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¨ Stop hiding the shame they caused and shifted unto you; they brainwashed you to cover and carry their destruction. 

¨ Stop confronting “impossible people” such as narcissists in search of sanity, morality, and closure; you are playing into their hands to harm you.  You cannot communicate with geniuses who use false and distorted reasoning, projection, and blame shifting to push you into their boxing rings of darkness where they knock the living daylights out of you.  They are “high conflict” pervertors who will use everything you say against you.  Whatever you say about their behavior, is exactly what they will make you into openly, and to everyone else behind your back.  And what you told them in confidence, they will always twist and use against you. 

¨ Stop believing you are mean, nasty, selfish, silly, or jealous; they assume entitlement or the right to molest children, fornicate, adulterate, violate, ravage, deceive, steal, etcetera, and lead double lives “just because they can.” 

¨ Stop believing you are guilty and unfair when you set boundaries; they play mind games with you to keep you in a state of confusion and deception.  And don’t think they will honor any boundaries, they do exactly as they please. 

¨ Stop believing you are the crazy one; they bamboozle you by distorting truth, and misplacing and moving your stuff

¨ Stop blaming other people for what ‘happened’ and things that disappeared; they are clever saboteurs that make you overlook their infidelity and inconceivable, underhanded devastation to create enmity between you and you loved ones.    

¨ Stop believing “you are so disturbed you assault, provoke, cheat, hurt, taunt, and aggressively make fun of yourself.”  Everything they do is very real and intentional to blur your perceptions and make you believe you are losing your mind.

¨ Stop thinking your are disturbed to feel trapped;  they always inspect and control your whole life to keep you hostage.

¨ Stop believing you are alone; they deliberately and systematically isolate you from all your support systems. 

¨ Stop believing their false accusations and think you are confused and stupid because you cannot understand what they are doing to you.  They are stealthy masterminds that want to possess your mind to reflect their shame unto you

¨ Stop thinking there is something wrong with you as they supposedly cannot smell stench or taste bad food or something similar; they have desensitized themselves to consume everything dirty and commit every despicable, indecent act.

¨ Stop thinking you are haunted by ‘other’ people; they derive their ‘sixth-sense’ and cunning abilities from demons.

¨ Stop thinking you can discover a means to win against them.  Believe what God commanded in Proverbs 22:10, “The scoffer must be cast out for the contention, strife, and reproach to cease.”  By disengaging and going completely emotionless toward them as far as possible, you are separating yourself spiritually and emotionally from their provocation and control.  This is the only way to deprive them of their mad greed for ‘power, vitality, and vigour.’ 

¨ Stop being helpless and hopeless; also flee physically if you can.  Jesus suffered, died, and was resurrected to set you free.  This is what He is doing right now by “renewing your mind” with the truth of this physically indissolvable situation in which you find yourself, (Rom. 12:1-2.)  Understanding what narcissist psychopaths have deliberately and methodically been doing to you, is the beginning of complete freedom from them. 

¨ Stop beating yourself up for falling under their spell and secret theft of everything; beginning with your life, trust, love, family, work, finances, etcetera.  They are constantly committing emotional and physical murder on you, (e.g., undermining your sanity and meticulously dismantling your health.)  Jesus warned, “The devil [only comes] to steal, murder, and destroy…  [Do not fool yourself. Those who remorselessly persist in these satanic tendencies] are of their father the devil, and his desires they choose to [unrepentantly] do,” (Jn. 10:10; 8:44.)  Jesus actually called these thieves, murderers, and destroyers “Satanists,” because they could not and cannot do such secret and obvious harm for so long and get away with it, unless they are possessed by evil forces.  What’s more, they are such perfect pretenders, no human could know who really lives inside them.  God explained in 1 Corinthians 2:11, “What [human being] knows a man’s thoughts except the spirit of the man, [his own human spirit,] which is in him?” 



The emotionally and physically “in control” narcissist   

There are uninformed people who minimize and even nullify the suffering of narcissistic abuse by saying narcissism merely exists in bouts of superficial, selfish behavior.  It is allegedly not the dangerous personality disorder that psychologists define it to be.  Well, the scary part is that narcissists are brilliant shape-shifters that can choose to alternate between life-threatening rages and complete control of their emotions, decisions, and actions.  When they choose not to dominate by  yelling, swearing, assault, provocation, and other violence but by controlled emotion and calmness, nothing can anger them while they laugh themselves into stitches to see their victims squirm in fury and frustration. 

One thing is certain.  If something outright demonic such as the non-stop torture and secret corruption of narcissists enter the scene, relationships with them become impossible.  Narcissists can be ‘composed,’ ‘caring,’ ‘pleasant,’ ‘tender-hearted,’ ‘helpful,’ ‘loving’ masterminds of both genders, who choose to subliminally exert ultimate domination over their trusting, helpless victims once they have them in their power.   This is satanic evil in power mode. 

Either grandiosely, (overtly, flamboyantly, or openly,) or covertly, (secretly and underhandedly,) or in combination of both, narcissists distort the truth and context of situations to undermine their victims psychologically and physically to dismantle their sanity and lives.  The most dangerous snakes are those that lie in wait, such as so-called ‘passive aggressive’ or ‘cold and aloof,’ covert narcissists.  Behind their perfect camouflage of goodness and so-called sophistication hides an arrogant, entitled, disturbed being; consumed by self-interest.  Even worse, they can effortlessly pretend religiosity and put up holy faces that shame the angels.  But “do what thou willst” is the whole of their law, just as in all other forms of Satanism.   

¨ When you interact with a narcissist, or actually a psychopath without conscience, you are facing off with the brilliance of Satan.  He outwardly pretends to be the ‘good’ angel but inwardly, he is driven by everything false and foul.  Thus, they never do anything good without the intention of using it for bad to glorify themselves.  They are incapable of sincerity and fidelity, and they never speak the truth about anything except to deceive, and destroy trust and relationships.  Narcissists effortlessly pretend selflessness and humility, but they will never ask forgiveness except to fool people.  Their lives are networks of secret agendas and dirty deeds to incarcerate the unwary in their toxicity


It is a great miracle to escape narcissistic abuse 

Many people testify that they have been under the deliberate, escalating intimidation of narcissistic abuse for nearly all their lives, because this is not a death-trap narcissists allow them to escape from.  Although the abused sincerely and wholeheartedly marry, love, and honestly try to help their troubled “loved ones,” victims must realize they will always remain mere conveniences and utensils to narcissistsNarcissists live to exploit all vulnerabilities, goodness, and innocence.  The more they can flatten and trample their unsuspecting victims, the more powerful they think they become. 

¨ Narcissism is incurable because these unhinged people choose to never learn from their mistakes.  Thus, they never change.  They might pretend otherwise as usual, but they actually deny all responsibility and accountability because they adore themselves for ruling their victims as “gods,” not merely as deliberately destructive human beings.  Although narcissists easily pretend to be “God’s saved children,” their premeditated bad behavior glorifies them to such and extent that they place themselves beyond all guilt, liability — and reproach.  They never tolerate being questioned. 

The insatiable greed of narcissists for more and more power and control manifests in swallowing everything and everyone whole.  Proverbs 30:15 explains their self-serving greed as follows, “The leech [or male or female harlot] has two daughters, Give and Give… [for nothing and nobody will ever satisfy them or] be enough!” 

Multilevel endangerment and endless torture summarize the lives of the victims of narcissists.  The secret lives of narcissists are based on disgrace, deception, blame-shifting, projection, and false accusation

¨ Their double lives are so extensive it is impossible to determine limits on their lives.  They are so resilient against resistance and discipline, there is nothing that can hinder them in growing in ungodliness.  Even incarceration, sickness,  accidents, exposure, rejection, and everything else, which would bring normal people who strayed from morality to their knees before God, only makes them stronger and more determined to do even greater evil.  


Foolish Commitments to Narcissists are Uninformed, Foolish Faith

Sincere disciples of Jesus Christ will always strive to live by the Truth of His Word and in obedience to His Moral Law.  So, according to His Word, they usually confront, plead, bargain, submit, withstand, fight, endure, and forgive a “million” times through the years; always in the hope that God can change anyone, and that the abuse will end sooner or later. Sadly, that is uninformed, foolish faith. Commitment to overcome and resolve their abuse is exactly what narcissists want

¨ Victims hardly ever suspect that they are merely an abundant “supply” of attention that feeds the self-perceived ‘invincibleness and magnificence’ of these demoniacs.  To deceive and control, narcissists will even grovel and cry a river of tears when there is no other outcome, but their “regret” and promises always turn up empty

Narcissistic abuse is multi-tiered because they are out to gradually destroy their victims.  They especially target their spiritual lives as their nonstop torture is designed to push victims into a desperate, faithless state far away from God.  So don’t be surprised to find that while you were battling death in hospital and praying for them in church, they were watching pornography and indulging in orgies in your home – which they will deny until That Day when Jesus returns


Narcissists are secret Satanists as Jesus said in John 8:44; it's the only way they can continue in such filth

Narcissists are not ‘ordinary,’ hapless criminals.  Powered by strong demons, they have a “sixth sense” that protects them, helps them hide their sin, and makes them remain in control of chaotic situations. They don’t have to learn their extremely complicated and underhanded behaviors.  The demons that indwell them empower and lead them

Thus, it is not unusual that victims are harassed by demons that keep them awake at night, etcetera.  It often ceases when they please their abusers and manifest in various ways when they displease them.  Victims do not recognize this until God reveals it to them.  They usually think the weird things they experience are coincidence or done by ‘other’ people who hate them.  But although narcissists might even pretend to be born again believers, they are actually secret Satanists that use demons to do their dirty work and attack and harass their victims from the spirit world. 


Narcissistic abuse is a hilarious game to them

Disrespecting and invalidating their victims as human, they destroy their emotions and lives as part of their lifelong, hilarious game.  To constantly puff themselves, they smugly make it their mission to secretly cheat, confuse, and coerce their victims. (Coercion is to psychologically intimidate victims to obey their will.)  The more confusion and chaos they commit, the more majestic they feel.  They become ecstatic when they can, mostly secretly but also in public if they so choose, inflict pain and humiliation on their victims to then stand down and watch them suffer.  It is inconceivable but true that they view the devastation on the souls, personhood, names, and lives of their victims as private entertainment and self-empowerment.  They sadistically vampirize or feed off the suffering and desperate reaction of their victims, which stimulate their self-worship and increase the cruelty of their overt and underhanded destruction. 

¨ Narcissists study their chosen victims beforehand to exploit vulnerabilities and opportunities such as the added ‘advantage’ of also getting to the other members in the families such as the little girls, before they ensnare them with their initial “niceness.”  They speak the language of their victims fluently, which is part of this great game.  To arouse the empathy and loyalty of their victims, they perfectly act the part of victim to get real victims to identify with them.  They take great delight in becoming best friends, companions, and lovers, while they do not mean a word they say. 

Wherever they see intelligence, potential, innocence, and beauty, they will strike.  They are so clever and manipulative that, especially in the beginning, their victims cannot recognize their exploitation and crimes such as conning, cheating, and adultery as abuse.  Duped by tearful apologies, lame excuses, and false promises, victims easily discard serious narcissist scams, which were intentionally designed to get to their souls, lives, families, work, and money.  And most treacherously, deceived victims also overlook initial outbursts of narcissistic rage as precursors to a lifetime of suffering and multilevel endangerment. 


The abused only function freely as long as narcissists allow them to keep on smiling through buckets full of tears

The greater the challenge, the greater the satisfaction of narcissists to gain the upper hand and to bring victims into submission to them.  Once that is achieved, they stealthily obliterate their victims.  They will only allow their captives to function freely as long as they can bring them more and more prestige and glory — which always remain under narcissist control.  As soon as victims become too independent to their liking, they will “put them in their place.”  Once the nastiness of narcissism starts revealing its ugly face from behind the ‘pleasant’ personality façade, it becomes apparent that no amount of reasoning, patience, fighting, or care can reach the controlling monster within. 

Þ Yet, narcissists always manipulate their victims to focus on, and hope for the rise of the “pleasant” person so that some form of normality can come to their lives.  But the person on whom victims must focus, is the monster.  The monster is the narcissist, not the pretence of pleasantness.  The monster will always surface again, when and how narcissists choose to manifest it.  It was so from the very beginning when they began to go after their victims; they just pretended to be nice and trustworthy.


As all other abusers, narcissists ‘become the victims’ 

Narcissism can reveal itself through parents, spouses, children, friends, extended family, and people in authority such as employers and teachers, but the victims whom it most severely affects are those closest to these demoniacs. 

¨ When confronted, angered, or cornered, narcissists will pretend to be the abused victims of their captives to gain  support through the misplaced sympathy of more potential prisoners.  They will also force their victims to bow to their dictates with vast smear campaigns, full-out isolation, and the rejection of everyone they know and cherish

Mostly, only their victims know about some of the crimes these demoniacs unrepentantly commit.  Always seeking to justify the “shortcomings” of the narcissist, the abused hardly ever identify any particular destruction as deliberate vindictiveness. (E.g., narcissists allegedly weren’t passionately chasing after potential sex partners to commit serial adultery all of their married lives; it was forced on them on a silver platter!)  Unless the severity and extent of narcissism is explained to victims, they might never begin to understand the terrible danger they were, and are facing through them. 

¨ It is, therefore, not uncommon that spouses may only after nearly a whole lifetime discover that narcissists never desired them, respected them, were faithful to them, or loved them.  Instead, without their knowledge and consent, narcissists forced their victims to share their covert lives of deception, serial adultery, venereal disease, child molestation, alcoholism and drug addiction, destruction of friendships, families, finances, etcetera.  The sick goal of all this covert control was and will always be to feed their demented minds to sustain their double lives without fear, regret, or a thought to conscience or consequence

Þ One of the severe affects of this multilevel abuse is that narcissists compel their victims, especially their spouses and children, to continuously stay in a combination of fight and flight mode.  The goal of narcissists is to, either way, wear all resistance down.  The result is that it depletes their victims emotionally, while it slowly demolishes their physical health, family and other relationships, work, personalities — and even their faith in God! 


The treacherous mind games narcissists play to devaluate their victims and get away with everything 

When narcissists are certain they have their victims firmly in their grip and they do not have a way of escape, they  begin to wildly escalate their cruel technique called gaslighting.  They achieve this subtle form of mind control by confusing facts and reality to such an extend that they cause their victims to doubt their own sanity, and even their motives to confront the so-called “non-existent” narcissistic abuse.  For instance, they sabotage, steal, hide, or move their victim’s belongings such as keys, clothing, furniture, and even the cutlery.  And they will destroy their victims’ work, spit in their food and coffee, poison their water, dip their toothbrushes in the toilet, and make things like groceries disappear en masse.  They also confusingly make things disappear and reappear to make their victims believe they are totally crazy. 

¨ When confronted, they will aggressively shout, swear, and assault their victims because “It’s all about them (the victims,) the stories they make up, and their unforgiveness and hatred!”  They then accuse their victims of “losing their sick minds;” calling the victims “demon possessed, stupid, worthless, and senseless,” and state they are “tired of all their false accusations,” “the manufacture of facts,” “playing god over them,” “treating them like children,” and “trying  to think for them!”  E.g., “It’s all your fault!  If you say ‘jump!’ I must say ‘how high?’  You are not god!”

Whatever victims expect from narcissists, is exactly what they will never get.  For instance, if victims expect respect, love, fidelity, safety, truth, honesty, repentance, and support, they might get a pretence of that to momentarily set them at ease.  But what they will really get is disrespect, invalidation, infidelity, reckless endangerment, treason, and no support. 

¨ The mind games of narcissists include many cruel methods to make their victims believe they are “worthless” to everyone. In family and other meetings, they will also pick on certain children and other vulnerable people to maliciously mock and tease them, and joke about their shortcomings and soft-spots.  They will support people who harm their victims and never take any real interest in what is important to their spouses and families; deliberately betraying their own.  If they should boast about anyone else’s accomplishment, it is only because they associate with their successes to promote themselves

¨ They will automatically contradict what their victims say to make them liars, especially in front of other people.  They will passively ignore and deliberately misinterpret facts and requests.  They will either take over or refuse to get involved in important matters like the children’s school sports, prize giving events, and other family interests.  And every confrontation that demands change or sincere participation, will be met with totally illogic arguments, yelling, foul language, violent assaults, and false accusations.  To them, offense is always the best defence.  To deeply shame their spouses, children, and parents with their bad behavior, especially in public, gives them great satisfaction. 

¨ Narcissists also pretend they did not or cannot hear or understand their victims.  Thus, they will constantly make their victims repeat themselves and explain the same issue over and over again without ever getting through to them.  This technique to provoke and illogically argue is also reserved for the abused.  It is all part of demonstrating their power and making them feel in control and important.  Of course, this is another twist on their hilarious game to make their victims helplessly squeal with frustration.  So, everything victims must do in conjunction with the abused, such as filling out tax returns, is manipulated into terrible arguments to invalidate their input, which give narcissists reason to swear, threaten, and assault them. 

¨ They will also punish their victims for withstanding and confronting their so-called ‘illogic stupidity’ by hurling dehumanizing phrases and swearwords at them, and by throwing their clean washing in the trash.  They also throw dangerous objects such as ornaments, lamps, couch cushions, fruit such as oranges, and other dangerous objects into their faces, repeatedly slap them in the head because they are so stupid, damage their property, and turn their God-given work, relationships, gifts, intelligence, and lives into rubbish

Although they can be very punctual, narcissists will often make their victims wait extensively before showing up for an appointment, or to return from work, shopping, etcetera, while aggressively denying they are extremely late.  They do all this to live their double lives and to make their victims believe they, (the victims,) are nasty, clingy, and jealous.  In this way, they also distort their victims’ perception of time and space, and their sanity and sanctity.  Then out of the blue, serial adulterating narcissists, knowing very well that their spouses suspect their underhanded crimes, (which are nearly impossible to prove because they are so sneaky and manipulative,) will cheerfully bring them chocolates and flowers, revelling in the so-called “knowledge” of how genius they are to destroy the trust and self-worth of their spouses. 

Þ Facts and proof mean nothing to narcissists.  For instance, if they give their spouses venereal disease, they will, highly offended, make the doctors and laboratory technicians into liars for proving that they, the narcissists, are the culprits.  And they will either blame their victims or force them to accept that one gets The Clap from toilets.  If spouses push the issue to get to the truth, narcissists will fly off into a denying, violent rampage to put the issue down. 

Þ Narcissists would rather murder than acknowledge, confess, and repent from their terrible crimes.  What’s more, narcissists always shape-shift into masterful actors  to play the victim when their sins are confronted.  Someone said, “They will never talk about what they did to harm you; only how ‘insanely’ you react to their ‘unintentional mistakes.’”  Thus, they chronically lie by omission of, addition to, and twisting of the truth; manufacturing their own ‘truth’ as they go along — and blaming you to do exactly that to accuse them innocently! 

To live their completely double lives, narcissists baffle the minds of their victims to keep them subdued and guessing.  Most victims never realize that the aim of all the suffering is the utter destruction of their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives.  In fact, narcissists target their victims for their entire lives, or for as long as they can exercise their authority over them without them knowing who they really are and what they are actually doing. 

¨ Once they are called out, the gloves are off.  They will execute inhumane smear campaigns, contrived ‘truths,’ and dangerous distortions of facts and things that were told in confidence, to disarm and bring their victims into disrepute.  Whatever their victims say, they will turn around and tell everyone that is exactly what their victims did to them

¨ The most common tactic of narcissists is to isolate their victims from their spouses, family, friends, and any type of support system.  This gives them a sense of invincibleness, because they are so clever they “always get away with everything.”  Thus, they force their victims into a state of utter loneliness, helplessness, and hopelessness. 

¨ Should victims commit suicide as a means of escape, it will blow the pride of narcissists sky-high and give them the satisfaction to believe they have achieved their ultimate mission to control their victims’ eternal destiny as well.