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peace, but now, she lost control of her.  Because Anna and apparently Peter too, broke off all connections to everyone involved with his mother, the only thing she now had to reach them, were the numbers of their landline and cell phones. 

Hence, Zeena deployed another strategy to harm and harass them.  She rang only three times from an unknown number to remind them that she was still watching and controlling them.  First on Peter’s phone, then immediately on Anna’s, and then immediately on the landline.  The more they ignored the calls, the more she called — even twenty times in succession in a single day.  If they answered, she quickly rang off.  She was playing another demented game with the intention of  driving them crazy, without any intention to ever stop her destruction of their lives, or search for peace. 

They could not change their phone numbers, as crucial contacts as well as her and Peter’s business depended upon them.  They tried to lay charges against her to investigate a case of harassment, but without success.  They tried numerous ways to trace the unknown number to verify that it was her, but without success.  Anna even suspected it could have been a woman Peter was involved with, and this caused much trouble between them. 

Eventually, Anna made another decision.  Peter never really made a clear stand against his mad mother.  So, Anna convinced him to write her a letter and to put it in her postbox, stating that she had literally thousands of opportunities to repent and do restitution for the unspeakable damage they did to his life, but she refused every chance.  Therefore, she must stop calling him and never try to contact him again, or come near his house, his wife,  family, or any other area of his life.  He never wants to see her or hear from her again, and he will never talk to her again. 

Needless to say, the calls from the unknown number then reached an all-time high.  Zeena was now calling day and night as she was firmly in control of their phones.  She was proving to them she could enter into their lives as much and for as long as she pleased.  They had to switch off their phones to get some rest from her continuous pestering.  This affected their lives and their business in many ways.  But then, by the grace of God, ‘call block’ applications for phones became available to the man on the street, which put an end to that terrible trial. 



Anna hoped that peace would now finally descend upon her life.  However, while all these terrible things with her and Peter’s families were going on, she also had to deal with the complicated issues which Peter refused to lay down, even after he supposedly “came to the Lord” years ago.  His bad behavior was steadily growing worse.  Always willing to forgive and move forward, it took her nearly a lifetime to realize that Peter was still deliberately deceiving her, being unfaithful, and lying to her all the time.  He was not growing in Godliness — although he pretended to everyone that he was. 

¨ As if he were truly possessed, Peter began to openly show her that he would not keep his eyes and hands off other women either in private or in public.  Every time they went shopping together, visited a restaurant or anywhere else, he was publically shaming her by spitefully flirting with, and openly staring at every other woman he saw.  He was virtually committing adultery in front of her to deliberately humiliate her with every opportunity.  Each time she confronted him; and each time he simply made her into a “mad liar.”  When she refused to accept his provocation, the argument quickly exploded into shouting and swearing.  If she then continued to defy him, he effortlessly assaulted her to put the issue down.  But as Anna was determined to dissolve those horrible disputes, once he calmed down, she always began to reason with him again; explaining over and over how God’s sees such sin and what damage he was doing to her and their relationship.  But as if he was showing her there has never been a relationship between them and he cared neither about God nor about her, nothing could change his stance that he was her innocent victim and that she was “making up stories just to fight with him.”  He flatly refused to take responsibility for his abuse and said “he cannot even lift up his eyes in public without her swearing at him and attacking him!”  She kept on begging him to stop disrespecting her, and a few times he half-heartedly consented and promised to never do that again — until next time. 

Anna simply could not understand what was going on with Peter; except that he was decidedly sliding further and further away from God and from her.  That he was toying with her to make himself feel important and irresistible never entered her mind.  He was always a womanizer, but he did not make his hatred and rejection of her so obvious in times gone by.   

¨ Still, she forgave him all the time and tried to believe his devastating behavior was not intentional harm.  She most certainly was not possessive or jealous of him as she trusted him to be on the road every day, the whole day, to do his work wherever it took him, although his erratic behavior violated her expectations all the time. 

All she could really get out of him was that she was constantly accusing him falsely because she was “consumed by jealousy” and “severely mentally ill.”  He mockingly advised that she should seek psychiatric help before “she loses it completely.”  To add insult to injury, he most despicably kept on assaulting her verbally and physically, as he knew she was too ashamed to speak out, and had no one to protect her.  But every morning he would sit at his desk to read his Bible, and then write prayers on his notepad to God…


His refusal to repent from taking her to hell and back all the time, also forced Anna to accept the incomprehensible fact that Peter never loved her at all, as he was masterfully leading a double life for as long as she knew him.  He never kept a single moral promise to her.  He never learnt from his mistakes.  Throughout their life together, he continually ignored her when she spoke to him; pretending that he could not understand or hear her; coercing her to repeat her requests and explanations without end while secretly laughing himself to a standstill because of her naïve stupidity. 

His personal hygiene also deteriorated, and she constantly had to urge him to brush his teeth properly and to stop whatever he was doing to make him reek of sweat, stale smoke, and other awful stuff.  He firmly denied all these “lies” of her, “that always make him into something dirty,” and never did what she pleaded with him to do.  When she had to fight in an attempt to get through to him to keep his word about even simple commitments, he unleashed his rages upon her.   

However, Anna continued to try everything in her power to get through to him.  She told him he remained bound to sin and darkness because he never sincerely and fully surrendered himself to Jesus all those years ago.  He accused her of “playing god over him by condemning him while turning herself into an angel.”  She said God’s Word commands in James 5:16 that he must confess all the sins between them that still keep him in bondage, so that God’s power can manifest in their marriage through his repentance.  But he shouted, “I am clean!  There is nothing more!  You forced me to confess what I did in the past.  God has forgiven me.  Go make up your lies and stories for other people; I’m not your puppet!” 

¨ However, his abuse, just as the abuse of his mother, her husband, and their followers, went beyond all natural bounds.  After all those years, she still could not trust him with anything.  Instead of confessing and repenting from his persistent humiliation and violence, he insisted that he never abused her; she was abusing herself!  All she received from him was that he invalidated and dehumanized her as a “mad cow,” and as his parents said, “a f*****g controlling witch!” 

During all this turmoil, God revealed to Anna that while she was attending women’s meetings at church, Peter was watching pornography at home while he was supposed to work.  Anna found the place where he hid the videos, and a war ensued as he stood on his innocence. 

“I picked them up at the dump but never watched them!”  he shouted.  “What about that can you not understand!” 

“So, why would a born again believer pick up such filth when he has a wife that loves him?” she demanded to know. 

“I wasn’t thinking, that’s all.  They were there, and I just innocently picked them up!” 

She wanted to know where he went with his lust after watching porn, but he just laughed at her “lies.”  As usual, just as with his parents, no amount of moral or intelligent reason could move him from his illogic explanations, even when she held the evidence in her hands that he was fornicating and lying about it again. 

¨ Through the years, his addiction to fornication also surfaced during their home meetings with believers, when his crude joking and elated attention to the women ruined every meeting God gave Anna the grace to set up.  Anna was extremely ashamed of her life with Peter.  Disillusioned, she began to believe he never really accepted Jesus.

¨ She knew Peter was molested as a child on nearly every occasion where Zeena could dump him.  It started as a toddler with the maids she hired to take care of him, but Anna could not accept that as an excuse for his terrible abuse against her anymore.  She continued to plead and fight with Peter to tell her the whole truth of what he did during the many years since they got engaged, so that God could heal their marriage, but he always insisted that he “came clean” about everything, (Jam. 5:16-18.)  So, Anna intuitively knew that something was still dreadfully wrong, and kept on calling on God; asking Him to reveal the “great and unknown things” that hindered Peter’s repentance and spiritual and emotional growth, and as a consequence, kept on making her life a “living hell.” 


One day, her long-lost nephew, Anna’s sister’s eldest son Mark and Mary his wife, rang the doorbell. 

Anna was surprised and pleased to see them again after so many years.  They brought news that her eldest brother, also named Mark, had died, and they came to invite them to the funeral.  They also told her that a year before, her niece, (the older one that was committing adultery with Peter in her house and everywhere else,) died of a heart attack.  Anna was sad but thankful because ‘that terrible abuse of her niece’ has been laid to rest. 

Attending the funeral was not an easy decision for her, but Peter insisted that they go.  He said, maybe it is time to face her remaining siblings since she last saw them at her mother’s funeral.   

When they got out the car at the church that day of the funeral, her sister’s middle daughter, who always persecuted her and was the miniature bride at her wedding, came to hug her in such a rough way that Anna was stunned.  She could not understand what her niece was trying to do.  The funeral was a sad affair, but she was restored to her sister again; to Mark and Mary, and apparently to this niece that always brought her trouble.

¨ Secretly, the niece had a big bone to pick with Anna; that’s why she was actually the one who arranged that they could be ‘reunited.’  Not long afterwards, she spilled the beans to Anna after forty five years of secrecy.  Shortly after Anna married him, Peter began to sexually molest this niece from the age of five until she turned eight.  She said he simultaneously began to molest her younger sister as well, and the oldest one who was twelve when Anna married him.  Although he did not penetrate her, she said he raped one of her nieces, and he probably also molested the other girls in the family.  They always mocked them when they came to visit, saying, “Here comes the pastor with her pig!”  But they did not breathe a word about Peter’s crimes to Anna.  

¨ Shocked speechless, Anna could not make any sense of it at all, although she finally knew why the girl hated her with such a vengeance.  Anna wanted to know why she kept quiet for nearly a lifetime, why she did not scream or run away, and why she was confronting her, (Anna,) and not Peter, as she clearly knew that Anna was completely unaware of all that.  And most importantly, she insisted to know exactly what he did to them and who the other girls were. 

As usual, the woman then began to scream abuse at her without answering a single question.  Although she knew Anna was completely oblivious to whatever was going on between Peter and them, she still hated and haunted her aunt “for bringing that pig into their lives.”  Strangely, even now, they did not confront “the pig,” but turned their anger on the innocent Anna.  Although this niece shared her “terrible secret” with everyone else and they all mocked and raged behind Anna’s back, they chose to conceal the truth from her and not to confront Peter with his crimes.  Still, Anna now realized why her brother in law and their family attempted to assault Peter that day when her mother was baptized — why they chased Anna away from her father’s deathbed, etcetera.  Their persecution and rejection was partly because Anna repented to Jesus and was baptized by immersion as He had commanded in His Word, and thus, her mother also chose to obey God.  But mainly, it was because they were projecting Peter’s sexual crimes onto Anna! 

¨ To get the truth out of Peter was impossible.  He was so confident that his sexual molestation of the girls would remain a secret that he insisted to attend the funeral.  But this time, Anna was absolutely furious; humiliated to a degree that no human being can explain, and still totally helpless against his escalating oppression.  To make a long story short, he finally confessed to Anna and the middle niece and asked forgiveness; but he still stubbornly denied touching the youngest one “as she was just a baby at the time and I never liked her anyway.”  He also incessantly denied touching any of the other girls in the family, and shouted, “It was only for a little while, and I never did it again! I just wanted to give them pleasure!  I didn’t harm them in any way!” 

“No, you didn’t just harm them you despicable pig!” Anna whispered as the lost her voice. “You destroyed them, just like you did with me all my life!  And worst of all, you never cared about our own children; how that would affect them!” 

“Well,” he sneered, “as you always make up your own truth as you go along, that’s just your worthless opinion!” 

¨ However, Anna also had to confront Peter with her niece’s allegation that he was also molesting her now deceased sister, the eldest one whom he later committed adultery with, since shortly after he married Anna.  She realized he lied when he said her niece was seducing him.  He was grooming her from twelve years old to keep her as his harlot on the side.  He was the sexual predator. He relentlessly pursued the girls.  And the questions arose, “For how long were you adulterating with her?  Was it even after you gave your life to Jesus?  Did you continue until she recently died?” 

As usual, his callous reaction was simply to make Anna into a “mad cow who can only be happy when she makes up her own stories.”  So, Anna insisted that the two nieces lay charges against him and take him to court as he needed to be exposed and punished to also protect other children, but they refused. She then said, according to Matthew 18:15-20, Jesus commanded that we must confront serious abuse.  So, she invited them to her home to confront him, but they still refused.  The youngest one actually added, “If I see him again I will hit him in the head with a brick.” 

Once again, Anna was without any recourse, other than to forgive him.  She still had no place to go; no one to help her;  and no way out of this ever deepening pit, which Peter was pushing her into. 

¨ She could not understand why her two nieces refused to confront him while venting their anger on her, even after all those years.  Why did they wait so long to tell her?  Why didn’t her sister or brother in law tell her?  She was innocent of it all and they know it.  If she knew what Peter did, she could have made rational decisions about her life with him.  They could have sent him to jail.  But she had to bear the brunt of his recklessness all these years and now it seemed never-ending.  In the eyes of the “whole world,” she remained the culprit of his devious underhandedness and “the destruction of everything he touched,” as his mother’s husband always used to say. 

¨ Anna also tried to investigate the allegations of rape and other child molestations against him, but all the doors slammed shut in her face.  However, this time, she set serious boundaries for him, which she thought he would not have the audacity to cross.  Under no circumstance was he to watch other women lustfully again; lie to her about anything again; or go near a little girl or pursue other women ever again.  And this time, he promised in a river of tears he will work with her — until the first visit they had from a family with a little girl.  This time, Anna was watching him, and although he couldn’t try anything sexually, he still broke another promise by paying the child unnecessary attention

When she confronted him and tried to reason with him because he openly violated that important promise as well, he continued to hurled abuse at her, provoked, and humiliated her.  From then on, he openly violated every promise he ever made.  His assaults became so dangerous she seriously began to fear for her life.  It was only then that the grave reality of his lifelong abuse began to flood her mind.  She did not realizing it then, but she actually had cause to fear for her life since that first evening before they got married when he attacked her at his parents’ home with such fury that Manson came to her aid.  Now, he was unrestrained because he even “got away” with molesting the girls in her family! 

That was the death blow to Anna’s hope that Peter would change.  Since it was revealed to her that he was an unscrupulous child molester from shortly after their marriage and for at least several years afterwards that the family knows about, if indeed he ever repented, she was still searching and praying for the whole truth, which she new, still eluded her because he was a professional liar, master manipulator, serial adulterer, pedophile, and boundless fornicator.  As other pedophiles that progress into active child molesters, he only married her to get to the girls in her family.   

¨ Strangely, the middle niece that so wrathfully hated Anna, was their “miniature bride” at their wedding, and the older one was a bridesmaid.  Anna and the little bride were crying at the wedding ceremony.  Anna now knew the child’s shoes did not pinch her toes.  They both perceived that this person, the so-called ‘groom,’ would destroy their lives.  It was as if Peter was “marrying” the girls as well that day in the church.  Maybe, in his immoral mind, that was exactly what he was consciously doing.  Additionally, Peter later confessed that his older cousin Celeste, who was the maid of honor, also had sexual relations with him when they were younger.  It was as if the entire wedding ceremony was not just a farce, but a huge mockery with Peter standing before the altar, supposedly marrying Anna before God and the world, while he was surrounded by those whom he already made, and would make, his “wives.” 

She married Peter with all her heart that day, but he only pretended to marry her.  So, in fact, they were never really married.  He merely pretended she was his wife while she was just one of his whores.

¨ The nightmare she had after they got engaged had come true.  She was laying in the arms of an old man, a stranger whom she did not know, and she was the unhappiest woman in the whole world.  There was never an “us” in their lives; every single thing of their so-called life together was a lie; a deception.  She had always been alone, unscrupulously used, and could, therefore, be abused just as he chose, because she was just a “sewn-on rag,” as his mother called her. 

¨ The only immeasurable gift and wonder of her life were her two sons, whom she loved with all her heart. 


Anna Collapsed from Nearly Half a Century’s Stress, Emotional and Physical Attacks, and Sorrow 

After Peter was called out as a child molester and the great upheaval it caused in Anna’s family, during an argument because she still insisted to know the truth about what he had done, he stormed her and punched her on her right eye so that she saw double for about six months afterwards.  He never accepted responsibility for anything, so he accused her of “defending himself because she viciously attacked him and he accidentally scratched her eye.”  On another occasion he kicked her and cracked her ribs, and covered it with the same lame excuse.  He threw an orange from across the dining room table and hit her full-force on the nose.  By a great miracle, her nose was not broken or smashed into her face.  His rages became steadily worse, and he didn't need provocation to fly off the handle.  He had no reason to hide his insatiable hatred for her anymore, but expected to be treated like in the beginning when he met her. 

¨ Once she sought protection from the police.  When they arrived to speak to Peter, he went on his knees before Anna and begged her forgiveness; swearing he will change from then on.  She told the police that this was just one of his control tricks, but they refused to believe her.  They were hardly gone when Anna confronted him for putting up such a charade to fool the police.  Without saying anything, he grabbed her by the throat, pushed her up against a wall, and throttled her until she faked fainting to escape his murderous rage.  He then dragged her into a room and sat watching her until she “came to;” never checking to see if she was alive or in need of medical assistance. 

Thus, it was inevitable that Anna would collapse after another drawn-out, taunting day when Peter literally held her captive to torture her for hours on end.  While cursing her all the time, he sporadically assaulted her by throwing her on the couches and the floor, bending her backwards over the kitchen countertops while choking her, slapping her in the head, and harshly pushing her around to convince her that she is guilty of all the chaos because she is absolutely mad. 

¨ He repeatedly shouted that he told her everything now!  “She has nothing to cry or moan about and play the martyr.  She was imagining all his so-called abuse and believing the rubbish her family was putting into her head.  He was tired of being her victim; her swearing at him all the time and assaulting him day and night; never leaving him in peace!”  Whatever he did to Anna, he turned around to make her into the abuser.  Physically, it was impossible for her to assault him, and if she tried, he would surely have beaten her to death saying he was “defending himself against her.” 

¨ Anna briefly collapsed a few times before, during, and shortly after such assaults when he threw her on the bed and jumped on her; squeezed her so hard that she could have fainted; and assaulted her with a paper basket and the handset of the telephone, when she again tried to call the police or an ambulance for help. 

¨ But this time, it was really serious.  She felt she was pushed into the ground by a huge, unseen force.  A hot flush like she never experienced before, consumed her.  She couldn't breathe and collapsed.  Miraculously, Anna did not entirely lose consciousness, but she knew something deadly was happening to her. 

Just like before, Peter never tried to help her by calling an ambulance or doctor.  He sat quietly next to the bed where she was nearly swimming in sweat and gasping for air, watching her like a hawk.  Eventually she stabilized, but was too weak and dizzy to get up.  After five days in bed, she asked him to take her to his cardiologist. 

The doctor looked at the scan and said with urgency in his voice, “You must immediately go to hospital.” 

Anna was intensely calm.  She totally surrendered herself to the Lord Jesus Christ.  When they took her into the hospital ward, people swarmed all over her with oxygen, needles to draw blood, and many other strange machines and things. 

Peter was sitting on a chair next to the bed.  But when she glanced at him, his attention was somewhere else in the ward.  When she turned her head on the pillow to follow his gaze, she saw the woman lying on the bed next to her.  She was clothed in flimsy short pajamas without anything covering her body. 

¨ Three days of tests and thousands of bucks later, the doctor discharged Anna from hospital to go to bed at home.  There was nothing he could do to help her.  She did not have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes.  The diagnoses was, “idiopathic restrictive cardio-myopathy.”  That means, “unknown cause, restrictive, heart failure.”  The left side of her heart was ‘lame,’ and so, her heart pumped irregular, causing phlegm on her lungs that would make her cough a lot.  Anna totally surrendered her fate to the will of God.  She did not ask Him to prolong or take her life.  She just knew she could not continue in a life, where the doctor did not know that the cause of her illness was Peter and his family’s lifelong torture, assaults, oppression, provocation, humiliation, and emotional murder on her. 

Peter finally succeeded in destroying her health and almost taking her life, although she was still breathing.  Only the Lord Jesus Christ would decide when her last moment would come.  In the weeks that followed, she asked Peter, “Am I really still here or am I just dreaming I’m still alive?  I feel as if I am not really inside my body since that night I collapsed after you assaulted me so.  It’s as if I’m looking from the outside in. As if I actually died that night but haven’t realized it yet...” 

“That’s ridiculous,” he cut her short.  He never accepted responsibility for destroying her health or anything else.  He never thought about the fact that when he had that heart attack, she would gladly have taken his place if God so willed, no matter how unrelentingly he was abusing her since he supposedly got engaged to her so many years ago.