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· Are Sprites such as Leprechauns, Gremlins, Goblins, Imps, Elves — and the African Tokoloshe Mere Myths?

· Vampires try to absorb the life force of their victims – can this be true?   

· Werewolves (Lycanthropy,) IS Ancestor Worship and Demonic Shape Shifting


· God’s Word Versus Roman Catholic prayer to Patron Saints and Protestant Reverence of Clergy 

· True Biblical Saints 

· The Ancestor Worshipper’s Perception of the Indescribable Cruelty of Witchcraft




An Example of Death Bed Apparitions: A Dying Man’s Human Spirit on the Silver Cord 

The witchcraft of death bed salvation seems impossible.  And after death, “the deceased know nothing.  Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun,” (Eccl. 9:5-6; Lu. 16:19-31.)  We only have this life to make right with God and one another.  But traditional churches especially, stand on the incident of the man next to Jesus on the cross as a so-called ‘last chance to make right with God.’ So, they think they can live their lives as they please and “convert” to heaven when it suits them.  ‘Conversion’ means to join a church - which can never bring anyone to salvation, (Rom. 12:1-3.) However, Ecclesiastes 12:6 warns, "Remember [to serve] your Creator in the days of your youth, before the silver cord [that attaches your human spirit to your body,] is loosened... Then the [body] will return to the earth… and the spirit will return to God Who gave it, [to give account of it's life on earth,]" (2 Cor. 5:10.)

That is why Jesus commanded everyone to sincerely believe in Him, accept Him, and follow Him according to the truth of Scripture to inherit eternal life in heaven. 1 John 2:4-5 explain, "He who says ‘I know Him’ and does not keep His [New Testament commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in Him. But whoever keeps His Word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him."  That is why Jesus said that only those who “endure” in Him and His truth “to the end, will be saved,” (Mt. 24:13.)

Apart from Astral projection and Astro travel as experienced by witches, all astral experiences are not necessarily demonic.  Death bed apparitions of those who are dying, (maybe in cardiac arrest or in a coma, but with brain function and are therefore still alive,) seem to be quite familiar.  Scripturally, God’s angels take the human spirits of the dying either to heaven or to hell at the moment of brain death, (Lu. 16:19-31.)  But when the human spirit of a dying person is on the brink of being ‘loosened from its silver cord,’ the human spirit can still Astro travel to appear to the living, (Eccl. 12:6; Lu. 16:19-31.)  As said, when the “silver cord” is loosened, the human spirit is severed from the body and the person is brain dead.  That is why the deceased cannot appear to the living, (Jam. 2:26; Eccl. 9:5-6.)

Astral projection and death bed apparitions were obviously known to ancient believers.  When an angel supernaturally released Peter from prison and he came to Mary’s house, they were frightened and said, “It is the spirit [of the living] Peter [who is still in prison!]”  (Acts 12:11-17.)  So, it is common in all cultures that the human spirits of the dying, (people who are still alive, but on the brink of death,) can appear to living people.  Those apparitions might be upsetting, but they are harmless and do not happen more than once.  I personally believe God sometimes allows the dying, (not the deceased,) to appear briefly during a near death experience, just before the angels carry the person’s human spirit away, to visit (not haunt) a specific person for a specific purpose.  For example, I know of a person who had been grossly tormented by a relative because she tried to give him Jesus’ true Gospel of Grace and refused to submit to his satanic abuse, persecution, and control.  She sought peace with him on numerous occasions.  Each time, he refused to show her any mercy.  Constantly conjuring up incredibly destructive plans and the most malicious slander to cause the greatest trouble and sorrow for her, he never relented, or forgave even the slightest offense against him. 

One night, she was awoken by a spirit that appeared in her bedroom.  It was shuffling back and forth on the carpet, wringing its hands bewildered and perplexed, muttering hopelessly.  Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. 

Later, she heard that her tormentor was on his death bed at the time. 

I believe God allowed that upsetting death bed apparition to show her how impossible it is for a human, who hardened his heart against God, to face the holy judgment throne of God.  Without remedy, the man’s human spirit was yearning for relief from the agonizing prospect of meeting its Maker in its lifelong, decided state of lostness and sin.

This also proves that God does not allow deathbed salvations readily.  On the contrary, God clearly commanded in Hebrew 3:15, “Today, if you hear [My] voice, do not harden your hearts as in the [Old Testament] rebellion.” 

Some time later, she ‘discovered’ this confirmation in the Mathew Henry’s Commentary, (Mt. 25:14-30, p. 1748,) “While [the five unwise virgins] went out to buy [oil for their lamps] the bridegroom came.  With regard to those that put off their great work [to accept and obey Jesus Christ] to the last moment, it is a thousand to one that they have not time [or grace] to do it then.  Getting grace is a work of time, [or working out our salvation by making right with God and other people,] and cannot be done in a hurry.  While the poor awakened soul addresses itself upon a sick bed to repentance and prayer, in awful confusion, it scarcely knows which end to begin at, or what to do first; and presently death comes, judgment comes, and the work is undone, and the poor sinner is undone for ever.  This comes of having oil to buy when we should burn it, and grace to get when we should use it.” 

Oil is the symbol of the indwelling Word and Holy Spirit.  A lamp is the symbol of our human spirit and human soul — which aught to be a born again temple of the Holy Spirit.  For this purpose, God gave His Only Son, so that everyone who personally believes in Him, and sincerely accepts and follows Him in a lifestyle of Scriptural obedience, will have oil in his or her lamp when death comes.  Hard-heartedly forfeiting this incredible grace of God over time, is illustrated by those religious and church-going, but unsaved virgins in Matthew 25:1-13.   

Are Vampires, Sprites such as Leprechauns, Gremlins, Goblins, Imps, Elves – and the African Tokoloshe Mere Myths?

The entertainment industry usually dramatizes fact to enhance the experience, as in the far-fetched ‘Dracula’ movies, which were based on the sensationalized life of a bloodthirsty, historical character.  However, they also use genuine encounters with evil spirits in motion pictures such as Poltergeist and The Entity to bring people in bondage through fear and to establish a fascination with the occult.  Most people do not realize that those movies and books are not mere  ‘myths’ or ‘ghost stories’ without substance.  Playing with the devil in any way is never a game. 

Point is, the media has been desensitizing generations of people to the danger of spirits that are not from God.  Those who live outside the cultures where spirits (sprites) like the abovementioned entities are household names, and where they are also feared and revered as absolute realities, disregard them as ‘mere superstitions.’  It is good to reject folklore and superstitions as ungodly myths.  However, let us not shut our eyes to the realities of demons.  Once we understand that Satan and his demons are real, we cannot ignore the harm they do to billions of unsaved and uninformed people across the world.  As the strategies of evil spirits differ from one another, most cultures believe those ‘mischievous,’ dwarf and fairylike ‘little bullies’ simply ‘play harmless pranks’ on people.  But they also spitefully break, displace, and destroy the possessions of their victims because they are actually dangerous poltergeists and totally evil spirits.  Jesus warned that the devil “does not [ever] come [to you] except to steal, murder, and destroy…”  (Jn. 10:10.)    


The African version of those spirits is the well-known Tokoloshe.  Apparently, “firmly under a witch’s control,” this evil spirit manifests itself in the form of a strong, nasty little dwarf.  Witches send it to harass, pinch, and even rape its victims. (Yes, sex with demons, as every other interaction with them, is a reality!)  It also acts as an ‘imaginary’ friend to abduct children, and Africans fear it for causing sickness, ‘bad luck,’ and death.  They believe, the only way to escape a Tokoloshe is to place bricks under each leg of their beds to lift them out of its reach.  Those entrenched in religious culture often wear talismans or demonic ‘lucky charms,’ and use ‘magic medicine,’ which they buy from shamans, as protection.  If the Tokoloshe still haunts them, they call on a ‘healer’ to ‘exorcise’ it and to ‘protect’ them with ‘stronger medicine’ – at a higher price, of course, while it is, as Jesus stated, impossible for evil to cast out evil, (Mark 3:25-26.) 

Victims of all types of witchcraft do not realize that, if Satan grants them peace from pestilence through the services of a shaman, the shaman’s expense would be the least of their worries.  Eventually, the devil will always ask for payment in the form of the client’s marriage, job, family, health, finances – and even a blood sacrifice such as a baby or a first born child, which will draw the victim even deeper into darkness and spiritual bondage. 

Vampires try to ‘absorb’ the ‘life force’ of their victims — can this be real, or is it merely a myth?

‘Count Dracula’ is an infamous movie character; an undead vampire who sleeps in a coffin by day.  At night, he supposedly transforms into a bat to visit his victims, whom he ‘enchants’ or places under a lust-spell to bite on an artery  and suck their blood.  Most people laugh at such “superstition” and of course it was dramatized in movies, but it is not all imagination and myth.  The dramatized vampire story stepped right out of the history books.  Of course demons cannot literally suck human and animal blood, but they can get their gratification by possessing humans to do their dirty work through them.  This is exactly Satan’s motive to coax his disciples into vampirism and cannibalism. 

An excellent candidate for the Dracula narrative is Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as the Romanian Prince Vlad Dracula 111.  The homosexual Vlad was obsessed with re-enacting homosexuality, (or actually human sacrifice through ritual impalement,) by skewering virtually everything, (even cockroaches,) from the bottom up on a twig or thick pole. 

Vlad was so extremely brutal and bloodthirsty that writers and movie makers connected him to the practice of vampirism; the drinking of human and animal blood during satanic rituals to gain more and more power from Satan.  It is a reality that vampirism and sex with demons, (as described in Genesis Chapter 6,) always go hand in hand. 

We can be certain that Vlad the Impaler was a high Satanist.  He was also a devout Roman Catholic monarch, who rose early in the morning to pray for five hours.  Then, to keep his victims alive and suffering for as long as possible, he began his daily routine of instructing his soldiers how to meticulously impale even innocent children, his military enemies, and all his rivals.  Historians think that impaling thousands of his own people and parading them before his advancing enemies were brilliant scare tactics, but it was also en-masse human sacrifice to Satan to gain ‘invincible’ victory in war. 


Naturally, the entertainment industry cashed in on dramatizations of movies on the supernatural.  However, it is common knowledge that evil spirits, through human vampires, drink human and animal blood ritually and then eat and cannibalize their animal and human victims alive. Through vampirism and cannibalism, they “absorb the souls” of their victims, “feed off their sexual and physical energy,” and “transfer their useful abilities” to them.  (Lev. 17:11-12.) 

Often, they keep their victims alive for long periods to vampirize and cannibalize them systematically.  Such sadistic atrocities include child and other rape, incest, homosexuality, bestiality, etcetera.  They also vampirize people non-violently on an emotional level.  It is said that emotional vampirism leaves victims drained of emotion and energy. 

All those unspeakable violations of God’s Word and creation are to satisfy the blood lust and perversion of their father the devil and to get more and more power from him.  Obviously, vampire cannibals cannot do this to just anyoneThe evil one cannot “touch” those who are truly in Christ, because there is no God like the Lord Jesus Christ, (1 Jn. 5:18-20.) 

Werewolves (Lycanthropy) originated from Ancestor Worship

Manifestations of werewolves are much more than myth and legend — or the dramatizations of the movie industry.  Most Christians, sitting in their safe zones in churches, do not even believe in the existence of the devil — or in the reality of God’s holy angels.  So, how could people with such a lack of knowledge know that most legends and myths, though dramatized for entertainment purposes, were based on actual spiritual experiences and manifestations?  Because most ancestor worshipping pagans do not believe in the devil as a real entity, they try to clarify such supernatural experiences through their own beliefs.  For instance, they believe that, “because people descend from certain sacred animals,” (beside worshiping and consulting their human ancestors,) they must “worship, [prayerfully consult,] and ceremonially honor their ‘animal-spirit’ forefathers as well.” 

Actually, those animals are ‘sacred’ because they view them, as they do with their dead human ancestors, as gods.  Because Satan is such a showman and master deceiver, he does not merely appear in the form of their deceased ancestors to gain their trust and to enter into a personal relationship with them, but also in the form of the animals that are familiar to a specific area.  E.g., in India, cows, elephants, and monkeys are ‘sacred’ and worshiped ceremonially.  In America, native Indians believe wolves are ‘sacred,’ and they worship and consult them as their ‘spirit-animal’ ancestors. 

Lycanthropy or Werewolf manifestations are Shape Shifting

Werewolfism is the occult belief that one creature can change into the shape of another creature – as depicted in the Dracula movies where the count ‘transforms himself’ into a bat and flies away.  Dracula vividly depicts lycanthropy or werewolfism, which is the belief that humans can ‘become’ animal spirits that create destruction and murder. 

However, God created everything according to their own kinds, and nothing can ‘change’ into something else like evolutionists teach; not even on a spiritual level, (Gen. 1:24.)  Humans are a completely different species from angels and fallen angels or demons — and animals.  Hebrews 2:6-9, “[God] made man a little lower [on His creation scale] than the angels, [but] crowned him [over His creation such as animals,] (1 Cor. 15:39-44.)  So, humans cannot become angels, demons, or animal spirits.  Animals do not even have spirits like humans, who were created in the image of God, The Spirit, (Jn. 4:21-24; 1 Ths. 5:23.)  Thus, demons do not literally become humans as in the ‘reptilian’ theory.  To deceive people, Satan and his disciples can “transform themselves into angels of light” by pretending to be “good” spirits and humans, (2 Cor. 11:14.)  Demons can also ‘shape shift’ their appearances to resemble humans and animals. 

On the other hand, God Himself was born in the body of the real human being named Jesus, (Col. 2:9.)  But the holy angels who visited Abraham and escorted Lot out of Sodom merely resembled men.  Jesus said that even human spirits in heaven are “like” angels; not real angels, (Mt. 22:30 KJV.)  In reality, demons can only masquerade as people and animals.  So, in ancestor worship and other “encounters with the deceased,” werewolfism is based on satanic deception and brilliant impersonation, (Deut. 18:10-14; Eccl. 9:5-6.)    


Nevertheless, the belief of literal ‘shape shifting’ forms an integral part of Satanism and pagan religions.  American Indians believe they can ‘shift’ into the form of an eagle or wolf ‘ancestor.’  African shamans think they can transform into lions, leopards, baboons, snakes, etcetera.  The Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert allegedly ‘shift’ into antelope like the eland.  Thus, their paintings inside caves are not decoration, but dedication of that particular cave to the spirits they called up during their rituals there.  Consequently, werewolf spirits do not necessarily have to manifest in the shape of a wolf, but they all remain demons that appear as some kind of animal.  For instance, once, when I had to go against a Satanist that infiltrated a church, she sent a werewolf to my bedside in the form of a huge bear.  This is a common thing for them to do.  They call up demons that manifest in the form of werewolves to harass their enemies.  To the uninformed, (like I was at that time,) werewolves are frightening and dangerous.  But praise God, for He gave true believers authority over all demons in the Name of Jesus! (Col. 2:9-10; Mark 16:16-18; 2 Cor. 10:3-6.) 


Witches, who send demons in the form of werewolves, must bring specific sacrifices to Satan to be ‘promoted’ to such ‘higher’ practices of witchcraft, which call for greater demonic possession than other witches experience.  Therefore,  they have to do the prescribed sacrifices and perform the required rituals; entering into a deep trance.  A trance is an ‘altered state of mind,’ or moving emotionally from a natural, soulical ‘mind state’ into a ‘spirit state.’  In that state, specific demons then possess them and they send them forth to manifest in the form of particular animals.  Thus, witches then supposedly ‘become’ werewolves in the form of their favorite ‘ancestor animal spirits.’ 

Witches also battle constantly against one another.  It is also believed that a witch can conjure up a curse, or send a demon to possess another living person, (which would only be possible if the person is also into the occult,) to turn that victim into a werewolf.  They say, the witch can then send the bewitched person in the form of a werewolf, (a baboon etcetera,) to do his or her evil bidding.  Still, it remains impossible that either the human or the human spirit itself can “become” a werewolf.  If physical ‘evidence’ of werewolfism can be produced, it is likely that the witch or the victim of a witch dressed up as an animal to scare and harass people. 

Praise the God of all gods, because Jesus is the Head over all principality and power, Who promised, “As I live... every knee will bow of those in heaven, on earth, and of those under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father,”  (Rom. 14:11; Phil. 2:9-11.) 


Through the brainwashing techniques of pagan and Christian leaders and their constant interaction with spirits, (Calvinists and other traditional Reformers excluded, because most of their ministers do not even believe in angels or demons,) religionists assume that the spirits, which most frequently reveal themselves to them, are the spirits of their deceased ancestors.  Christian ancestor worship came into being because the Vatican ‘canonized,’ (deified, Scripturalized, and declared as gods and mediating christs,) all deceased Roman Catholic ‘saints,’ who allegedly lived such lives of “perfect virtue” that they became mediating ‘gods’ when they died.  And so, the Vatican taught Christians to consult, worship, and sacrifice to those deceased Catholics as their spirit guides and gods, (Mother Mary the supreme goddess.) 

Their ‘saints’ or gods include Joan de Arc, whom the ‘infallible’ (so-called foolproof) pope first burned at the stake as a witch in 1431, while in 1920, another pope ‘canonized’ her to sainthood!  By this method, the papacy found a dead ‘saint’ to reign as ‘mediator’ over every ill and purpose under the sun.  Catholics now pray to ‘saint’ Joseph, the Patron Saint of a happy home.  Those with toothache pray to Saint Apollonian, who became none other than the pagan/Christian ‘tooth fairy’ and so forth. 

Protestantism replicated this pagan/Catholic practice because they revere not only their deceased clergy as church fathers, but the living ones too – mostly without realizing it. They obey and follow them rather than the truth of God's Word, and thus they also made them into ‘mediating church gods.’  All the harlot daughters or denominations of Christianity do the same, (Rev. 17:1-6; 18:4.)  But everything or anyone we place above God, (and all disobedience to God's true Word,) amount to idolatry and witchcraft.  Most importantly, “There is only One Mediator between man and God, the man Christ Jesus.  No one comes to the Father except through Him,” (1 Sam. 15:22-24; Jn. 14:6; 1 Tim. 2:5.) 


The Roman Catholic Church teaches the doctrine of Transubstantiation, (supposedly eating the ‘literal’ flesh and drinking the ‘literal’ blood of Christ during ‘holy communion’ or mass,) and therefore the Roman Empire saw early Roman Catholics as cannibals and vampires, (among other things,) and treated them as such.  That is why, during that time, many Roman Catholic Christians were ‘martyred’ for the hellish beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, not for Biblical truth.  Being the distorters of Scripture that they are, the Vatican also venerated all those ‘martyrs’ to ‘sainthood;’ adding them to their existing ‘mediators’ or intercessors between Roman Catholics and God.    

The truth about all this idolatry and witchcraft is that no one needs those false church clergies with their Roman Catholic based church structures, twisted doctrines, and other Catholic-inherited norms and forms.  The Truth Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, has revealed everything we need to know and do in the fullness of His contextual Word.

God commanded plainly in Ex. 20:1-6, “I am the Lord your God…  You will have no other gods before Me.  You will not make for yourself a carved [or any other kind of] image [for any religious purpose, which will lead to worshiping them…]  You will not bow down to them nor serve them…”  The Bible focuses on the Lord Jesus and His atoning work on the cross; declaring that in Him Alone humanity can find forgiveness, deliverance, (freedom) healing, protection, blessing, comfort, and provision. 

True, Scriptural Saints

Scripturally, those deceased Roman Catholics were definitely not Biblical saints!  All sincerely and  Scripturally born again believers of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible are His  real spiritual saints, (1 Cor. 1:2; 2 Cor. 1:1; Eph. 1:1.)  True ‘sainthood’ is not something to be ‘earned,’ or something anyone can receive from any false, church-ordained priesthood

Biblical ‘sainthood’ means spiritual kinship with God through the full atonement of Christ in our place.  It is not a lofty spiritual ‘position’ but a position, which all sincerely and personally born again believers occupy inside His spiritual Kingdom, (Col. 2:10.)  So, Scriptural ‘sainthood’ can only be bestowed by God Himself - and He does that at the very moment a sinner sincerely and personally accepts the Lord Jesus Christ into his or her own ‘heart’ (or spirit,) soul, (or mind,) and life, (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5; Gal. 4:6.)  

The Ancestor Worshiper’s Perception of the Indescribable Cruelty of Witchcraft  

Shamans of all cultures use black magic to control the people.  However, ancestor worshipers see them as caring ‘healers,’ who ‘cure’ illnesses and problems caused by ‘evil healers,’ or ‘dark witches.’  This divides ‘healers’ into so-called ‘white’ witches practicing ‘white magic,’ versus ‘dark’ witches practicing black magic, although both ‘white’ and ‘black’ magic practitioners torture and kill helpless animals, even those on the endangered species list, and humans, (or pay others to do it,) to present them as blood-sacrifices to their ‘ancestor’ gods to buy more spiritual ‘power.’ 

All shamans deny torturing humans and animals to vampirize the blood and cannibalize the body parts in ‘medicine’ potions.  Yet, shamans also orchestrate mass-ceremonies to ‘empower’ people for war by feeding them the blood and meat of animals and humans, who were cruelly sacrificed to ancestor and other gods.  This mercilessness on living beings also explains why, in racial attacks on people, those victims are meticulously tortured to death in ways that transcend all other forms of wickedness.  They are actually sacrifices to ancestor gods.  Those murderers believe, the greater the suffering they inflict on their victims, (and the more their victims scream, squirm, and plead,) the more ancestor and other spirits they ‘awake’ to empower them, and the stronger the ‘medicine’ of their sacrifices become.  

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