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· In Christianity and other religions, neglecting Religious Sacrifice forms their notion of ‘sin’

· President Mbeki’s AFRICAN RENAISSANCE and the BULL-SACRIFICE of Ukweshwama


· Scripture clearly tells us the origin of Ancestor Spirits  

· What about the account of King Saul and the spirit of Samuel?

· What about ‘ordinary’ dreams of deceased loved ones, and giving food and flowers to the dead? 


· South Africa’s World Heritage Sites, Evolution, and the Facts of DNA-Analysis



The Ancestor Worshiper’s Perception of God and the Bible

All religionists, (pagan and Christian ancestor worshipers as well,) are under the control of their cultural leaders and religious hierarchy.  Dr. Paul Stolz wrote, “It is a great mistake to ignore ancestor worship as mere misconception or superstition…  [Ancestor worship] is a communal culture… [just as in church culture,] where the individual believes he exists as result of the others….  The [pagan ancestor worshiping] family is a single continuing unit, conscious of no radical distinction between the living and the dead. The individual’s way of life is therefore dependent on what is determined by dead ancestors and extended families… For instance, ‘n African ancestor worship, the ‘supreme god’ of their ancestor gods, ‘Nkosi,’ or in Zulu, ‘Unkulunkulu,’ is a politically liberating god.  Nkosi or Unkulunkulu can mean god, gods, or a human king, who is addressed in the same way.  This god is not the God of the Bible.  [He] is [also] a distant god that does not communicate with ordinary people.  [Nkosi] makes use of the dead ancestors to communicate with ordinary people…  Yet... the God of the Bible never made use of [deceased] ancestors to communicate messages to His people… [Luke 16:19-31, ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus.’]  God used the history of the Hebrews to warn and guide His people.  God used living prophets in the Old Testament and living apostles in the New Testament to carry His messages…  There were also many instances where God… used [supernatural] angels to appear to certain people.  Angels are heavenly beings that were created by God before the beginning of time.  Therefore, angels cannot be considered as the [human spirits of] dead ancestors, (Num. 22:21-35… 2 Kings 1:15; 1 Chron. 21:18, Dan. 8:16; 9:21-22…)  [It is a gross] misconception [that] the God of the Bible [condones the] worship of ancestors…  Yet, in ancestor worship, dead ancestors take the place of God and become gods themselves with ‘power’ to punish, kill, or decide on life. [Hence,] the fear of them… 

“The ancestor worshiper lives in a world where spirits control the wellbeing of the whole community.  [And so,] these worshipers [have a strange] concept of… the Holy Spirit.  [The Holy Spirit] is seen as separate from The Biblical Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  [These worshipers believe] it is not the Holy Spirit [Who] comforts, leads the person into His [Scriptural truth,] etcetera.  [They relate His works and power to…] ancestor spirits…” 

In Christianity and Other Religions, Neglecting Religious Sacrifice forms their notion of “sin

In pagan and Christian ancestor-worshiping communities worldwide, (as seen in Roman Catholic ‘saint’ worship and the veneration of church clergies,] their leaders emphasize the ‘importance’ of personal rituals and sacrifices to please the ‘ancestor gods’ to buy ‘blessing’ and ‘protection’ from them. Neglecting to respect, worship, and sacrifice to deceased ancestors, (church saints and clergies too,) constitute the entire notion of ‘sin’ in these religions.  Disobedience to God’s Moral Law of Love such as hatred, lies, theft, slander, and even emotional murder, never enters the picture, (Jn. 13:34.)  Consequently, all ancestor worshipers consider ‘bad luck’ in the form of illness, loss, drought, and defeat in war as punishment for ritual ‘sin,’ or neglecting to appease ‘angry’ spirits.  Christianity is not far behind in ‘appeasing the spirits’ through ritual church attendance, tithing, etcetera.  Thus, ancestor worship in all its many forms keeps billions of people in fear and bondage to the devil, not to the All-good God of the Bible.   

The Meaning of old President Mbeki’s “African Renaissance

To comprehend the connection between ‘blessing’ and ‘sin’ in ancestor worship, sheds light on South Africa’s ruling African National Congress’s constant push towards ‘the African renaissance,’ as declared by ex-president Thabo Mbeki some years ago.  The ‘African Renaissance’ does not relate to technological, industrial, scientific, and agricultural advances as during the Middle Ages.  Africa is under communist socialism and therefore, in the grip of the total destruction of infrastructure.  In reality, Africa’s so-called ‘renaissance’ or ‘rebirth’ calls for a complete ‘revival’ of ancestor worship and ritual sacrifice to the ‘ancestors,’ to ‘restore’ so-called ‘ancestor blessing’ to the communist-depleted continent of Africa, which was torn to pieces by constant civil war, chaos, government corruption, and every other form of lawlessness. 

Ukweshwama is a good example of the African Renaissance: the most cruel public sacrifice of a bull in a sports arena 

An example of the ‘African renaissance’ or the ‘revival’ of ancestor worship was the public sacrifice of a bull in a sports arena, which was personally sanctioned and attended by ex president Zuma, his ANC parliament, and even a South African court of law, to ‘bless’ South Africa’s World Cup stadium – while South Africa’s performance still turned out a great disaster!  Zulus call that incomprehensibly cruel sacrifice to their ancestor gods “Ukweshwama.” 

In this ritual, their inconceivably ferocious torture of a helpless animal consists of a crowd of bloodthirsty young men ripping apart the bull with their bare hands.  They literally tear the poor animal to pieces while it is still alive.  An eye-witness reported, “Dozens of people trampled the bellowing, groaning bull, wrenched its head around by the horns to try to break its neck, pulled its tongue out, stuffed sand in its mouth, and even tried to tie its penis in a knot…” 

True to their blood sacrifice rituals, they inflicted the maximum amount of cruelty on the defenseless animal for as long as possible to ‘wake’ as many ancestor spirits as possible, to give them as much political power as possible!  The multitude of demons that were called up on a national level by this public blood sacrifice, will not bring ‘blessing’ to this country.  Rather, such appalling torture of God’s innocent animals invoke the wrath of the Highest God of the Bible. 

One may rightfully ask, can people really believe the Creator God of the entire universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, will bless this country through such an atrocious rite of ‘passage into manhood,’ which is actually making their ‘children’ and themselves “pass through the fire” to gain blessing from their dead ancestors?  

God strictly forbade such idolatry and witchcraft in Deuteronomy 18:10. 

Through this and other sadistic cruelties, they actually released God’s curses on every sphere of South African life. 

As witnessed since then, the South African Government has brought increasing calamity upon the country as a whole, and we can be certain that South Africa is destined for complete ruin, just as we see in all the other countries where communist anarchy rules.   


The spirits of dead people are definitely not able to move between God’s throne and living people to atone for sin, or to intercede for the living, because all human spirits are either in heaven, or incarcerated in hell for all eternity, (Lu. 16:19-31.)  Scripture unalterably states, “It is appointed for all men once to die, and thereafter the judgment,” (Heb. 9:27.)  The Book of Ecclesiastes also teaches, “The living knows that they will die, but the dead knows nothing.  [Not because they were ‘annihilated,’ but because] they have no more reward...  Also their love, hatred, and envy have now perished.  e on earth is over;] nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun,” (Eccl. 9:5-10.) 

Jesus illustrated humanity’s immediate judgment after death by telling us the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.  When those two men died, the angels took them directly to their personally chosen places in heaven and in hell.  When the Rich Man in hell pleaded to send someone from the dead to warn his brothers, “lest they also come to this place of torment,” the answer was, “They have [the Scriptures,] let them hear [what the Scriptures say.]  If they do not listen to [the Scriptures,] neither will they be persuaded though one rises from the dead,” (Lu. 16:19-31.) The Matthew Henry’s Commentary explains, “The matter has been long since settled, upon trial, that God should speak by [His Word, the Bible,] and not by messengers from heaven [or hell.]  A messenger from the dead could say no more than what is said in the Scriptures, nor say it with more authority.  The same strength of corruption that disintegrates through the convictions of the written Word would certainly triumph over the witness from the dead; and, though a sinner might be frightened at first by such a testimony, when the scare is over he would soon return to his hardness.” 

The Bible Clearly tells us the Origin of the spirits that masquerade as Dead Ancestors and other dead people 

The context of God’s Word makes it clear that the human spirits of deceased people can neither remain on earth nor return to earth to speak to the living, (Lu. 16:19-31.)  The only other way to explain the so-called human spirits of the deceased and other “human ghosts,” which people call up at ritual ceremonies and other séances, is to realize that Satan, the leader of the multitude of demons or fallen angels that plague mankind, has been attacking God, the truth of His Word, and the perfection and innocence of His creation since time immemorial.  Satan is the “father of [all] lies” and deception.  He constantly lures the unsuspected and rebellious away from the truth of God to join him in eternal destruction. 

So, God stated in Isaiah 8:19-20, “Seek not those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter.  Should not a people seek their God?  Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? [This is how you will know what is true and real: Get back] to the [Moral] law [of the Old Testament Covenant,] and testimony, [God’s New Covenant Word.]  If they do not speak according to the Word, it is because there is no light in them.”  As Satan and his demons have been with humanity from the very beginning in Eden, they know each one of us personally.  Therefore, it is not strange that they know personal things about us and can present themselves in the guise of our departed loved ones.  They are also able to appear in human or animal form and speak in demonic and human languages, in different voices, and in every possible accent. 

It is easy for them to pretend to be the spirit of a deceased person, while the person’s human spirit is either in hell, or worshiping safely at the feet of Jesus in heaven.  Thus, the spirits that pretend to be the spirits of ancestors and other deceased people are not the human spirits of actual people.  They are demons. 

For our own protection, God forbade us to consort with demons.  They pose a dreadful danger to our eternal souls, as well as to our temporal lives on earth.  “Therefore,” God commanded, “flee from idolatry.  [I am not saying] that an idol is anything, or what is offered to idols is anything.  Rather, that the things which the pagans sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons.  You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s Table and the table of demons,” (1 Cor. 10:14-21.) 

What about the Account of King Saul and the spirit of Samuel?

Since the fall in Eden, witches have tried to refute the truth of God concerning the human spirits of the deceased. They continue with this tremendous lie because it would be unacceptable to them to tell their followers that they are not dealing with the human spirits of dead people, but with demons. To protect humanity against the deceiver and his followers, God forbade us to try to speak to the dead. Still, even Christians believe that the controversial account of the Witch of En Dor in 1 Samuel 28 ‘proves’ that this practice is possible – and acceptable. Thus, some Bible commentaries ignorantly promote the notion that it was indeed the human spirit of the deceased Samuel, whom the witch had called up.  

The full contextual truth of Scripture refutes this notion. King Saul blatantly disobeyed God’s commandment in Deuteronomy 18:11 not to call up the dead. It is unlikely that God would send the human spirit of Samuel in violation of His own Word. God is almighty, omniscient or all-knowing, and omnipresent or ever-present, and therefore, able to do anything. Yet, in the context of the Bible, this spirit could only have been a demon posing as the spirit of the Samuel.

“Well,” some people say, “the spirit rebuked Saul for his idolatry, so it could not have been a bad spirit.” Demons sometimes do speak the truth, or a twisted version of the truth to deceive their victims. In addition, the witch saw the demon “ascending out of the earth,” (v. 13.) According to Scripture, both Hades, (the grave,) and hell, (the abode of the damned,) is underneath the earth. The human spirit of the dead Samuel, the true prophet of God, does not share the home of the damned. I believe God permitted the devil to masquerade in the shape of Samuel, so that those who "would not receive the love of the truth," might receive "a strong delusion to believe the lie," (2 Ths. 2:9-10.)  Moreover, "the spirit of a [saved] man goes upward,” (Eccl. 3:21,) and cannot come up from within the earth. King Saul’s audacity to commit idolatry by even bowing to the demon in worship, (1 Sam. 28:14,) brought God’s judgment swiftly upon Saul. Shortly afterward, he committed suicide on the battleground.  

What about “Ordinary” dreams of Loved Ones and giving food and flowers to the dead

Dreams can come from the spirit world: from God and from the devil, but also from the natural world; from our own 'minds,' or emotional state. That's why all supernatural phenomena as well as teaching, etcetera, must be ‘tested' and 'proved' against the truth of God's Word to know who is speaking to us. We must, therefore, pray over all dreams; seek God's face, obey the truth of His Word, and then follow the direction of the Holy Spirit.  We know God's Word forbade us to communicate with the dead, (Deut. 18:10-14.)  That is settled.

However, if we long for a deceased loved one, it is not uncommon to have a dream where the person speaks to us, or where we try to speak to the person.  It comes from our mind or ‘soul:’ our emotions.  We merely have to accept that the person is gone forever.  So, if the person tells us in a dream that he or she is with Jesus, it is not the deceased person, but actually God using that allegory to tell us to stop grieving, and follow Jesus. The dead can never speak to us, (Eccl. 9:5-6.)  So, if a deceased person tells us to do rituals, we must know that the devil is using our longing (and maybe unresolved issues) to pull us into the occult.   If the deceased person says in a dream 'they are hungry’ or ‘need a tombstone because they are cold,' it could be our misplaced concern for them as though they are still physically alive. It can also be God telling us to let go and to stop worrying about them; they can never feel cold, thirst, or hunger ever again.  It can also be the devil trying to make us 'take care' of the dead by manipulating us into doing ritual things like placing food on the grave, or to cover it with a tombstone to make the dead one 'comfortable.'  (Note that I am not against tombstones as mere markers on a burial site. This is about ritual and emotional stuff.)  We must understand that by their own choice, the deceased is either in heaven or in hell; we can never change anything about that.  So, if we do place food or a tombstone on the grave to 'take care' of the corpse, it is definitely from the devil.

One can also take this rule further, as an ancestor worshiper once said, "I will stop feeding my dead father when you stop making your dead mother smell her flowers."  We must know that placing flowers on the coffin or grave is not for the deceased; it is for ourselves.  It comforts us to think we ‘honor’ the dead by placing flowers on the coffin or tomb.  It makes the pain and longing more bearable for us, as we believe we 'honor' the memory of the deceased by “bringing them flowers” - which is impossible, of course.  Giving flowers have lots of symbolic meanings such as tokens of love, respect, to say thank you, I’m sorry — as a sign of blessing on a birthday or wedding, to comfort the sick, to sympathize with those who grieve — and just to make the environment pretty.  Ordinary uses of flowers are, therefore, not occultic.  I see it as a form of respect and encouragement for other people.  The dead, however, know nothing about what is going on here on earth.  They are otherwise occupied, we might say.  So, flowers on a grave is actually a waste of time. 


God Himself, Who is Spirit, was born from the Hebrew nation in the human body of the Man Jesus, (1 Jn. 4:21-24; Heb. 1:1-13.)  God Jesus first brought His Gospel to Old Israel, but suffered, died, was risen, ascended into heaven, and will return for every true believer that He redeemed with His own blood from “every tribe, tongue, and nation;” Jews included, (Rev. 5:9; Jn. 3:16.)  No one, (Jews included,) will ever come to the Father in heaven except through the full atonement of Jesus Christ His Son, (Jn. 14:6.)  So, there is no such thing as a “special nation” under Jesus’ New Testament Covenant. 

Everything that was physical in the Old Testament is spiritual in the New Testament.  The Old Testament Covenant with the Hebrew nation was annulled at the cross, where Jesus established “a Better Covenant;” the Eternal, spiritual, New Testament Covenant with every sincere believer everywhere on earth, (Heb. 8:13; chapters 7-9; Jn. 3:16.) So, under Jesus’ New Covenant, the spiritual rebirth of all sincere believers globally, is the only way to enter into His eternal, spiritual Kingdom, (Jn. 1:11-14; 3:3-5.)  No one can earn, join, buy, storm, or sneak into His New Covenant Kingdom. 

True believers are all spiritually born from darkness into His Kingdom of Light.  So, spiritually among personally born again believers, “there is neither Jew nor Greek, [race,] slave nor free, [social status,] male nor female, [gender,] for [all true believers] are ONE in Christ Jesus,” (Gal. 3:28.)  Hence, Scripture speaks of “the sons of God, the bride of Christ, the ten virgins, the body of Christ,” which are all allegories of His spiritually genderless, New Testament “nation” in Christ. 

God will never return anyone to the ousted Old Testament covenant with the Hebrew nation; their land, temple forms, feasts, language, rituals, etcetera, ever again.  He warned in Gal. 5:1-6, “...Do not be entangled again with [Israel’s] yoke of bondage [under the Old Testament. If you want to keep one law,] you are a debtor to keep the whole law, which is impossible, as only Jesus could fulfill the Law in it’s entirety, Mt. 5:17.] Then you have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by [Old Testament] laws; you have fallen from grace… [You can never be saved without Jesus and His full atonement in your place and are destined for eternal hell without Him.]”  Despite the desecration of church doctrines, such as Christian Zionism and Messianic Judaism, 1 Peter 2:9-10 clearly states, “[All true believers] are [the] chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.  His own special people, that they may proclaim the praises of Him Who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light!” 

Thus, it is impossible that the Creator Godhead of the Scriptures, (the inseparable Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,  Col. 2:9,) can be “white, black, or brown.”  God is Spirit, and He “seeks worshippers that worship Him in spirit and in truth!”

Racism in all its many forms is a dreadful sin against God, as none of us could choose the color of our skin, our family, or the country in which we were born.  Physically on this side of the grave, we will always remain exactly the color and nation God made us to be. There are good and bad people in all races and nations.  God looks at the heart of people, not the color of their skin.  All the forefathers of all races have committed terrible atrocities against other races.  If we want to hold people accountable for the sins of their fathers, we must hold ourselves accountable in the same way.  Yet, God stated in Ezekiel 18:18-20, “Because his father cruelly oppressed, [robbed, destroyed, and murdered,] he will die for his [own] iniquity… The son will not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son… The wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.” 

Therefore, to revile people because of their race, (either black, brown or white,) and what their forefathers did, is to directly attack God’s innocent creation.  But to speak in truth and fairness against the unrepentant, continuing harmful actions of individual people of all races, is a commandment of God, (Eph. 5:11.)  For this reason, I love all people.  Because love and truth can never be separated from each other, I do not hesitate to tell all people the saving, redeeming, blessing truth of God’s contextual Word.  I do not speak from a motive of racism or other sin, but try to remain fair while exposing all bad and deceptive behavior that might cause innocent people from all races physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.

Desolate Communist ‘Paradises’ are the Death of Good People through Idolatry and Witchcraft 

The following is historical and daily news.  The willful destruction of planet earth is a global phenomenon – more so in depleted communist ‘paradises’ worldwide.  Regardless of their ‘human rights,’ which were supposedly designed to protect billions of abused people from their ‘democratically elected’ dictators, all those countries are flooded with desperately poor, war torn, fleeing civilians without any human rights.  Still, their bloodthirsty communist tyrants starve, torture, and murder their own citizens of all races by the billions, while they remain in power for decades at a time; refusing to relinquish their hijacked thrones, (like Khadafy, Fidel Castro, the deceased Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Jacob Zuma of South Africa, to name but a few.)  As witnessed in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia, India, the Caribbean islands, etcetera, the continent of Africa too, is fast approaching complete communist annihilation. 

To balance the scale, it is necessary to say that the inexcusable colonialist witchcraft through disobedience to the Word of God, and particularly, through their callous oppression of non-white people on this continent in days gone by, deeply shame and sadden me.  However, the immense lawlessness, overpopulation, and dire living conditions of 97% of Africa’s people since communist takeover, which began on this continent more than 70 years ago, have become indescribable.   

True to worldwide socialist doctrine, none of those idolatrous communist dictators have advanced a single country since their takeover, except for the few ‘elitists’ at the top.  In Africa, through at least four generations of unbridled corruption, continual genocidal wars and civil unrest, communist regimes have displaced, dispossessed, murdered, and starved millions upon millions, if not billions of their own citizens, while desolating this once flourishing continent. 

South Africa’s World Heritage Sites, Evolution, and the Facts of DNA-Analysis

All true communists come from masonic orders, and are devoutly anti-creation and anti-God, (speaking of the God of the Bible,) because, according to the Bible, they are blue-blooded evolutionist witches, (1 Sam. 15:22-23.)  While God Himself states that all human beings were created “in the image of God” Who is the Almighty Creator, creation-confused evolutionists proudly refer to Africa and to South Africa in particular as “The Cradle of Humankind.”  They offensively allege that the ‘birthplace’ of humanity as ape-like creatures was in the region of Middle East Africa, where scientists and South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Government suppose, the process of human ‘evolution’ began ‘billions of years ago.’  They say that from there, “ape-men” dispersed all over Africa, as allegedly ‘proved’ by the South African ‘finds’ of  the “ape-like creatures” Mrs. Pless and Homo Naledi.  (This is a cruel joke on women.  They are called by female names because in masonic thought, women were created as animals, while they were actually created in “the image of God” according to Genesis 1:27-28.)  It is completely unscientific to believe that human beings were apes, as no species can ever turn into a completely different species, and I find that allegation offensive and completely unacceptable. 

Confusingly, evolutionists also declare that all humanity stem from a single “ape-like” female, whom they identified as ‘Mitochondrial Eve.’ Well, if humankind could have ‘evolved’ from a single cell, which, they say, evolved into a fish that ‘left the sea billions of years ago,’ which evolved into a lizard, which evolved into an ape, which evolved into an ape-like ‘mother’ called “Mitochondrial Eve,” why can’t scientists find a trace of animal DNA in humanity’s ancestry

In addition, having supposedly found Eve, where do they think Old ‘Mitochondrial’ Adam came from? 

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