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“You have Magnified Your Word above All Your Name,”

Ps. 138:2






The Old/New and Related Apostolic Churches

Renette Vermeulen

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Glory to God for all those who helped me to understand the origins and teachings of the Apostle Movement, especially Mark, an ex-member of the OAC, who even sent me the catechism of the OAC.  Among those who provided inputs were also members of the Old Apostolic Church who tried to convert me. 


This study is a letter of love, addressed to all the followers of the Old, New, and other close and far removed branches of the Apostolic Churches, who were all born from one of its main founders, Edward Irving, who also preached the  deception of the ‘lost tribes of Israel.’  The proof of what I am saying is in this study; all one needs to do is to read it all in context and to follow the links supplied to verify the truth.  Neither my motive, nor my exposure of false doctrine is therefore an “attack” on anyone personally or on any church in particular, but rather a God-led, Scriptural commission to bring truth to error, light to darkness, and salvation to lostness, (Eph. 5:11.) 

Every soul is precious to God.  Consequently, God “desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.  For there is ONE God and One Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ (meaning The [Most High God] and Anointed) Jesus, Who gave Himself a ransom for all,” and this does NOT pertain to any human being such as an ‘apostle,’ (Col. 2:9; 1 Tim. 2:4-6.) 

Sadly, “speaking the truth in love” is often perceived as maliciousness and lies, yet this type of Godly love in truth remains the calling of every sincerely, Scripturally born again child of the Living God.  For if we sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, the salvation and preservation of all His blood-bought souls will be our all-consuming passion, (Jn. 3:16.) 

Today, some of the doctrines of the OAC and the New Apostolic Church are not in agreement but they, as all the other Apostle-based churches that identify with them, sprang from the same origins.   Although these two sister-churches (the Old and New Apostolic churches,) refer to each other as “fallen angels,” they are still steered by the same spirit, and governed by many core doctrines. 

One should not confuse the Apostolic Movement, (i.e., OAC, NAC, the Catholic Apostolic Church, United Apostolic Church, etc.,) with Pentecostal Movements such as the Apostolic Faith Mission, although Pentecostal/Charismatic churches also teach some of the Apostolic Movement’s main doctrines, as we will see in this study. 

This is how Wikipedia Encyclopedia describes the Old Apostolic Church, “The Old [and New] Apostolic Church… [have their] historical roots in the Catholic Apostolic Church... [and is] called Irvingism, [named after one of their main founders, Edward Irving, who was greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic, masonic/Jesuit priest Lacunza.]  ...The Catholic Apostolic Church, which was founded in 1832 by Drummond, Edward Irving and others…  [Irving taught that the] church universal was divided into twelve tribes, [still followed by today’s ‘Twelve Apostle Church’ and many other churches,] for the Christendom is considered to be divided into twelve portions or tribes…”  No, the entire Christendom was born from the pagan-Christianized doctrines, church norms and forms of the Roman Catholic Church.   

The ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’ also fathered the masonic belief of British/European Israelism; Christian Zionism, Messianic Jews, and the doctrine of the end-time Israeli Timeline

“The Old Apostolic Church (OAC) in South Africa was founded by Carl Klibbe in 1889…  [while the NAC (New Apostolic Church) followed Schlaphoff when they split. Apostolic Churches are] exclusivist and believe that it is the only road to salvation.  [Neither one of these churches] supposedly has any ecumenical relationship with any other churches or religious organizations.  [They believe] there is no salvation outside their particular church,” as also taught in Catholicism, Protestantism such as Calvinism and all their branches — read the truth about such dangerous ‘elitism’ in ‘Killer Cults.’] 



· Can it be coincidence that the Old and New Apostolic Churches’, Irvingism foundations were first described in the pagan doctrines of Plato, Roman Catholic ‘saint’ Augustine, Swedenborg, Blake and Jesuit priest Manuel Lacunza?

· Who can hear the voice of the Chief Apostle?  [Schisms that followed Niemeyer say they do not have a ‘chief’ apostle like the NAC has.]

·  The doctrines of the Pre-tribulation Rapture, ‘one-man antichrist,’ and the ‘Israeli-timeline’ originated from  masonic, Roman Catholic teachings, which were translated and published by Edward Irving in 1827

·  The ‘angelic apostle’ is the so-called ‘christ-gift’ from God, and just as Latter Rain Pentecostal/Charismatics, these apostles became the light; or ‘Jesus Christ Himself in the flesh.’   

· Biblical Scripture is not the sole source of authority for apostles – (Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia, “...Chief apostle Hermann Niehaus, [from whom Niemeyer severed the OAC in 1912,] called the Scriptures 'withered hay and stinking stagnant well water.’”

· Salvation can only come from the apostle’s spoken word — “Rhema.”

· Apostles have the ‘power’ to (click!) lock or (click!) unlock heaven for you.  

· ‘Heaven’ is inside the ‘spiritual minds’ of apostles —  and so is their concept of hell and sin. 

· ‘Who can forgive sin, and how do we (apostles) receive forgiveness?’  

· [OAC] Salvation is in the substance of Jesus’ human nature.”

· Jesus now resides in the ‘body of Christ;’ (these apostles;)” thus “they have become ‘equal’ to Jesus.” 

· “Jesus did not rise bodily from the dead,” but spiritually in the ‘spiritual’ minds or souls of OAC and other apostles.

· “Not physical clouds, but the [spiritual minds of the] apostles are the clouds on whom Jesus have already descended, [as in His return to earth at the sound of the seventh trumpet.]”

· OAC and other apostle-baptism is the Roman Catholic/Protestant ‘rite of initiation.’

· “OAC departed people attain salvation for their souls after death, just as in Roman Catholicism,” thus, “the OAC [NAC and other apostles] offer up prayers for their departed.”

· As heaven is a state of mind, “The departed dwell in ‘the body of Christ,’ or [in and] among living OAC [and other Apostolic Church] members.” 

· “Their sacraments [‘holy communion,’ ‘sealing’ and baptism,] can be administered to the departed.” 


God commanded us to flee from, and expose false prophets, teachers, apostles, and their soul-devouring doctrines,  (Deut. 13:1-11; Eph. 5:11; 2 Jn. v. 9-11; Gal. 1:6-10; 3:1-2.)  This is not an option.  Obedience to God above all else is eternal spiritual life. 

Zolani Makhosonke, a former OAC member, wrote to me about Ancestor Worship IN THE OAC:  “Thanks for the information on the OAC. As a former member of the OAC, I concur with everything written on the website. There is just one thing missing which is the rationale for the OAC calling people to leave even other "Christian" churches. They say, “God is calling you to come and serve for the salvation of your soul together with the souls of your kin both dead and alive who never had the word. For Jesus did not die for the sins of the whole world but for those of his kin. When Jesus died he went to Hades to release his kin only. The kin of others cried out "Lord, Lord, until when must we wait to be released". Jesus replied, "Wait, I will have mercy on you through bones of bones of your loins in the third and fourth generation a redeemer and Savior will be born for you".  I could not find any of this in the Bible.  Regards, Zolani Makhosonke. University of Cape Town.” 



It does not matter how far ‘removed’ the OAC, NAC and other Apostle churches supposedly are from the teachings of their founders.  They are still teaching the same original doctrines in some way or another, which have been ingrained into the minds of generations of Apostolic Church members. 

Here follows the proof of what I am saying: 

Þ The basic thought portrayed through Greek philosopher Plato, masonic orders, ‘saint’ Augustine, masonic Jesuit priest Lacunza, Swedenborg, Blake, and Apostolic Church father Edward Irving as well, does not recognize the Biblical fact that man is a tri-part being, consisting of 1) a human spirit; 2) a human soul, ‘mind’ or, as the Bible calls it, ‘the flesh,’ which 3) live in a mortal, material body.  As described in 1 Ths. 5:23, God, Who is Spirit, views the ever-living human spirit of man as a completely different entity from the ‘natural’ or physical mind/‘soul’/‘flesh’ of humanity, and commands that we must “worship Him in spirit” [in and with our human spirit and not only with our human mind,] and in Scriptural truth, (Jn. 4:21-24.) 

Þ Sadly, Plato’s dual or two-part humanity doctrine does not recognize the Scriptural teaching that the human spirit of man itself died spiritually at the fall in Eden.  Thus, the human spirit itself has to be spiritually born again through the person’s sincere faith in, and personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, (Rom. 2 & 3; Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.)  According to Jesus’ instruction, the human spirit inside of man, comatosed in a cursed state or position of lostness, spiritual death, and cursedness without God, needs to be reborn first, (Gal. 4:6; 3:10-14.)  This means that the human spirit, which the Bible declares, is already ‘spirit’ since God’s creation in the Garden in Eden, simply needs to ‘come alive’ in and through Christ.  Once the rebirth of the human spirit had taken place, the ‘natural’/carnal/flesh/mind or ‘soul’ of man needs to be “transformed” through “day by day,” or continual renewal of real Scriptural knowledge, “that we may know [on a rational/intelligent/mental level,] what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God,” (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Pt. 1:13-15.) 

Despite all the clear teachings of the Bible, the only unseen part of humankind that this Plato thought recognizes, is the ‘natural mind,’ which lives in a physical body.  Believing they are only dual or two-part entities (and not tri-part creatures, created in the image of the true, Biblical Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,) apostles say that their ‘carnal’ or ‘natural’ minds, (which the Bible calls ‘the flesh,’) need to be ‘enlightened’ by the vital knowledge, [which Plato called ‘Reason,’] that the whole Bible must be interpreted ‘spiritually.’  This so-called ‘knowledge’ then allegedly ‘transforms’ their natural minds into ‘pure spirit.’  After that, possessing ‘spiritual minds,’ they themselves can become ‘spirits’ and even ‘angels.’ 

The ‘rebirth,’ ‘salvation,’ ‘childhood in God,’ ‘membership in the body of Christ,’ and receiving the Holy Spirit” in the OAC, NAC and other Apostolic churches, are obtained through their so-called ‘saving’ sacraments of Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, and Holy Communion.  However, this type of ritual salvation cannot be found in the full context of Scriptural truth, (Jn. 1:12-13.)  True salvation can only be found in and through personal faith in, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our God, Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and King, (Jn. 1:11-3.) 

In addition, neither the natural mind, (the human soul,) nor the human spirit, (the supernatural spirit part of man,)  nor the real supernatural angels of God can ‘become’ anything else, (1 Ths. 5:23.)  The supernatural human spirit and the natural human soul, (intellect, free will, and emotions,) are two distinctly separate parts of man.  The human brain or mind can never and will never become ‘spirit’ or anything else – much less a real heavenly spirit such as a supernatural angel!  According to the truth of Scripture, angels are a completely different species from humanity, (Heb. 2:7, 14.)  If it were possible for humans to ‘become’ angels, it would result in an interspecies abomination, as described in Gen. 6! 


The Gnostic, 4th century, Greek philosopher Plato is the real foundation of spiritualizing the whole Bible

The Greek philosopher Plato was one of the greatest founders of succeeding Gnostic religions.  In Greek, the word ‘gnosis’ relates to intelligent head-knowledge as ‘spiritual light,’ or as ‘the path’ leading to the so-called ‘spiritual’ enlightenment of the ‘darkened’ mind or soul.  Can it be coincidence that this is exactly the methodology used to ‘spiritualize’ even Jesus’ resurrection, ascension and return in the Apostle Movement?  The Spirit Filled Bible explains Col. 1:19 as follows, “The heretics promise their followers new ‘saving’ ‘spiritual’ knowledge, (Greek: gnosis,) which is self-serving [and the complete opposite of Jesus’ teaching of humble service.]  Here, Paul prays that believers may fully attain to and be controlled by the fullest and clearest knowledge (Greek: epignosis) of God, [which is real contextual, Biblical knowledge;] the knowledge [or epignosis] that we need to understand His [truly Scriptural] will in all His wisdom…” 


Plato also preached the deity and duality of man

Plato’s Gnostic doctrines of so-called ‘superior knowledge’ and intellectual reason are contained by his ‘Theory of Forms.’  The foundation of this humanist doctrine declares that ‘essence precedes existence.’  This means they allege that ‘spirit’ was created first; [humanity was first without physical form,] then spirit ‘became’ the material creation.  Reality, therefore, is seated in the spiritual realm; and not found in the material world.  Thus, both spiritual and material realms are contained by the human mind.  Anyone can therefore clearly see that the ‘Christian spiritualization’ of the whole Bible did not come into being by itself.  Church leaders, drawing on the teachings of Plato, grounded this doctrine on Plato’s pagan teaching. 

Scripture states exactly how God first “formed man from the dust of the ground and [then] breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being,” (Gen. 2:7.)  God’s Breath is His Spirit; giving man a human spirit so he can be in God’s Image, (1 Ths. 5:23.)  Man has a supernatural human spirit and a soul or mind with intellect, free will and emotions.  None of the animals received God’s Breath because they only have souls or minds.  Animals have intellect, free will and emotions like man has, but they do not have spirits.  When animals die, nothing of them will live for all eternity like man’s human spirit, which is supernatural and ever-living either in heaven or in hell. 

Wikipedia explained, “Plato… views the soul [or mind] as a sort of composite, in which many different elements [such as ‘spirit’] blend together and affect each other…  [It is very important to realize that God states in the Bible, humanity consists of a separate, supernatural human spirit and a separate, physical human soul or mind, which live in a physical body, 1 Ths. 5:23.]  Plato’s ‘Theory of Forms’ is his belief that the material world as it seems to us is not the real world, but only a shadow of the real world…  Forms… are abstract representations of the many types and properties of things we see all around us…  [The masonic/Buddhist/Hindu/Nazi/Communist teaching of ‘Maya’ was also conceived from this.  Maya means, this physical dimension and everything in it (such as pain, starvation, etc.) is only an ‘illusion.’  The ‘real’ world is found in a ‘spiritual’ state of ‘complete enlightenment’ or Nirvana.] 

“[Plato described the human mind as a ‘carriage,’ drawn by a white and a black horse.  The soul needs to be governed by the white horse, which symbolizes ‘The Light’ and ‘spirituality,’ but some souls have difficulty in controlling the black horse…  [The Black Horse is supposedly ‘Darkness,’ or the unintelligent, unenlightened, ‘natural’ part of the mind; ‘the flesh.’]  If overcome [or ruled by the black horse,] the soul allegedly loses its [angelic] wings and is pulled down to earth.  Should that happen, the soul is incarnated…  the so-called ‘spiritual rebirth or changing of the ‘dark’ soul…” 

In reality, just as the supernatural human spirit, the material side of humanity is absolutely real.  Therefore, the whole context of Scripture instructs us to use our ‘natural’ minds in every decision and choice, (1 Pt. 5:8.) 

Biblically, our ‘spiritual’ understanding of God is seated in our human spirits, and flows from there into faith, or a ‘natural,’ rational mind-choice to believe in God, Who IS Spirit, (Heb. 1:1-2; Jn. 4:21-24.)  However, our brains, mind or soul can never become ‘spirit.’  Our souls are “flesh,” and our human spirits are supernatural. 


Plato’s mind-‘darkness:’ Atlantis or ‘Paradise Lost;’ humankind fell into a ‘dark, ‘hellish’ state of mind 

Because Plato, in his study of humanity, omitted the human spirit and viewed mankind only as duel beings with a mind and body like the animals are, (1 Ths. 5:23,) he believed that the ‘darkened’ mind of man has to be ‘enlightened’ to reach the ‘higher plane’ of spiritual existence, where it actually becomes, or turns into ‘spiritual, godlike matter,’ because all material matter existed as spiritual matter ‘first.’ 

Plato’s ‘spiritual plane’ where material matter existed first was Atlantis or ‘Paradise;’ which was inhabited by ‘divine human beings;’ an ‘elite’ race with great intelligence, ingenuity, and ‘enlightened minds.’  Masonic orders such as the Roman Catholic Jesuits (i.e., Manuel Lacunza, the mentor of Edward Irving, a church father of the OAC, NAC and other apostles) believe this too!  This ‘god race’ is allegedly the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene!  What blasphemy! 

Plato believed that the ‘divine spirituality,’ as well as the ‘great morality’ of the Atlantean elite resided in their “huge intellect.”  However, over time, the intellect of this ‘divine’ race began to crumble, and these Atlantean supermen’ began to fall into the ‘dark,’ intellectual and moral decay of the ‘natural mind,’ or ‘the flesh.’ 

As both the ‘spirituality’ and ‘the flesh’ of humanity are encapsulated by the ‘mind;’ ‘heaven’ as well as ‘hell became a mere ‘state of mind.’  Humankind thus fell from the ‘divine, heavenly’ state of mind into the ‘dark,’ hellish state of mind.  Now tell me that it is ‘coincidence’ that those who spiritualize the Bible teach the same thing

Plato believed that the intellectual and moral decay, (the ‘dark’ state of humanity,) greatly displeased the Greek gods, therefore they sent a huge earthquake to produce tsunamis, and Atlantis or ‘Paradise’ was ‘lost’ beneath the sea.


Platonist Masonic Salvation:  Paradise Lost can again be found through ‘Reason’ or ‘Intellect’

Despite humanity’s fall from Paradise, Plato said, humanity can again reach Paradise by aiming at the intellectual ‘enlightenment’ of the ‘darkened’ soul, which will restore the soul’s ‘Light,’ and consequently also its original divinity, spirituality and morality.  In Platonism, (which, in time and in many forms, birthed religions like Hellenism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Swedenborginism, Blakenism, Nazism, and I believe, the Apostle Movement,) the goal of humankind on earth is to become mentally ‘enlightened’ to reach ‘Paradise’ or ‘Nirvana,’ the perfect heavenly state of mind.  To their own detriment, the Biblical heaven, as well as the Real God of heaven, simply cannot exist in this so-called ‘unenlightened’ state of mind.  Scripturally and in practice, the real God of the real heaven dwells in a place far beyond the human sphere and human mind, in a unique place called heaven

Milton founded his play, ‘Paradise Lost’ on Plato’s philosophies.  He alleged that original sin happened because man abused his high intellect to gain ‘bad’ knowledge, or the ‘natural knowledge’ of moral decay, and so, Adam fell from ‘Paradise.’  [Adam lived in a physical place here on earth, called The Garden in Eden, not in ‘Paradise’ (as in Heaven,) or in a ‘heavenly state of mind.’ Adam was not a ‘spirit’ but a physical human being like us all.]  Yet, Milton preached that the ultimate ‘governing force’ of humanity, Intellectual Reason, must again be set in motion.  ‘Reason’ will then lead humankind (from the ‘darkened,’ ‘natural,’ or hellish state of mind) in the path of intellectual ‘enlightenment’ to restore humanity to spirituality and morality, and thus to Paradise once more.  Intellectual Reason, just as ‘spiritual knowledge,’ is therefore the ‘savior’ of all those who follow Plato’s road of great deception.