifestation of “His Godhead, His eternal power, and the work of His hands,” (Rom. 1:20.)  Therefore, the Spirit does not use showmanship or entertainment tricks to impress people.  Showmanship or the dramatic use of supernatural ‘gifts’ is always Satan’s strategy to gain a foothold in the souls of uninformed and unsuspecting people, and to imprison seekers of fame, fortune, self-glorification and the spectacular in his dark kingdom of death and destruction, (2 Cor. 11:4; 14.) 

The Holy Spirit is God Himself, and we should always consult God in everything natural and supernatural.  The Holy Spirit is the Healer, Guide, Teacher, and Comforter, Who came to do “miracles… reveal the secret of people’s hearts through [supernatural] prophecy…  show us great and mighty things, which we do not know,” as well to “tell us things to come,” (1 Cor. 1424-25; Jer. 33:3; Jn. 16:13.)  However, the Holy Spirit always manifests true miracles from God on a basis of necessity, not to satisfy greed, or the hunger for entertainment.  He does not act as a spectacular fortune-teller and healer in front of audiences, prophesying to, and healing everyone in a row.  Therefore, the Holy Spirit will never reveal unnecessary or secondhand information to astound and impress.  He will only reveal that which is necessary to bring people to repentance, guide His children in His will, protect them from imminent loss and danger, and to build the body of Christ in Scriptural unity, (1 Cor. 14:24-25; Mt. 2:14.) 

On the other hand, the ‘supernatural abilities’ or power of Satan are never free, righteous, holy, unselfish, or fair.  None of Satan’s witches ever uses ‘mind power,’ magic, and other forms of witchcraft for the true benefit of others, although they pretend otherwise.  Magic in all its many forms always has a secret fee attached somewhere and it always manifests itself through the help, direction, and power of demonic forces.  ‘Magic,’ or witchcraft in all its occult variations, is simply demonic deception.  For instance, if indeed a magician’s ‘magic tricks’ are real, he is pretending to ‘focus’ his ‘mind power’ to bend a teaspoon, to move an object, or to make someone levitate off the floor, while an unseen demon is doing it for him.   

Although magic might present itself as ‘white’ and ‘good,’ it’s true origin and intent prove that it is always black, bad, self-seeking, hateful, deceitful, and its core intention is always destructive. To protect and redeem humanity from the “thief, who comes to steal, kill, and destroy,” Jesus commanded us “not to have anyone among us who practices witchcraft, fortunetelling, the interpretation of omens, or functions as a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells [or do magic.]  Or a medium, spiritist, or one who [supposedly] calls up the dead… For I Am the Door [to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of heaven,] and I came that you may have life, and have it more abundantly,” (Deut. 18:10-14; Jn. 10:10.)

‘White’ (or ‘good’) and ‘Black’ (or bad) Witches? 

There is no difference between a ‘white’ witch, a ‘medicine healer,’ a ‘loving’ grandma reading your fortune from your teacup; and a ‘black’ (or evil) witch that does black magic and spitefully harms people by releasing demons on them from the spirit world.  We must understand that Satan is completely corrupt and therefore all evil.  His abilities are nothing more than the manifestation of demonic power.  A servant of Satan by nature and source, cannot do ‘good’ magic – even if it is termed ‘a miracle.’  ‘Good’ witchcraft does not exist.   Initially, it might seem as if witches and false teachers and prophets ‘heal’ or ‘help’ people, but it is simply impossible to do good in the power of evil.

Besides, no one is able to ignore the source of all evil power, the cruel master of all magic and occult healing, Satan, for long.  Eventually, the devil will send both the witch and the ‘patient’ a shocking bill for his services and favors. 

Do ‘good’ and ‘bad’ witches know who’s behind it all?

Satan’s disciples, both pagan or Christian, are completely self-centered.  Initially, they do not necessarily have to believe in Satan as an entity.  As habitual sinners, most dabblers in the occult do satanic rituals and other ‘magic spells’ without thinking it through or counting the cost.  Without caring about the consequences, they are too self-absorbed to realize they are the puppets and instruments of the evil one.  Whether witches of all sorts are simply self-idolizers or active Satan worshipers, Satan always gets his way with them. 

Eventually, all Witches have to Make a Pact, or Legal Contract with the Devil 

The God of the Bible makes it plain that the essence of all witchcraft is disobedience to God, stubbornness to repent from sin, and rebellion against the Word and Spirit of God, which are seated in pride, or the love of self, (1 Sam. 15:22-23.)  For the sake of fame, fortune, fertility, revenge, power over people, and ‘dissolving’ personal and national problems, countless people have rejected Scriptural obedience to, and dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ.  Instead, they turned to the devil to “give them the kingdoms of the world,” (Mt. 4:3-11.) 

It might begin with a silly joke or a playful ritual, but the next step in ‘achieving’ more of their sinful desires is to make a conscious sacrifice to Satan.  Desires and sacrifices escalate continuously in relation to one another as witches ‘advance’ step-by-step up ‘Jacob’s ladder,’ until, willfully and ‘legally,’ they sell their souls to the devil.  Often, much of this happens without a formal contract or confession, but rather, by following corrupt people, or merely their own, sick desires; slipping gradually into the depths of degradation and sin until they reach that dreadful place of no return.  Nevertheless, achieving power and worldly status from Satan always involves a formal, legal contract, pertaining to the conscious, permanent sale of their eternal souls. 

The only thing humanity really has the power to bargain with, is their souls.  Usually, the contract between the witch and Satan is written in the witch’s own blood on paper or something more sinister; accompanied by blood sacrifice and some form of ritual initiation into Satanism.  Possession by evil spirits is the main part of their dreadful bargain with the devil, although Satan sends demons to control and eventually indwell all those who benefit from, or play with him.  In return for the witch’s soul, services and sacrifices, more and stronger demons control or indwell the person to ‘help’ the person achieve his or her goals.  In this way, Satan allows his witches the power to call up and send forth guiding, familiar, and other demons to supposedly ‘do the witch’s bidding.’  In the euphoria of assuming that they can exert spiritual power to ‘create,’ destroy, control, and impress at will, witches tend to live in the delusion that they themselves are powerful and invincible.  As the devil “transforms himself into an angel of light,” witches usually tell you that their demons are ‘angels,’ ‘spirit guides,’ ‘familiar spirits,’ ‘fairies,’ ‘orbs,’ ‘spirit helpers,’ and so forth, which they can control, feel, see, tame, and use, while the opposite is true. 

In reality, both pagan and Christian witches are always increasingly in danger of demonic torture, destruction, and death.  Once the pact is sealed, the witch has no way out, and Satan’s possession and jurisdiction has no limit on the witch’s human spirit, soul, body, loved ones, and life.  The witch has in fact, written out a blank cheque to the greatest scoundrel in history.  His final price will exceed far beyond the witch’s own soul. Everyone and everything within the person’s reach, which is not protected by the blood-covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ, will suffer and eventually ‘self-destruct.’  Still, the True, Everlasting Word of God always has the last say, and states, “The wages, which sin (or its master the devil) pays is death…” However, in His love for all those lost and bound, Jesus, “the Gift of God, [became] eternal life” for everyone who flees to Him - praise His Holy Name! - (Rom. 6:23.) 


The Meaning of Initiations, or Rites of Passage

Pagan/Christian priesthoods designed their rites of passage in steps or stages to produce a turnaround, ‘conformity,’ or ‘conversion’ in the religious life of an initiate to ‘earn’ continual acceptance and blessing from a god.  (This, of course, mimics Biblical repentance from sin and true, inward, spiritual growth in Christ through obedience to His Word, which is “transformation,” the opposite of outward, religious ‘conformation,’ Rom. 12:1-2.)  To earn growing acceptance and respect from tribal and church ‘elders,’ family, and the community as a whole, the initiate has to enter gradually, ‘step-by-step,’ into a ‘higher’ form of ‘enlightenment’ and ‘salvation.’  This is done through a series of successive ‘initiation doors’ to ultimately receive all the ‘light’ needed to understand the ‘mysteries’ of religions such as Satanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, freemasonry, Roman Catholicism, Reformed and other Protestant denominations.  Even Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Old Apostolic Church, Messianic Judaism, Herbert W. Armstrong, etc., all follow the same progressive ‘growth’ through ritual initiation.   

Some religions refer to this progressive salvation as “Jacob’s Ladder” - initiating steps, which eventually leads the initiate to some kind of mystical ‘heaven.’  However, mystery and secrecy always have to do with secret sin, underhandedness, and darkness, and therefore belong to the domain of Satan.  For instance, freemasonry consists of three ‘degrees,’ or stages of secret ‘knowledge’ - Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason.  Master Masons can then choose to enter one of two paths, the York Rite, or the Scottish rite.  Each of these rites has 33 degrees, ‘steps,’ or ‘doors’ of initiation, which lead the initiate deeper and deeper into the ‘higher’ mysteries of this religion.  Each degree signifies another step up the celestial ladder, which reaches to the ‘Celestial Lodge Above,’ which is their undefined masonic, ‘star-decked’ heaven.  This is pure Satanism, yet freemasonry and other masonic orders always introduce  themselves as a non-religious, harmless, ‘charity organizations.’ 

All masonic orders, pagan religions, Church Christianity, and Christian Cults are based on ‘salvation by works.’    In fact, all types of initiation are doors that lead the initiate deeper into occultism, progressively binding the initiate stronger to the spiritual, mental, and physical precepts of that particular religion, thus bringing the initiate deeper under the control of its hierarchy – and of course, the devil.  Rites of passage or initiations all have specific meanings, inaugurating and confirming “a transition or change from one state of life to another.” 

Examples of such basic ‘changes,’ ‘conversions,’ or ‘passages of life’ are:

1) A spiritual re-birth, (known as Palingenesis,) usually inaugurated by ritual pagan and Christian ‘baby baptism.’ 

2) Certified tribal (or church) membership, inaugurated by different teenage ‘confirmation’ rituals. 

3) Marriage, inaugurated by a ritual marriage ceremony.

4) Death, inaugurated by pagan/Christian ‘last rites,’ administered by a priest to the dying, or/and by the administration of a priest or clergyman at a Christian funeral or cremation ceremony, which is part of the so-called Last Rite of Passage into Death.  Regardless of the moral life that pagan and church initiates lead, all members have the hope to ‘enter heaven’ - or in whatever way that religion chooses to define the afterlife through their rites of passage.  Thus, in religion, the only real requirement to ‘salvation’ is tribal or church membership.  As long as their ‘ordained’ priesthood or clergy inaugurated them into that specific religion through its mandatory rites of passage, they have the hope to eventually reach salvation.  However, the ‘uninitiated,’ non-members of that church or specific religion, allegedly all ‘die without any hope of salvation.’

True Salvation has nothing to do with Rites of passage or Initiation 

All believers must first be spiritually born again to ‘see,’ perceive or understand, and to enter into the spiritual Kingdom of God, (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.)  God’s Kingdom has only One truly Biblical ‘Door:’ the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  There does not exist any ‘way’ to get to Him other than to meet Him personally.  We can only attain salvation and redemption by sincere faith in, personal acceptance of, and a lasting personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, (Mt. 7:21-24.)  Consequently, sincerely born again believers never gamble with their salvation.  Sincerely born again believers know that they [already] have eternal life from the moment they sincerely and earnestly accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal God, Lord, and Savior.  Truly born again believers know that they were born of God, for they believe “that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him Who is true, and know that we are in Him Who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ.  This is the true God and eternal life,” (1 Jn. 5:18-20.)  Of course we must obey the Moral Law of Love to show the world that we have the Character of Christ, but this is not to ‘earn’ anything from Him.  True believers live to glorify God in everything they are and do. 

Jesus does not save His children ‘gradually,’ or step-by-step.  Either one belongs wholly to God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, or one lives without God in the kingdom of darkness, controlled by Satan, (Gal. 4:6.)  Spiritually born again children of God, (who can be compared to the instantly born, physical children of human parents,) have to grow spiritually and emotionally in God through knowledge of the truth of His Word to understand and do His will.  However, knowledge of God does not save them ‘more.’  Once we belong to Jesus, we belong wholly to His Kingdom of light, life, and love.  Moreover, all sincerely born again believers belong to the “body of Christ.”  Jesus’ body of believers cannot be contained by the walls and religious structure of a physical ‘church’ and its clergy.  The true body of Christ is global, undivided, and in complete unity through their unwavering faith in, and Scriptural obedience to the Lord Jesus Alone.  A group, order, or step that can bring sincere believers closer to God, does not exist.

For this reason, God strictly forbade humanity to “make their children (and themselves) pass through the fire,” which represents systematic initiation rites of all kinds, (Deut. 18:10.)  The well-known ‘sacramental,’ Christian (and lately, the Pentecostal/Charismatic Promise Keepers’) rites-of-passage concept is foreign to the real Biblical teachings of the Lord Jesus and His true disciples.  To teach that the essence of God’s Kingdom, His commandments, commission, and signs or symbols (the true Biblical water baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and the anointing of oil,) are similar to, or can compare to pagan rites and rituals, is blasphemy — and unashamed witchcraft! 

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