· The Slave-trading Songhai, Mali, and Dendi Empires 

·   The Egyptian, Arab, Indian, and Oriental Slave Trade 

·   The European Slave Trade

· Slaves without Jesus carried a Generational Curse to the New World 

· Haiti is a classical example of that curse 



·   Venomous swarms of perverted locusts overrun these last days 




The Slave-trading Songhai, Mali, and Dendi Empires

When Europeans first set foot on the West Coast of Africa, slavery was already rampant among the different kingdoms and tribes of the region.  During 1230 A.D. and 1600 A.D., imperialist African kings continually made war on one another to extend their kingdoms; abducting thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children from other African tribes and kingdoms to keep as slaves.  During that time, the Songhai, Mali, and Dendi Empires divided the land into different domains, which they then further divided into kingdoms and tribal provinces; ruling much of Africa by an iron-fisted replica of the commoner-serf Feudal System of Old Europe. 

The Egyptian, Arab, Indian, and Oriental Slave Trade

The slave-trading histories of Egypt, Israel, (e.g., the slave and sex monger King Solomon,) and the Roman Empire are legendary, but during that time, no one took notice of the fact that they were all committing gross crimes against humanity.  Among the well-known slave systems of ancient times, the Biblical accounts of Joseph, (sold as a slave to the Ishmaelite, who brought him to Egypt,) and the narrative of the entire Hebrew nation that served the Egyptians for 400 years, remain the best known, (Acts 7:6.) 

A piece of Africa’s less-known history is the Arab, Indian, and Oriental slave trades.  From about 610 A.D., shortly after Mohammed brought the Islamic religion into being, the Muslim or Ottoman Empire openly joined the Indian and Oriental ‘trickle-trade’ and began to plunder the vulnerable population of Africa on a massive scale.  Wikipedia reported, “Muslim Arabs took an estimated 10 million Africans via the Eastern route to India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and via the Trans-Saharan route to North Africa and the Mediterranean, where in slave markets such as Ceuta and Morocco, Africans were purchased as servants for the Roman Empire, Spain, Portugal, and other European countries.” Considering that the earth’s entire population was only about 300 million in 1350 A.D., these numbers were huge! 

Unlike Europeans, the Arabs did not have to load their human cargo on ships to cart them off to far away countries.  They simply bound them together to herd them through Africa’s dense forests, over her cloudy mountains, and across her merciless Sahara desert.  The suffering and loss of life would have been tremendous.  However, in the corrupt minds of those slave traders, ‘human gold’ was always in huge supply. 

The European Slave Trade

In 1499, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, in search of minerals and ivory, became the first European to sail to Africa.  Familiar with the commoner-serf slavery that governed Europe in the form of their notorious Feudal System, Da Gama indulged in the already well-established practice of slavery in Africa without a single thought to moral conscience.  This was the start of the notorious European slave trade, which established and ran the incredibly wealthy sugar-trade on the Caribbean islands and in Portuguese Brazil.

Other countries such as Spain, Great Britain, France, Holland, and America soon joined the profitable trade of human trafficking.  They captured slaves, but also bought thousands more from Arab, Indian, Asian, and African slave traders, which they carried away on their dreadful sail ships. 

Conditions on those trips across the vast Oceans were extremely cruel.  It is said that traders overcrowded the ships with slaves, whom they chained to their rowing bunkers without loosening them until they reached port.  It is alleged that from such terribly insanitary conditions, a lack of drinking water, food, exhaustion, disease, and exposure to the elements, at least half of their human cargo died and lay rotting, still chained to the others for the whole duration of their perilous journey across the sea.  Practically, however, this does not seem viable.  Why would the slave masters willfully murder half of their cargo in “human gold,” and also, they could have dumped the corpses overboard instead of exposing the rest of their “cargo” and themselves to such extremely hazardous conditions.  It would have been senseless to risk losing their entire valuable ‘cargo’ by not attending to their living conditions — not to mention the fact that their buyers would not have been impressed with their rotten ‘cargo’ when they reached port. 

Nonetheless, those trips must have been torturous for their abductees on all levels of life.  More than a million slaves, (the exact number remains pure speculation,) survived to face the forced labor, torture, and rape of their cruel ‘masters.’  To be fair, however, while there were most certainly cruel sadists among them, it is also known that many Europeans treated their slaves humanely; although the awful practice of slavery cannot be justified either way.


Sorrowfully, the slave trading clergies of Catholic and Protestant church systems, (just as the pagans, who sacrificed to strange gods,) remained oblivious to the reality of the curse, which God proclaimed in Exodus 20:5-6, “[You shall have no other gods before Me…] for I Am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who [unrepentantly] hate Me, [all those who are not personally and Scripturally born again through faith in, and Moral-Law obedience to Jesus,]” (1 Jn. 5:19.)  Those abducted, maltreated African slaves were indeed the victims of the political wealth-and-power struggle between medieval imperial powers, but they did not remain helpless and innocent for long. 

During medieval times, the witchcraft of Catholicism, Calvinism, and Lutheran religions cloaked the true Gospel of the Bible almost entirely.  Without the true Gospel of the Bondage Breaker, the Lord Jesus Christ, those African slaves could not turn to Him in their great need, and so, they carried their ancestor witchcraft with them to the ‘new world.’  There, they slipped even further away from the True God, joining their religious practices with the diabolical rituals of the indigenous peoples.  In time, they added this deadly brew to the witchcraft of Catholicism and Protestantism, which the Christian papacy and Protestant clergies, in turn, derived from pagan religions such as Druidism, blended with certain Biblical Scriptures.  Eventually, those miscellaneous mixtures of cultures and religions resulted in powerful satanic religions such as Voodoo, Obeah, Candomblé, Quimbanda, and Santeria.  Just as in African witchcraft, those ‘new’ religions also involved possession by spirits, blood and other sacrifices to Satan, ritual drumming, trance dancing, etcetera.  As the darkness over the slave-inhabited islands and other European colonies deepened and spread, God’s curse of destruction, (as described in Deuteronomy chapter 28,) infiltrated every area of cultural and social life.  Eventually, this resulted in generations of people being continually victimized by over-population, incredible poverty, domestic violence, and political chaos, as still witnessed today in the many vastly over-exploited and severely troubled, communist countries across the globe.

Through European and American imperialism and their horrendous practice of slavery, Satan was readying the world for the global chaos of communism – and the eventual worldwide control of the one world government of real, Scriptural end-time antichrist.  It remains logic that the globalization of socialism would not have been possible if it had not been for the oppression of European imperial colonialism and their ungodly practice of slavery.  Without an oppressor, there cannot be a fight for freedom.  Even where the fight for freedom was ‘won’ hundreds of years ago, (like in Haiti,) the communist slogan, ‘Constant revolution globally!’ still remains part of everyday life. 

Haiti is a Classic Example of that Generational Curse for those without Jesus

Neither the sins of enslaving colonialists, nor the sins of communist instigators and dictators will remain unpunished, for God declared, “He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword, [murder not self-defense,] must be killed with the sword…” (Rev. 13:10.)  To prove that God means what He says in His Word and that generational curses are real for those who “hate Him,” (not blessed born again believers, Gal. 3:10-14,) we need only to look at Haiti, where colonialists enforced slavery centuries ago.  Today, Haiti embodies the history and circumstances of nearly all the modern communist countries, which communist dictators brutally terrorized from the crushing grip of colonialists. 

The Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus, (also named in modern history books as a great Roman Catholic crusader-butcher and exporter of the slave trade,) as all his religious counterparts, (Lutheran and Calvinist Protestants as well,) saw slavery and the plunder of mineral and other wealth from foreign countries as his ‘divine right.’  This so-called ‘divine right’ gave Columbus the mandate to commit all those crimes against God and humanity for the sake of Roman Catholic ‘salvation,’ thereby glorifying the pope and the Roman Catholic king of Spain.  He actually had the nerve to write, “God constitutes treasures, [such as human slaves,] and he who possesses it has all he needs in this world - as also the means of rescuing souls from Purgatory, [the so-called ‘temporal hell’ of Roman Catholicism] and restoring them to the enjoyment of Paradise [or the so-called “kingdom of god here one earth.]” 

In 1495, in the name of god, (the pope,) king, and the Roman Catholic church, Columbus claimed Haiti for Spain.  Haiti is a large island in the West Atlantic Ocean, and at the time, it was inhabited by the Taino people.  Columbus left behind a few members of his crew “to keep order” until he could return with more European settlers.  However, the Taino people murdered the crewmembers and regained in control of the island.  In revenge, Columbus convinced the Spanish crown to enslave the Taino people to colonial rule.  During the next two centuries, renegade pirates and European diseases to which the local people had no immunity, took a great toll on the Taino people. 

In 1664, the French West India Company conquered the Spanish and renamed Haiti to “Saint Dominguez.”  The French imported thousands of African slaves to grow their sugar, cacao, cotton, and tobacco in that tropical climate; turning the island into one of the wealthiest colonies in the West Indies.  During that time of colonial prosperity, great numbers of maltreated African slaves fled into the overgrown tropical mountains.  There they mingled with Taino escapees and the outcasts of Spanish/French/African decent, until an enormous number of colored people populated the island.  Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia explained what happened in the spiritual realm during that time, “African culture remained strong among slaves to the end of French rule, [but then they began to practice] the folk religion of Voodoo, which they [derived from] Catholic liturgy and ritual, [Mary worship,] and the beliefs and practices of Guinea, Congo, and Dahomey.”

Gods of War Destroyed Haiti

The continual oppression of Spanish and French imperialists triggered ongoing acts of revenge from thousands of runaway slaves under the instigation of bloodthirsty Voodoo priests and early French communist instigators.  After much ritual blood sacrifice, and the resultant possession by warring demons, Voodooists burned plantations, inhumanely torturing and murdering the French settlers - followed by merciless witch hunts from the French authorities.  This non-white on white, white on non-white violence continued until full-scale civil war erupted on Saint Dominguez with the outbreak of the French Revolution.  In 1793, once illuminist Napoleon had established his merciless and most bloody coup d'état in France, he proclaimed freedom for slaves in all French colonies, which did not amuse Spain and Great Britain as all. 

Struggles between those imperial crowns and the island’s terrorist groups continued until 1804, when Haiti finally became independent.  However, no amount of blood could appease the gods of the Haitians anymore.  In true communist fashion worldwide, the so-called ‘democratically elected’ government of Haiti destroyed all colonial infrastructure through mismanagement and corruption, and impoverished the Haitians to the brink of starvation.  To mask their economic destruction and to justify their continual genocide, they kept on butchering Haiti’s white citizens until they could eventually declare, “We have repaid war for war, crime for crime, outrage for outrage.”  However, the gods of revolution and racial hatred still called for more blood, and so they turned to ‘affirmative action,’ finally dispossessing all remaining whites, and racially disowning even their colored citizens until all Haitians were labeled as “Black,” in spite of skin color. 

Alas, their bloodthirsty Voodoo gods were still not satisfied.  Year after year, the typical communist clambering for power and control by new ‘presidents for life’ escalated until it would be hard to count the despotic dictators, who have played their part in destroying this once pristine, prosperous island. 

To top all the many ills of Haiti, in the late 1800s, two presidents, continually at war with each other, divided the island into two different republics.  They did not implement slavery openly, but turned to a more subtle form of nationalization and slavery, similar to the Old European feudal system.  While they familiarized the people with despotic terms such as ‘Presidents for Life,’ they continued their communist chaos to starve and dispossess all the citizens of Haiti. 

In 1934, America occupied Haiti and rebuilt the island into a civilized country with a viable infrastructure of health, education, and agriculture, but in 1946, another military coup led to renewed corrupt, communist clambering.  Duvalier, the new dictator, legalized the religion of Voodoo with all its ritual blood sacrifice, kicking Haiti back into the bottomless abyss of social and economic collapse, while committing mass-murder on an estimated 30,000 Haitians.  In 1971, above accountability and reproach, Duvalier handed Haiti to his son, who vastly outdid the chaos of his despotic father.  Thirty years ago, his marriage ceremony to a divorcee cost the starving Haitian population a cool 3 million dollar!  Today, that is the equivalent of about 300 million US dollars!]  ‘President for Life’ after ‘President for Life’ followed, and each one continued to exterminate thousands upon thousands of uprising Haitians in cold blood.  Today, United Nations negotiations continue futilely, while the average deceived, blame-shifting Haitian voodooist still places all the blame for Haiti’s cursed state on the shuddering shoulders of every colonialist who ever lived. 


Demon Worship “As In Noah’s Day” Compares with the Charismatic/Pentecostal “UNHOLY Spirit Bartender” blasphemy

Most preachers prophesy a “Massive Worldwide Revival” because deceived church members are growing at a phenomenal pace!  However, Jesus Himself warned very seriously throughout Scripture, “Of the day and hour [of My return] no one knows, not even the angels of heaven...  But as the days of Noah were, so also will be the [days just before] the coming of the Son of Man…”  (Mt. 24:36-38.)  Nowhere in the Bible does either Jesus or any of the Bible writers say that there will be an ‘end time revival.’  On the contrary, the entire context of Biblical truth maintain the exact opposite! 

As usual, the verses that ‘end time revival’ teachers use, are taken entirely out of context and grossly twisted to justify this false doctrine.  In reality, Jesus and all the New Covenant writers said, “This time [will be typified by] the rising of many false ‘christs,’ doing great signs and miracles to deceive many!”  Jesus strictly warned, “I have told you beforehand… Do not believe them and do not go out to them.”  The signs and miracles they manifest in churches are as evil as those in the days of Noah!  [Read Matthew 24:23-27 and all relating passages — read the entire New Testament!] 

Jesus was not speaking of evil in general, which is bad enough.  He was referring to the explosion of a particular kind of pantheist, masonic evil that controlled the people during the height of religious rule in ancient Babylonia.  A strange kind of witchcraft that so thoroughly captured the entire earth, “God saw that every intent of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually, and the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.” 

According to Jesus Himself, our time now exemplify that ancient evil.  This is so because during Noah’s pre-flood era, humanity became so intricately involved with the devil; they so deeply desired his “signs and wonders” that they went to greater and greater extremes to gain demonic power to become “giants on the earth; mighty men of renown.” 

Turning away from their Creator while clinging to their religious façade, they even unified themselves with fallen angels - not only spiritually and emotionally, but physically as well, (Gen. 6; Jude v. 6-7; 2 Pt. 2:1-6.)  Some say this is impossible on a physical level; it is mere myth and superstition, but contextual Scripture clearly state this fact, and those in the occult have practiced those perversions throughout history.  Just as in the days of Noah, they “sought after strange flesh,” as spiritual and sexual perversion among humans and other earthly species could not satisfy their growing desire to ridicule God.  During ritual trance prayer and erotic dancing, they combined their mad, erotic lusts to worship Satan with blood sacrifice, drug abuse, and shameless temple prostitution to create ultimate acts of spiritual, emotional,  and sexual union with demons.  This perversion so greatly displeased God that He destroyed the entire earth with water. 

Sadly, not barefaced occultists only, but church clergy such as Promise Keeper Rodney Howard Brown and Company are allegedly causing a worldwide revival with the same type of ‘signs, wonders,’ and demonic power that ultimately crushed the perverted people of Noah’s days under the mighty waves of God’s wrath. 

Just a superficial look at their masonic Promise Keepers dogmas and demonic behavior makes it plain that they have gone to great Babylonian extremes to gain their “power,” as evidenced in modern churches when those “unholy spirit bartenders” pour their drunken spiritual chaos or kundalini/serpent power into Jesus’ blood-redeemed believers.  Misquoting one particular verse in Ephesians 5, they do exactly what God forbade in this passage and in the whole Bible when He said, “Do not get drunk [at all,] in which is dissipation, but [do the opposite and] be filled with the [true] Holy Spirit: speaking to one another in psalms… giving thanks always…  Submitting to one another [in everything good and Godly…’ For] foolish talk and coarse jesting should not even the named among you, as is fitting for saints…  Walk watchfully, [carefully,] not as fools but as wise…  Understand what the will of the Lord [really] is…” (Eph. 5:1-21.) 

Venomous Swarms of Perverted Locusts Overrun these Last Days

The pre-flood fallen angels, who injected humanity with a deadly kind of toxin, went beyond ‘normal’ sin to commit heinous crimes against God’s creation and creatures.  For this grave transgression, those demons were “cast down to hell and delivered into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment,” that day when God “did not spare the ancient world, but saved only eight people through water...”  Through the millennia, the rest of Satan’s demons continued to deceive humans; focusing on God’s children by using “false teachers, who secretly brought in destructive heresies,” (2 Pt. 2:1 KJV.)  God always restricted those ‘venomous’ creatures in various ways.  However, due to humanity’s deliberate proliferation of sin now during the end of days, God granted their ancient comrades ‘parole’ to intensify their flood of filth and deception on the earth!  The days we are living in, just as in the ‘days of Noah,’ typify humanity’s most intimate relations of the worst kind with Satan and demons ! 

John described the release of this particular type of evil in Revelation chapter 9, “And I saw and angel who had the key to the bottomless pit…  He opened the pit, and smoke arose… so the sun and air were darkened…  Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth.  To them was given power as the [venomous] scorpions of the earth have power…” 

Demons straight from the pit of hell, as many as swarms of locusts that darken the sun, have descended upon the inhabitants of the earth during our time.  Those swarms of demons will eventually blot out all spiritual light that might shine on fallen, lost humanity, who are all under the deception of the evil one, (1 Jn. 5:19.)  As swarms of locusts unstoppably devour every grain of sustenance in their way, in the long run, these demonic beings will devour everything that sustains life physically, and also all truth, Godly love, and moral justice through humans on the earth. 

Like scorpions, those spiritual, devouring locusts carry powerful ‘venom.’  The difference between poison and venom is that poison needs to be absorbed through the skin or stomach.  Venom, on the other hand, is injected under the skin to enter the bloodstream, like the sting of a scorpion or the bite of a spider.  This symbolizes a special, evil relationship with Satan and his demons.  Those deadly ‘insects’ are a strange, anti-creational, debased species; something unfamiliar to God’s creation and the spirit world, like the fallen angels of Noah’s days were.  And this time, that distortion of God’s creation represent Satan’s full-blown destruction on humanity through mass mayhem, mass deception, and a complete lack of morality; unparalleled “since the days of Noah.”  Almost all of humanity will be spiritually destroyed – all those whose names are not ‘written in the Lamb’s Book of Life’ will perish.  “…Woe to the inhabitants of the earth… for the devil has come down to you with great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time,”  (Rev. 3:5; 12:12; chapter 13.)  

In Matthew chapter 24, the disciples asked Jesus, “What will be the [most important] sign of Your coming and the end of this world?”  Then Jesus gave them two of the greatest signs of the times.  He said, “Take heed, [be careful, watch,] that no one deceives you, for many false prophets will deceive many…  [But to counteract this incredible global deception,] the [true] Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world…  Then the end will come,” (Mt. 24:11-14.) 

According to Jesus’ prophecy, apart from the other signs that He mentions in Matthew chapter 24, Luke 17 and 21, and Mark 13, two counteracting signs prove this is the end of the end: global deception and true, global Evangelization! 

Since the dawn of the second century A.D., false church teachings, norms, and forms dimmed and diminished the spiritual light of Jesus’ real Gospel.  However, during the last two centuries, in an outburst of cultic activity not experienced ‘since the days of Noah,’ almost countless Christian deceptions have seized the world in an attempt to smother the truth of Scripture completely. 

However, praise God, for while those devouring “locusts with poison like scorpions” are injecting their venom of deception and satanic immorality on a global scale, the Real Holy Spirit of the Bible is opening doors for Jesus’ Real Gospel to be preached through the whole world! 

This genuine revival through God’s Scriptural truth in the hearts, minds, and lives of true believers, has nothing in common with the false, chaotic ‘revival of “unholy spirit bartenders.”  It is a quiet, supernatural work straight from heaven in authentic Holy Spirit power, and accomplished by the preaching of His true Word through all the sincere, humble disciples of Christ!  (Acts 1:8; Mt. 28:18-20.) 

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