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Renette Vermeulen 



Third Edition: December 2020







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· The Essence of Idolatry and Witchcraft 

· The Free Gift of God VS the Price that Satan Requires 

· Sin and Sacrifice



Subjects of the following article contained in this book, Charismatic/Pentecostal Witchcraft


Holy Father in heaven, in the almighty Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Please bless and use this work mightily to glorify Your Name and to build Your Spiritual Kingdom of Light and Truth in the hearts, minds, and lives of Your believers. 

Please protect all those who visit this website, and all those who were, and are studying this book.  Cover us all with the blood covenant of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Please send Your mighty, holy angels to guard us spirit, soul, and body; all our loved ones, and everything that pertain to our lives.  Destroy every evil plan, weapon, work, and word that were formed against us.  Deliver us from all confusion, evil schemes, satanic attacks, and other works of the evil one. 

We take captive every thought to bring it into obedience to You alone.  Let Your Holy Spirit convince and convict us of all sin and deception.  Please enlighten our minds with the entire truth of Your Word and every situation we must face.  Give us understanding, wisdom, and discernment of everything discussed in this study.  Let Your Life and Light flood all the corners of every darkened and distressed heart, mind, and life, according to Your promises in the fullness of Your everlasting Word.  Thank You that You always hear and answer us.  For Yours are the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen. 



We mostly perceive idolatry as bowing to statues and we see witchcraft in terms of people dressed in black, chanting rhythmically while torturing humans and animals to death to invoke curses, (“solemn utterances to invoke supernatural power to inflict harm,”) and then send forth demons to carry out those intentions.  Yet, God describes idolatry and witchcraft in much broader terms.  In 1 Samuel 15:22-23, the prophet said, “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams.  For rebellion, [or immoral and even religious works outside God’s True Word and will,] is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [or unrepentant disobedience] is as iniquity and idolatry…” 

In all fairness, who of us can say we do not commit witchcraft and idolatry?  So, this study focuses on pagan and Christian idolatry and witchcraft that people commit without truly understanding how God’s Scriptural Word impacts us all. 

Only Jesus Christ, The Truth, truly delivers, empowers, heals, and saves — and He means exactly what He says in the full context of the Bible.  The Most High God of the Bible loves every person on earth, (Jn. 3:16.)  So, “He desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of [His] truth.  For there is One God and One Mediator between God and humanity, the Man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself a ransom for all…” (1 Tim. 2:4-5.)  Praise His Almighty, Holy Name, for the God of the Bible, Christ Jesus, has only our best interests at heart, (Col. 2:9; Heb. 1:8-12.) 


The only other spiritual source in the universe is from the devil, and he will not share any of his power without laying hold of our lives and eternal souls.  Judaists, many Christians, Wiccans, and other pagans allegedly do not believe in the existence of Satan as a real person.  However, our entire broken world testifies to the fact that God’s rebellious, disobedient angel, Satan the adversary, is continually attacking and destroying God’s creation.  Jesus said, “The thief does not come [to humanity or anything else] except to steal, murder, and destroy.  But I have come to give life, and that you may have life more abundantly,” (Jn. 10:9-10.)  Since the fall in Eden that murderer is still deceiving humanity; the crown of God’s creation, because “there is no truth in him,” (Jn. 8:44; 1 Jn. 5:19.)   If he does speak the truth, it is always twisted and perverted truth, which he uses to his own advantage, because “he is the father of all lies [and other evil.]”   

Satan has no interest in healing or supposedly ‘blessing’ anyone, except to use his false signs and miracles to further destruction on another area of the person’s life, (Jn. 10:10.)  No matter what Satan has promised, or what “luck” he bestowed on you to trap you in compromising the truth of the Bible as a Christian, until That Day when Jesus returns to earth, Satan will always be the underhanded destroyer of everything Godly, (Jn. 8:44; 10:9-10.) 


Let us stand immovably on the fact that Jesus, at the cross, forever won the war against Satan for our full redemption, salvation, and blessing in Christ, (Col. 2:9-15.)  We are not at war with the devil!  Al true believers are already “more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!”  However, Satan and his demons are stealthy terrorists that come to obliterate our faith in Jesus and what He has done in our place on Golgotha.  So, we are in a constant ‘battle’ to ‘withstand’ them for the sake of our “souls,” minds, or thoughts and beliefs, because he who controls our ‘minds,’ controls us, (1 Ths. 5:23; 2 Cor. 10:3-6.) 

In battle, knowledge of the enemy's resources, strategies, and strength is the soldier’s first defense.  Thus, our knowledge of God’s Word and the truth about everything that concern our lives, is a matter of life and death.  Our only protection is The Truth, Jesus Himself, and obedience to His Word.  Not snippets and human interpretations (or doctrines) of His Word, but “the entirety of His Word, which is Truth,” (Ps. 119:160; Rom. 12:1-3.) 

The devil’s has a deadly weapon in his arsenal, which he effectively used against humanity since the fall in Eden: deception about everything, which he mostly manifests as religion, where he mingles his lies with God's truth.  Religion can be anything: Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism, Christianity, etcetera.  Christianity especially, is the combat zone where the fiercest battles (or wrestling matches) rage, (2 Cor. 10:3-6.)  The devil pays particular attention to those who confess the Name of Jesus. Sadly, most believers live in religious comfort zones where they lack vital knowledge of God’s Word, as well as knowledge of the schemes and devices of the enemy.  Hence, Jesus warned in 1 Peter 5:7-8, “Be sober and vigilant; for your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 


God’s teaching on idolatry and witchcraft carry His serious warning that He will reject those who do not repent. Idolatry is clearly seen, also in churches, as bowing to, and pursuing idols and false gods. But that is only the outward manifestation of idolatry; defined as a “stubborn” spirit from Satan that begins in the ‘heart.’ People surrender to idolatry and ‘bow’ to the sinful ‘self’ by loving themselves, (others, and what they perceive as precious,) more than God, (Gal. 2:20-21.) None would bow to idols unless they first “stubbornly” or unrepentantly chose to worship themselves, which began as inward or spiritual and emotional idolatry.

Idolatry or stubborn self-worship results in witchcraft because unrepentant people always “rebel” against God and the truth of His Word. So, they commit witchcraft by either substituting or mingling His will, commandments, Word of truth, and plans with their own, or someone else’s directives. Thus, they compromise God’s will and Truth to commit witchcraft.

False dogma is a clear manifestation of the spirit of idolatry in the “heart,” which breeds “rebellion,” or witchcraft against God in the mind, to manifest in things like false prophecy, teaching, religious practices, etcetera. This was exactly how Satan himself fell from grace. The Spirit Filled Bible, 1991 version, (beware new translations,) explains, “Belief in Christ [must] result in obedience [to His Word.] What we practice provide evidence of our faith… Be ready to obey the [entire contextual truth] of God’s Word. Know that God only continues to speak to those who do what He says, (Acts 5:32.) Understand that incomplete obedience [idolatry] is the same as disobedience [witchcraft.] Do not substitute religion, [church attendance, sacraments, and doctrines,] for obedience to God’s Word. Understand that to hear God’s Word and not to practice it, is to reject it; [thus rejecting God Himself,] and committing idolatry and witchcraft.”

We know the occult practices of barefaced idolatry and witchcraft in the churches are multi-tiered. But the subtle forms of idolatry and witchcraft in churches are just as dangerous. As soon as we accept lies and false dogma, we accept idolatry and witchcraft, which were designed to deceive "even the elect" or personally, Scripturally born again believers in Christ, (See Jesus' three warnings in only one chapter, Mt. 24:4-5; 11-13; 23-24!) Our only defence is to obey God, "test the spirits [and everything else] to see if it is from God," and to flee from all evil, (1 Jn. 4:1-4; 1 Ths. 5:21-22.) Fleeing from lies is "abstaining from evil." Paul asked the Galatians, "Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth...?"

We must understand that false dogma especially, come with strong demons. While that preacher is practicing idolatry and witchcraft by teaching you his church doctrines, even just his so-called "little" church structures, norms, forms, and other lies, Satan, the father of all lies, is setting a secret trap to destroy your eternal life in heaven.

So, idolatry and witchcraft extend much further than the clearly gruesome acts of Satanism that are so vividly portrayed in fairy tales, books, the movie industry, and in churches.  The devil views idolatry and witchcraft as a serious business. The idolatry and witchcraft he presents to Jesus' believers, are evil on steroids. Yet, his onslaughts on humanity and creation too, are not isolated cases that emanate from disturbed minds to manifest in sadistic and other destructive behavior. God warned in 1 John 5:19 that “the whole world lies under the sway, [deception] of the wicked one.” And in 2 Corinthians 4:3-4, “...If our Gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this world has blinded…”

Satan does not own this world or anything God made, but he controls the majority of people, who manage politics, religion, and every other secular sphere. Do not believe the lie that we can 'go to church' to get a ticket to heaven. It is all or nothing for Jesus. God wants us and our Scriptural obedience to 'prove' we are truly His, (Acts 5:32; 1 Jn. 2:3-5.)

Consequently, real male and female witches, (male witches are not ‘warlocks’ as the movie industry taught,) hardly ever resemble traditional depictions of Satan’s disciples. Most are ordinary-looking people, who function ‘normally’ in life. They can take the form of preachers, prophets, teachers, politicians, and anyone else. Satanists are wired to perform horrific sexual acts and other crimes such as blood sacrifice. The higher the sacrifice, the higher their profiles. The same goes for those who deceive Jesus' believers. The higher their sacrifice of souls, the greater their religious rewards. So, they dominate the world’s social, religious, and political realms as popular people. But this does not exclude the 'pastor,' etcetera, in the little church around the corner. Jesus said we will know them by their fruit. But their fruit can only be measured by looking at the person as a whole according to the truth of God's Word and their constant behavior.

Referring to a freemason, (who was also a Christian,) someone said, “I know no one can ‘earn’ heaven, but if there is one person that deserves to be saved, it is Robin! He’s the kindest person I know!” Yet, masons worship the devil at their lodges, just as pastors, etcetera, of all kinds also do. Typically, before victims of abuse really get to know so-called ‘passive’ aggressive people and psychopathic narcissists, they say exactly the same! Satan’s most effective methodology is to turn himself into “an angel of light,” and so, his disciples imitate him in everything he does, (2 Cor. 11:14; Jn. 8:44.)

It is a humbling and sobering thought that we all, (sincerely born again believers in Christ too,) frequently commit the sins of idolatry and witchcraft, as we all disobey God in one way or another. Does this sound too harsh or far-fetched? Well, who can say that you never tell a ‘little white’ lie? Did Jesus not say that those who lie take after their father the devil, whose “desires they want to do? He was a liar and murderer from the beginning, and when he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own [idolatrous and rebellious] resources, for he is… the father of [all lies?]” (Jn. 8:44.) So, how can stubborn, rebellious, false prophets and pastors, etcetera, be "ministers of Jesus Christ?"

Okay then - but at least, we do not perform satanic rituals and blood-sacrifice like real Satanists do!

No? Well, listen to this: Malice is heart-murder in the account of God. “He that hates in his heart, [thus speaking lies, deception, and perversity such as slander,] has his hands full of blood,” (Isa. 59:2-5; 1:15!) May God have mercy on our souls! If sincerely born again believers are so bound to obedience to God’s will, “where will the ungodly, [unbelievers without Christ,] and [stubborn, rebellious and thus idolaters and witches in the form of Christian] sinners appear?”

All sin is an abomination in the eyes of God. Yet, to reject the Love or the Free Gift of God, (the Lord Jesus Christ and His complete atonement in our place,) and the Truth of His Word, is to sin knowingly and unrepentantly, (Heb. 6:1-6.) The Spirit Filled Bible 1991 footnote, (beware modern translations,) “This is a decisive abandonment of Christ… They have become like those who insisted to crucify Jesus...” Scripturally born again believers have the great privilege to access the throne of the Father through the completed atonement of His Son, to receive forgiveness and spiritual cleansing by His blood, (1 Jn. 1:8-10.) However, secular Satanists and all their religious counterparts in Christianity too, still need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus the Savoir, and to repent from idolatry and witchcraft to be redeemed, saved, and blessed in Him. Again I say, forgiveness and repentance go together. The one cannot enter heaven without the other.


May God grant us the grace to never believe we can attain the free gifts of redemption, salvation, and blessing in Christ by doing good works, for “every good and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights...” (Jam. 1:16-17.)  God’s gifts are not for sale.  Yet, even true believers in Christ are not excluded from doing ‘good works!’  Not to earn redemption, salvation, and blessing, but to glorify God by allowing Him to manifest the power of His Word and Holy Spirit in and through us, (Jam. 1:22; 2:14-26; Gal. 3:10-14.) 

The God of the Scriptures is not into favoritism.  His believing children are all equal in Christ.  Spiritually in Christ, “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, [race,] slave nor free, [social status,] male nor female, [gender,] for we are all one in Christ,” (Gal. 3:28.)  Additionally, while only those who choose to be His true disciples will inherit everlasting life in heaven, in this physical dimension, our Creator God lets His sun shine over both the lost and the saved.  We can never compare God the Father to the false Christmas god father’ Christmas,’ who supposedly rewards ‘good and nice’ children, while ‘naughty and nasty’ ones find nothing under the Christmas tree.  This just goes to show that Satan and his evil agents will never bring you a gift without a price tag attached to it somewhere.  At first, the price might seem small and the reward big, but ultimately, Satan is after your spirit, soul, body, and your everlasting life in Christ, “for the wages that sin pays is death, but the [free] gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord,” (Rom. 6:23.) 

What complicates the choice between the supposedly cheap, broad, and easy road of the devil and the free but narrow Way of God, (Jesus Himself,) is that God’s entire Word tells us exactly how to follow Jesus and what to expect concerning our personal choices.  Satan, on the other hand, conceals his escalating price for power and pleasure among the many life–demolishing religious rites and so-called ‘atoning’ sacrifices, which he constantly requires.  His real price tag for helping people to do life their way is always eternal damnation - hidden underneath the rubble of death and destruction in their lives, and most often, covered with outward prosperity and a forced little smile that hides the inward emptiness and pain. 

Knowing the lostness and need of sin-infested humanity, God declared, “There is none righteous, no, not one… none who does good, no, not one… [However,] the righteousness of God apart from the [outward ceremonial, or ritual Old Testament temple] law, [or our good deeds to try to ‘earn’ redemption and blessing,] is revealed… For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the [completed] redemption that is in Christ Jesus, [when each one chooses to believe, accept, and follow Jesus as his or her personal Lord and Savior,]” (Rom. 3:9-24; Jn. 1:12-13.) 

Besides ‘being justified freely by His grace,’ the God of the Bible also gives His sincere disciples free, spiritual gifts or powerful Holy Spirit  signs to follow Jesus through this dark and dangerous world, simply because they believe in His Name, and because of their love for Him, obey His inward Moral Law of Love! (Mark 16:16-18; 1 Cor. 12:4-11.) 

On the other hand, Satan always tries to imitate the salvation, redemption and blessing of God; setting up false religions and bestowing false ‘gifts’ and ‘blessings’ (or actually curses!) on people to lead them astray.  Satan cannot create even a slither of life, as he is merely a created being of God. Paul declared in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 

Nevertheless, some people believe, Satan, that mighty but fallen angel, cannot imitate the miracles of God.  They think all signs and miracles ‘automatically’ come from God, (1 Ths. 5:21-22; 1 Jn. 4:1-4.)  But as illustrated by the magicians of Pharaoh’s court, when God sent Moses and Aaron to show Pharaoh that He was speaking to him, Satan can imitate God’s miracles, (Ex. 7:10-12;20-22; 8:6-7.)  However, ultimately, our Lord God Almighty will “swallow up” all kundalini or serpent power, just as Aaron’s rod swallowed up the rods of those magicians.  God still allows Satan to do mighty false ‘miracles’ and signs, but only the Creator God can give life, and true signs and miracles. 


God’s Moral Law, (His only New Testament Law, the Royal Law of Love,) is not enslaving, but liberating and protective.  Obedience to God’s Moral Law, (to love or agape the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength and your neighbor as yourself,) keeps believers in Christ safe from satanic control.  1 John. 5:18 states, “Whoever is [truly] born of God does not sin [habitually or unrepentantly,] but keeps himself, [according to the New Covenant in Christ, in the Royal or Moral Law of God,] and the wicked one does not touch him,” (Jn. 13:34-35; 14:15; 23-24; 1 Jn. 2:3-5; 7-15.) 

Still, the enemy of God and His entire creation has been around for a long, long time.  He knows exactly what pleases, angers, scares, and saddens every person.  He also knows, if he can keep humanity away from the New Testament Covenant, sealed and signed by the redeeming blood-sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and from contextual Biblical obedience to the Moral Law of Christ, he can keep them ‘legally,’ or with God’s permission, in bondage to himself.  That is why all willfully unrepentant sin can open us up to demonic deception and control, (Mt. 7:21-24.) 

God sent His full redemption in Christ to save and bless all those who would accept and follow Jesus, but the willfully disobedient sinner who rejects Jesus is already judged and in a chosen state or position of lostness and sin without God, (Jn. 3:18-19.)  Still, even for the sinner without Jesus, (as for the unrepentant Christian sinner,) there are various degrees of sin and thus, all disobedient sinners are subject to various degrees of satanic control and bondage.  Whether the person is Christian or pagan, unrepentant sin always escalates from one grievous deed to another, leading the sinner into ever-deepening bondage to Satan and his demons.  The deeper the bondage, the more and extreme the sins - and the more evil, unscrupulous, and demon-infested the sinner without Christ becomes, (Mt. 12:43-45; 1 Jn. 5:19-20.)  Paul explained in Rom. 6:18-23, “Having been set free from sin, [through sincere faith in, and acceptance of Jesus Christ,] you became [willing] slaves of righteousness…  Just as you presented your members as slaves of uncleanness and of lawlessness, leading to more lawlessness, so now present your members, [or devote yourself entirely] to God as slaves of righteousness for holiness… For the wages which sin pays is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Consequently, God’s punishment also consists of various depths or degrees of torment.  For instance, false teachers and self-appointed church leaders, who falsely lord’ as ‘masters’ over Jesus’ believers, hypocritically defraud believers financially, deceive them spiritually, and oppress them emotionally and physically.  They will receive a “greater condemnation,” (Jam. 3:1; Mt. 23:14; Lu. 20:47.)  Those who cause others to sin should know, they would be “better off if a millstone were hung around their necks, and they were drowned in the depth of the sea,” (Mt. 32; 5:22; 18:6.)  Mercifully, the God of the Bible made a way out of sin and condemnation through His grace in  Jesus Christ, (Heb. 4:14-16.)