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Facebook Post June 2020


Relating to the article on narcissist ‘personality disorder,’ a friend asked, “Is it possible that it’s actual demons living out their personalities through narcissists? How can they have similar traits and patterns, and other things in common?”

Interesting questions, thank you. Narcissism, as any other ‘personality disorder,' knows no race, social status, or gender. It is clear that this is not an illness as some psychologists say, although we can identify all types of ‘personality disorders’ by “similar personality traits” and behavior patterns because the same clusters of demons guide them. Psychologists, who do not acknowledge the spirit world, also say alcoholism and drug addiction are 'illnesses' that people 'inherit' from their parents. So, beware those contagious liquor bottles and addictive drugs less they 'jump' on you! That is just “blame shifting” instead of taking personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. Narcissistic personality disorder spells a chosen addiction to sin and self. They are addicted to power, control, sex, gambling, attention, money, food, alcohol, drugs, mind games, cruelty, torture, destruction, chaos, and all other kinds of 'gratification' that feed their insatiable egos.


It is a fact that sex addiction in all forms, (child molestation and so-called sexual frigidity included,) control narcissists. Sexual sin is what Satan aims for from an early age, as it is the easiest way to gain control over people, (read 1 Cor. 6:15-20.) Narcissists addict their victims to them by becoming ‘sex masters’ of confusion. They control them either by pretending they love them and then by cheating on them, overbearing them with sex and then withholding it from them. And they systematically move their victims from one form of excitement, filth, and mind control to the other. Nothing is ever enough for them. So, they are either constant whoremongers to 'supply' their own ego greed, or they are 'fridgidly' addicted to porn and masturbation to never let anyone have control over them by 'feeding' themselves. To withhold intimacy is therefore just another form of narcissist power and control. After "love-bombing" their victims to get them into their clutches, they then benefit from withholding love, sex, attention, care, compliments, etcetera, to trauma-bond their victims to them. (Through their confusion, brainwashing, and other never-ending abuse, their victims become addicted to them as the 'normal' for their lives, and can never get away from them or overcome their evil.) To narcissists, sexual perversion is just a form of “power supply” to make them into Mighty Mice. The dirtier, stealthier, and crueller, the grander they think they become. They live for the excitement to conquer and the rush to not be figured out or caught. Hence, good spouses can never satisfy them or be enough for them, and real love never enters the picture. They are always secretly into all kinds of filthy and perverted sex and other sin somewhere, which they will pursue at any cost, as that puffs them beyond everything that is human. To get away with it all is the proverbial ‘cherry on the cake.’ It proves to them how stupid, worthless, and undeserving their victims really are. Their genius abuse truly goes way beyond all understanding because it stems directly from the demonic world.


Psychiatrists deny the spirit world. Yet, they agree that narcissists and other disturbed people “have uncanny abilities.” I.e., one cannot hide anything from them; they use their so-called ESP (extra sensory perception) or guiding demons to reveal what they want to know, how to gain control over people, commit emotional murder, violence, robbery, theft, child molestation, adultery, etcetera, and how to get away with it. As most other disturbed people, they commit such genius crimes and are so backhanded their master mindedness can only come from Satan. At a single glance, they will know exactly what is in a room and how to steal or destroy it. They can ‘read’ the needs and desires of their victims, and ‘know’ how to do the most harm to them by stealing especially that which money cannot buy, (trust, respect, self-worth, love, faith, unity, faithfulness, relationships…) With great ease, they rob people through fake parenthood and fake marriages, other pretended relationships, business transactions, etcetera, placing them traumatically under disillusionment, disrespect, rejection, shame, guilt, bankruptcy, invalidation, violence, and blame-shifting to play their sadistic mind games of ultimate control. The aim is to make their victims think they are going mad, (called gaslighting,) they cannot live without them, etcetera. Every crime they commit builds their egos and makes them more invincible and untouchable, and gives them reason to worship themselves and become craftier in all forms of ruin.

Although, in the beginning, narcissists might not be aware that they have demonic ‘powers,’ they sure know how to use them as they practice their amazing deceptive plans and actions during the course of their lives. So, although demons are behind it all, their “character traits” are indeed self-induced, chosen, and meticulously executed against their victims to give them the biggest “high.” As a result, the victims of these Satanists often experience demonic harassment without suspecting the “ladies or gentlemen” under their own roofs. It might seem inconceivable, but narcissists and other disturbed people effortlessly ‘channel’ demons to do their dirty work for them from the spirit world as well. They can also set up 'watchers' or demons to monitor their victims and do other nasty things. Such supernatural control gives them an even bigger power thrill.


We know demons indwell sexual immoral people because 1 Cor. 6:15-20 state that our bodies, (human spirits and souls or ‘minds’ too,) must be the temple of the indwelling Holy Spirit and so, “we are one in body with Christ.” Hence, the Spirit does not share His holy temple with demons in any way. If people commit sexual immorality, they immediately become “one” in body, soul, and spirit with that male or female prostitute. What’s more, demons never work alone. I.e., if someone commits adultery, it’s not just a demon of lust indwelling that person. It's friends called Lies, Deception, Manipulation, Underhandedness, Stealth, Theft, Hypocrisy, Violence, and many more co-habit this demon infested mind to support the person’s destruction. Narcissists will never let go of their demons. They thrive on the ‘excitement and rush’ of sin to prove how clever and irresistible they are. And where there are such crimes in a home, there chaos and violence always rule, which they also adore and thrive on, (read Mal. 2:13-16.)


The so-called ‘inherited sin’ theory is also impossible, as God broke the curse and all true believers live under the full blessing of Jesus, (Gal. 3:10-14.) Even for unbelievers, such destructive ‘personality traits’ are mostly learned traits from disturbed parents under demonic control, which then flourish under demonic teaching. In Ex. 20:5, God did not say He will “curse generations,” but rather, “I WILL VISIT THEIR INIQUITIES upon three to four generations…” Spirit Filled Bible 1991, (beware new translations,) “It was possible that 3-4 generations could learn from the patriarch of a family good or evil, as they were under his control.” This is how mindsets and behavior are still passed on today, (1 Jn. 5:18-19, Kjv.) So, the same “character traits” can be picked up and grown by people through their environments and personal choices. They do not have to ‘learn’ those traits, which escalate in evil as they get older and become perfect through practice. Once chosen, it is indeed taught by demonic infestation and control, (Eph. 4:14.)

One can really do nothing to help a narcissist. Whether one prays, confronts, pleads, cries, explains, tries to build up, compliments, teaches, fights… they see every single reaction, either positive or negative, simply as a ‘power supply’ to feed their grandiosity and self-importance.

All victims can do to "find closure" or to get free, is to acquire the necessary knowledge about narcissism to understand what they have been dealing with until now.  It is as Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth [about the person, situation, and above all the Word of God,] will set you free.” 

Then, they must help themselves by preserving their own souls, physical lives, and eternal lives in heaven. They must physically flee and/or withdraw spiritually and emotionally as far as possible from narcissists and give them only the most necessary or unavoidable attention, (Eph. 5:11-14; 2 Cor. 6:14; 1 Cor. 15:33.)

It is important to remember that every time you confront or talk to a narcissist, you are actually confronting and talking to a whole clan of Satan's demons.  Thus, you can never win the argument, get the truth about anything, or hope that the narcissist will change.  No one can get through to a person who chooses his or her powerful demons instead of choosing you.  Narcissists are truly a lost case.  One can do absolutely nothing to change anything about the situation — and even God does not save or change anyone without their consent and sincere commitment to accept and follow Him by dying to sin and self.  Sadly, this is the one thing narcissists will never do. 


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