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Life after Anna’s collapse was even harder, but God sustained her to gradually grow stronger again.  Slowly, she could stay on her feet for longer; and took control of running her home and doing her work.  By resting in-between, she could do a full day’s work again, although she had to take it easy in many ways just to stay alive.  Nevertheless, Peter never gave her rest from the constant upheaval and sorrow he caused throughout their life together. 

Whenever they went out together, he made no secret of the fact that he still could not keep his hands or eyes off other women and girls.  The old arguments about humiliating Anna in public and him causing constant chaos whenever the opportunity presented itself, persisted.  As usual, this triggered his foul-mouth, violent assaults on her although he knew she was dreadfully ill.  He had absolutely no regard for her in any way.  All her efforts to get through to him to give her rest from all the sorrow and turmoil never entered his ears or mind. 

¨ Before that, but especially since Anna came to the Lord, she was often harassed by demons at night.  Shortly after she was baptized in water as a disciple of Jesus, and all the persecution on her life from both their families began to blaze all around her, she sometimes had to fight spiritually to ward off demonic attacks.  When this subsided, a strange presence sometimes woke her at night, and she always blamed the hatred of others such as Charles and Zeena for it. 

However, now, she could hardly sleep at night as demons kept her awake by making the furniture and timbers in the roof creak, and the evil presence of demons manifested everywhere with popping and other sounds.  There was one demon that “mimicked” Peter in the way he sighed; the sound of his footsteps in the house; how the leather couch in the family room creaked when he sat down, etcetera.  Strange lights appeared in the passage at night.  They could not switch on the motion detector alarm anymore, as “false positives” made it go off randomly.  That never happened before and the alarm was definitely not faulty.  It was picking up demonic activity and there was nothing Anna could do about it. 

Peter said she was now totally “coo-coo” for hearing and experiencing all those things, and he apparently slept soundly at night.  But in reality, she was under siege from the physical world through Peter and now also from the spirit world through his demons.  She tried everything to get rid of them by they did not budge. 

¨ Anna’s life turned into a bottomless pit on all levels of life.  She knew something was dreadfully wrong and called out to God day and night.  However, the demonic harassment, as well as Peter’s delinquency, steadily worsened. 

She knew God was allowing this terrible torment because she had to deal with the cause of it.  She knew Peter was still hiding unrepentant sin.  She begged Jesus to show her what was going on, so she could obey Him to end this torture. 



God led Anna to Habakkuk 2:10-11, “You have brought shame to your house by cutting off many people and you have sinned against your soul [and many innocent people.]  Therefore, the stone cries out of from the wall, and the beam out of the timber answers it.” The creaks and squeaks and other demonic manifestations that haunted Anna during the unbearable episode with her nieces until now, were exactly as the Word of God explained it in this passage.  Peter’s unspeakable crimes against their home, which she was building with all her might while he was secretly demolishing everything, were literally “crying out” from where he had buried them, to be exposed after nearly half a century. 

¨ She shared this with him, stating that this proves he still hides terrible sins and if he does not confess it to her and make restitution by sincerely repenting, the demonic harassment will not end.  She was still hoping that the conviction of God’s Truth would lead him to confession and repentance, but Peter again refused to accept responsibility for anything he did.  Even that which he confessed under pressure after her brother’s funeral, he now denied. 

“As always, you are accusing me falsely,” he said.  “You and your evil family are making up all these lies about me.” 

“You are exactly like your mother,” she sighed; shaking her head in disbelief.  “Your heart is fully set on doing evil.  You choose to never change.  This is so unbelievable it seems surreal.  You are  truly a whole family of torturers...” 

He hesitated for a moment, then gave her a dirty look and walked away.

¨ The flimsy sketch Peter was impressing upon her mind concerning his double life, became a clear picture when Anna got the opportunity to meet Mary, her nephew Mark’s wife, in a café where they could speak privately.  After her brother’s funeral, when Anna was seeking evidence that Peter also raped and/or molested the other girls in the family as her persecuting niece alleged, Mary denied that Peter touched her two girls, who were younger than them. 

¨ But now, she confessed that she knew everything about his constant adultery with Anna’s deceased niece, who was her confidant during the years this was going on right under Anna’s nose.  In Anna’s house.  In Anna’s car.  In the niece’s flat.  In parking lots.  In the veldt.  Everywhere they could fornicate together.  While working on Saturday mornings and always disappearing until late in the afternoons; aggressively lying to Anna when she objected, Peter usually picked up the niece from work and she immediately began to give him oral sex as he was driving to a secluded spot.  He visited her in her flat; they were always into one another with every occasion.  It was all about dirty lust.  They were satanically addicted to pornography and each other.  In all the years, he was never faithful to Anna for just one day. 

¨ Once, Mary saw him coming out of the niece’s apartment during the week; crossing the street to where he parked his company vehicle, with the workers patiently waiting for him.  Peter lied when he swore before God he “only” adultered with the niece “four, five or six times because she was always all over him” - as if that wasn’t horrible enough.  He groomed her since she was twelve years old, to adulterate with her for at least some years after he was baptized in water, if not until she recently died.  They were meeting during the day and before and after work on a regular basis, while the faithful, diligent Anna worked her fingers to the bone in an attempt to keep everything together. 

¨ Moreover, when Anna telephonically confronted the now the deceased niece, she said she was not the only one.  So, he was seeking opportunities to fornicate wherever he went.  Anna then remembered Peter once told her a ‘strange woman’ jumped into his company vehicle and would not get out.  He said it was hard to get rid of her.  Anna thought nothing of it at the time.  Now she knew he only told her that story because he thought someone saw him picking up at prostitute, (if it were not the niece he was picking up from work,) and he was preparing this cunning explanation should the person tell Anna about it. 


After her meeting with Mary, Anna was appalled.  The details of this indescribable sewerage hole that Peter persistently flushed her, all her life, work, trust, faithfulness, support, as well as their two beautiful boys into, while she desperately fought to keep herself sane and their life holy, was what he was trying to hide through his lifelong exploitation, arrogant psychological and physical abuse, and his repeated attempts to murder her and get away with it all, (1 Jn. 3:15.) 

¨ Anna always pleaded with him to tell her the truth before they prayed or shared, as was the custom, the Lord’s Supper on Sunday evenings.  He swore there was nothing more than the “few times” with her niece.  He was clean before God and before Anna since “she forced him” to tell her the truth.  Yet, she could never believe him.  She knew there were many more despicable things that kept him from really surrendering to the Lord; confessing all his sin to her so that they could be healed, wholeheartedly repenting, and taking his place in their home to glorify God.  But he insisted that he was right with Jesus, and partook of the Lord’s Supper and prayed and preached to others without flinching.

That Peter could take advantage of God all those years to continue and cover his underhanded crimes, amounted to blasphemy.  A moral person, and especially a disciple of Jesus Christ, could never have done anything like that — and certainly would never have continued in any such filth for nearly thirty years after he was baptized in water

¨ Although it flattened her to the floor in sorrow, anger, and hopelessness, she now knew for certain that his so-called “spiritual rebirth through faith in Jesus” was a huge farce.  To supposedly baptize himself in water as a ‘disciple of Jesus was just to alternate between light and darkness to fool her, and to infiltrate her life in Christ to secretly commit his devastation there as well.  He remained in darkness while pretending to be “an angel of light.”  But the disgraceful fruit he was bearing and his lack of conscience and morality, proved who he really was, just as Jesus said in His Word. 

Yet, he was so master mindedly manipulative, he often caused Anna to seriously doubt her own sanity and judgments.  Thus, she constantly allowed him to sway her to submit to his lies, just to get some kind of peace between them.  As he was causing constant chaos everywhere, none of the peace treaties she insisted on lasted and so, he always shoved her back to square one. He seemed invincible, unwinnable, and even unreal, but she intuitively knew he was the biggest pretender of all time.  Problem was, she had no support system as Peter and his “parents” isolated her from virtually all her loved ones. 



Deeply ashamed, hurt, and angry with Peter, Anna confronted him when she got home from her meeting with Mary.  Of course, screaming at the top of his voice and threatening “to murder her for stabbing him in the back,” he fervently denied everything.  The real motivation behind it all was filthy sex, and constant, lifelong adultery and fornication, because he was utterly addicted to pornography, but he loudly pretended that “such false accusations are from the devil!” 

¨ He insisted to control Anna and screamed, “Are you really so stupid you cannot see your family is jealous of you and they are playing with your mind to cause more trouble between us, you mad cow?  Mary has always been a trouble-maker and an unscrupulous liar.  I stopped my ‘affairs’ with your niece at least forty years ago!” 

Anna supposedly committed treason against him by believing Mary and not him.  He held even less reserve to assault her as she ‘had the cheek’ to be very upset because of what he did, and that he again arrogantly manipulated her.  In addition, she was very disappointed with Mary for keeping those despicable secrets from her for all those years while the family was persecuting her, laughing behind her back, and rejecting her for Peter’s crimes, but Anna could not afford to make more enemies at this fragile stage of her life, so she chose to ignore what Mary did to her.  

¨ Without any light in sight anymore, Anna gathered all Peter’s belongings from their bedroom and moved them to the spare room.  She took off his wedding ring, would not eat with him anymore, pray or chat with him, or go out with him.  She had nowhere to go, but she told him he had forfeited every right to be in her life and in their home.  She separated from him as far as possible.  He accused her of being just another Charles Manson who always declared, ‘God forgives, I don't!’  “You caught his spirit when he died and hate, assault, and persecute me just like he did, you evil whore!”

¨ The fight about who was telling the truth, Peter or Mary, continued without end.  Anna desperately wanted the truth.   It became so unbearable that Anna said, “Okay, let’s ask God to show us who is lying and who not.  Let us cast lots.  We will write your name on three pieces of paper and Mary’s name on the other three.  We will shuffle them and pull them one by one to see who tells the truth.” 

He reluctantly agreed.  He pulled the first paper.  It read “Peter.”  Anna pulled the second paper.  It read “Peter.”  He pulled the third paper.  It read “Peter.” 

For a moment, Peter seemed surprised, then he was delighted.  God confirmed his word!  Jesus is for him!  This proved he was telling the truth and “that snake” Mary lied!  Casting the lot proved that!  He is innocent and they falsely accuse him! 

¨ Anna sat stunned.  She knew this was wrong.  The lot was lying.  It sounds impossible but it was not God speaking to them.  But now, she could not deny that Mary was lying.  All seemed lost.  She would have to submit to what Peter said; knowing this was just another of his great deceptions to control and ultimately, to murder her on all levels of life.


After a restless night, Anna woke early the next morning with the sure conviction that the lot they cast lied and Mary told the truth.  She suddenly knew how to prove it was not God speaking to them.  She got up, made herself a mug of coffee, and began to study the Bible Scriptures to discover as much as possible about casting lots.  It was a practice in Old Israel before the cross, but after Pentecost, with the Holy Spirit indwelling every true believer, He gave them His gifts to cope with every situation.  One does not read about casting lots again in the New Testament Scriptures, (Mark 16:15-18.) 

¨ So, God allowed Satan to help Peter with the lots because it was not His Scriptural practice anymore.  Anna burst into tears.  She immediately confessed her lack of knowledge and disobedience to the Holy Spirit as sin and asked God’s forgiveness.  She now understood that the Spirit has been leading her all the time through “knowing” the truth about all these things; no matter how violently Peter attempted to force her to accept and believe his constant, incredible lies.  This is how God speaks in the sincerely born again human spirit of His believers to lead them through the maze of deceptions in this world, (1 Ths. 5:23; Jn. 16:8-14.)  Peter, through all his provocations and manipulation, pushed her into desperation to consult God through casting lots and again caused her to sin against Jesus Christ. 

When Anna shared this with Peter he again seemed astonished for a few seconds, but then he began his taunting again; accusing her of seeking ways in God’s Word to condemn him and to justify a lying trouble-maker like Mary. 

¨ Anna decided to trust God to bring all this darkness into the light and to either confirm that Mary was speaking the truth, or to bring her the evidence that would confirm this once and for all; even if it was only for her own sake. 


For the next few months, Anna kept up her friendship with Mary.  She saw her persecuting two nieces while visiting her sister, but they were definitely not overjoyed to see her.  Anna was mindful not to cause any further hostility between her, her sister, and her nieces; acutely aware of the tense atmosphere between them.  Yet, she later learned from Mary that the elder niece’s husband, who was daring Peter to touch him at her mother’s baptism, would still like to rearrange his face for what he did to his wife. 

¨ So, the next time Peter ensnared Anna in an argument to swear at her and assault her, (caught in desperate anger and frustration,) she asked him why he didn’t hit a man like his victim’s husband who would still like to set things straight with him, instead of continuously spurting out his guilty rage on a defenseless woman.  To her surprise, he furiously got in his vehicle and supposedly went to confront him.  When he came home some time later, he laughed and said the man backed down and treated him kindly.  They resolved all the ill feelings between them, and her niece forgave him.

¨ However, Anna’s sister called her shortly afterwards to accuse her of abusing Peter.  “How could a Christian like you refuse to forgive him and take him back!”  She sounded disgusted and angry, and again refused to have anything further to do with Anna.  She did not allow Anna to explain in any way, but simply cut her off as if she did not exist. 

Most illogically, Peter instantly turned her religious Calvinist sister against her once more.  Her sister, who also had a hard life with her husband, actually expected Anna to step over Peter’s lifelong, deliberate, and constant violation of God’s marriage covenant through his constant fornication and serial adultery, (Matthew 19:9,) child molestation, and inherent lies, deceit, violence, and other unrepentant crimes, to carry on as if nothing happened. 

¨ She refused to hear that Anna forgave him a ‘thousand’ times, but for him, her forgiveness has always been a license to continue in sin.  Weirdly, her sister didn’t expect such ‘religious correctness’ from her two daughters, who would not have minded to literally crucify Anna while concealing what Peter did behind her back for more than forty years ! 

¨ Apparently, Peter also visited her sister that day to make it clear, “There are always two sides to a story, and no one knows the ‘real’ Anna like I do!”  He also took the time to “enlighten” Mark, Anna’s nephew, that the guilty party is actually Anna, but she was shifting all her blame onto him.  Beyond all logic and reason, he once again made himself into her victim and pointed Anna out as the lifelong culprit!  With great skill, he conveyed to them everything he always uses against her when she tries to resolve the terrible chaos he relentlessly causes between them.  “She hurts herself and says I assault her, but she is mad and consumed by hatred, jealousy, and control, and cannot rest if she cannot fight and argue with me day and night; falsely accusing me, provoking me, and attacking and assaulting me like a crazy, wild animal, while breaking everything in the house, because she refuses to forgive me for what I have done – and all that after I confessed and repented from everything from the bottom of my heart!  Yet, she ‘plays god’ on her computer, uses God’s Word to chop people into pieces, and play the angel among her friends all day long!” 

The fact that the aggressive, strong Peter often attacks her without real provocation and batters her especially when she tries to defend herself, (weighing only about half of what he weighs,) never entered their minds.  Once again, the underhanded, brilliant Peter, who plays the dumb, helpless victim when it suits him, turned them all against her.  It appears as if he has the power to instantly make them forget that they were speaking to a pedophile that deliberately destroyed the lives of their own flesh and blood, while he kept it all secret for nearly half a century, and still lies, minimizes, hides, and twists the truth about the crimes he committed! 


When he left that day to supposedly “sort it out” with her niece’s husband, Anna should have suspected that he would, in pure Mansion fashion, slander her behind her back to isolate her from her family again, but she was focusing on the niece’s husband, while Peter used the opportunity to turn her whole family against her for a second time.  Anna now saw that Peter, the man who never really married her and whom she actually never knew, was truly an unscrupulous, entitled, secret agent of the devil to stealthily destroy her on levels where no one else could harm her.  She could not deny or ignore all these facts anymore.  It was totally inconceivable, but she had to accept that she married a most dangerous person.  Peter has, as nearly all her life without her knowledge, been separating her from her everyone she loved, just as his mother and her husband did.  For years, Anna believed her family rejected her because she preached the Truth of God’s Word to them.  However, now she knew that the most demolishing factor in this equation was Peter’s shameless violation of the children.  She was not suffering as much for the truth of Jesus as for the crimes of Peter Manson

¨   This too, was confirmed when her persecuting niece called her on her phone a few days after Peter ‘confronted her husband.’ Anna  thought she was furious because her husband did not trample him into the ground.  So, the woman said, she has to tell Anna what he really did to her.  He was giving her oral sex on every occasion since she was five years old until she turned eight.  He started when Anna married him, and continued with it right under her nose. 

As Peter was in the room when her niece called that day, Anna asked her to speak to him as he would simply deny everything again, but she refused.  Anna asked her to hold on and confronted Peter so the niece could hear, and exactly as Anna said, he denied her allegations.  Anna calmly asked the niece why she was coming down on her all the time and not on Peter as they should have put him in jail, and how did he give her oral sex where everyone was present

The niece raised her voice, “So you are making me a liar?”

Anna kept her emotions under control.  “No, I am just trying to make sense of it all,” she said softly. 

I was only a little child!” she shouted. 

“I realize that. But three years under those conditions is a long time.  Did he restrain you in any way?”

What the hell do you think?”  She was obviously very agitated. 

Anna turned the conversation to what deeply bothers her about what her niece did when her father was dying in hospital.  “I believe you. Please, just help me to understand.  As you knew I was innocent, why did you incite your mother, father, and everyone else against me, so that your father wanted to assault me when I pleaded for peace that night when Grandpa died, which resulted in you all chasing me away from my father’s death bed?  Why did all of you not confront Peter?” 

Anna could hear her sister grumbling in the background, and then her niece said aggressively, “You forced my grandma to baptize herself and Grandpa hated that!  You tore the family apart, not me.” 

Anna remained calm. “Did I command that true believers must be baptized in water, or did Jesus?”  Silence.  Anna continued, “You owe me an apology for that, because what you did to me was terrible,” (Mt. 28:19-20.) 

“I will never apologize to you because I am not sorry for what I did!”  She was shouting at her aunt again without a slither of respect for God, the Truth of His Word, or her grandmother who obeyed Him and followed Jesus through His baptism. 

Then, she switched off the phone in Anna’s ear. 

¨ Anna slowly turned to Peter who stood emotionless beside her.  “So, you were lying about all this as well.  She now confirmed the truth of what Mary told me.  You have always been addicted to filthy sex, which you hid from me over a whole lifetime to get it from everyone you could find, because you knew I wasn’t into that rubbish — even destroying the lives of how many innocent children!  And then you had the audacity to come back to me every time to give me the clap if you were the good, hard-working, trustworthy husband! I married you sincerely but you only made me into another one of your harlots.  I was making a good, Godly home for you and the children while you kept up the pretence that you were a normal, loving man — even a born again believer in Christ…  You dirty liar and deceiver...”

He sat down in his leather chair and looked at her without saying a word.  He had done everything the way he wanted to do throughout all of their life together.  He had no shame.  No remorse.  No conscience.  And he knew Anna could do absolutely nothing about it.  She was an old woman now.  She owned nothing that was on her name; according to him, everything belongs to him.  Her whole life was intertwined with his and she invested herself and everything she ever earned and owned to make the best home she could.  And no matter how the dirty truth slowly, humiliatingly, and sorrowfully trickles onto her, she was still completely at her whit’s end. 

¨ Anna did not know it then, but she would be rejected by her family for three more years until they would again return to her, as her sister would be dying of cancer at that stage.  Only then, her persecuting niece would reveal to her that when Peter supposedly confronted her husband that day, he actually went to her mother and never even spoke to her husband.  Her mother brought Peter to her, the niece. 

¨ She refused to let him near her, but let him stand outside and demanded that he confess what he did to her in detail so that she too, could know what he was “sorry” about so that she could forgive him.  She said she could not forgive what he refused to confess.  He asked her forgiveness, but she turned him down, as he covered all his guilt with the excuse that “he was bombed out of his skull on alcohol and drugs all the time, and did not know what he was doing.”  She then chased him away. 

¨ The niece would later reveal to Anna that she could not remember everything about the sexual molestation.  Thus, she could not explain it in detail, but she told Anna the truth about when Peter started it and what he did to her.  She had been in psychiatric care three times as an adult, and still, could not come to terms with what he did to her.