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¨ “Cognitively (or Mindlessly) ‘Living in the Moment Therapy’ Makes you Happy”  

¨ Some of the Treatments to Repair the ‘Patient’s problem,’ as addressed by Cognitive and Logic Based Therapy:  Role Play exercises such as Gestalt, a Safe Place, and Voodoo Worry Dolls

¨ The Abuse of Prescription Medication in Behavioral Therapies




Modern psychiatric “therapies” such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Logic Based Therapy (LBT) are ‘modern’ extensions of the teachings of Freud, Rogers, Skinner, Jung, and others, as described above.  However, it is certain that there is still nothing ‘logic’ or ‘therapeutic’ about any of these so-called ‘treatments’ or ‘cures.’ 

In both Cognitive Behavior and Logic Based Therapies, which are actually not different at all, the word “cognitive” refers to the evolving process of how morality, knowledge, and beliefs were acquired by the individual use of religion, reasoning, learning, intuition, and personal perception — which formed the different beliefs, cultures, and traditions among men. 

As a result, so-called “illogic cognitive views and beliefs” supposedly constitute the “problems of humanity,” because “evolving humanity” now differs from the “natural, logic ape-state of collective unconsciousness” that “unified pre-historic humanity,” which Carl Jung described in his “psychoanalytical therapies.”  Simplified, these “cognitive diversities” can be compared to the different church denominations that stem from the Roman Catholic Church, which was synthetically formed after Pentecost, (Acts 7:44-50.) 


Practically, ‘cognitive’ means, “immorality” such as “theft,” is “artificially” viewed as “sin” in some cultures while cognitively, “everything is naturally there for the taking” in other cultures, because “man is but an evolving animal.” 

Hence, what is cognitive “immorality and sin” to some cultures, is cognitive “normality” to other cultures.  Thus, to view “natural, positive taking” as “unnatural, negative sin,” is a “cognitively impaired, illogic thought process” that causes an “impaired reality,” which “constitutes the problems of people.” 

The same goes for so-called “negative, illogic, unnatural adultery” versus “positive, logic, natural sexual sharing.”  “Negative, illogic, unnatural lying” versus “positive, logic, natural self-preservation.”  The “negative, illogic, unnatural crime of rape” is normalized because in many cultures, “logically and positively, sex and violence are part of ‘natural taking.’”  “Negative, illogic, unnatural murder” opposes “positive, logic, natural ‘primitive ego defences…’”  “The negative, illogic, unnatural death sentence for the crime of murder,” withstands the “positive, logic, natural right to life…” 

¨ Notice how Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Logic Based Therapy shift all responsibility and accountability from the perpetrator to the victim.  What’s more, these ‘therapies’ view the victims of crime “as  the tendency for blaming one's misfortunes on somebody else's misdeeds, which is also referred to as victimism.”  Real emotionally sick “victimism” aside, true victims do not exist in these ‘therapies’ as ‘victims’ suffer from ‘self-induced,’ ‘impaired perceptions’ of morality, crime, and criminals.   So, real suffering at the hands of abusers “is just their imagination.  Thus, victims do not exist as they ‘make themselves suffer by believing that they suffer.’”  In psychiatry and most forms of psychology, the ‘problem’ is not criminals and their lawlessness, but the negative, illogic, cognitively impaired perceptions that “only exist in the minds of people’ through their “impaired realities.” 

Totally illogical and godless, Cognitive Behavior and Logic Based Therapies are grounded on the allegation that “circumstance and wrongdoing have nothing to do with emotional trauma through sin and suffering.”  This totally transforms the abused into ‘sick’ aggressors while making abusers into innocent victims that are “wrongfully accused by impaired perceptions of non-existent crime and suffering.”  These “therapies” are the reversal of logic human behavior, inborn Godly morality, and real human rights, (Heb. 10:16.)  Accordingly, these “therapies” supposedly ‘rectify’ “illogic , negative cognitions” like ‘immorality, sin, theft, and victim,’ which are “merely impaired perceptions” in the minds of people, who actually “make themselves suffer” through their “impaired realities.” 

¨ An example of these ‘treatments’ is a woman that was violently raped, but was brainwashed to believe that she creates her own problems, because she has “negative responses,” (such as anger, unforgiveness, and hatred) towards “what happened,” [not what was done to her by that rapist,] and so, she reacts “cognitively impaired” and “negatively.” 

Logic Based Therapy makes the woman understand that she, (the victim of rage and rape,) must realize that in some cultures ‘violence and rape’ do not exist; men may take whomever they want, however they want.  So, by her “impaired perceptions of morality,” she “punishes and torments herself,” because “sin,” “victims,” “crimes” like rape and violence, and “criminals” like rapists only exist in her mind or her negative, ‘impaired thought processes.’ 

¨ The “reality” of Cognitive Behavior and Logic Based Therapies is that the assaulted, raped woman must allegedly “take full responsibility” of “what happened to her,” [not what was deliberately done to her,] because her own “impaired perceptions” and “impaired reality” “caused her suffering.”  The ‘answer’ is that she must fully exonerate the person she “perceives” as a violent rapist and abuser!”  This is how Logic Based Therapy “repairs” the “impaired,” (and thus ‘irrational and unreal’) personal perceptions that cause the low self-esteem, anxiety, depression; and self-destructive decisions and actions of those who “negatively” view the world, people, and circumstances in terms of their ‘impaired realities.’ 

One can only conclude that this mind-bending madness of so-called Cognitive Behavior and Logic Based Therapies, coupled with “regression therapies” that allegedly “repair the past” to achieve ‘collective unconsciousness,’ are spiritual and emotional death traps.  If suffering people allow these psychoanalyzing witchdoctors to get hold of them, they might never be sane again.  Even Christian psychologists and “deliverers” use these so-called “therapies.”  And through ‘regression therapy,’ they too, supposedly cox their ‘patients’ “back to their time in the womb and beyond, when they were still in their collective, unconscious ape-state,” to ‘repair’ their negative notions of “non-existent crime and abuse.” 


It cannot be disputed that learned bad behavior and demented upbringing have a limitless influence on human beings and on animals too.  That is why the Most High God of the Bible commanded loving, Scriptural upbringing, teaching, and the Godly disciple of children.  Jesus also prescribed Godly discipline for unrepentant adults in Matthew 18:15-20.  Obedience to these Scriptural necessities are Godly responsibilities; essential to the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of human beings.  This is so because “a lack of [contextual] knowledge [of God’s Word] destroys [the lives of people and robs them of eternal life in Jesus Christ.]”  Thus, God Jesus declared, “I desire mercy [or obedience to the Moral Law of Love] and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings, [or religious, outward temple and church service, and adherence to so-called ‘saving’ rituals and empty sacraments,]”  (Hosea 4:6.) 

Genuine so-called “cognitive reality” is that Jesus is the Truth, the Light, and The Life, as His Word is the Truth, (Jn. 16:4.)  Everything that is sold to people as “truth” and “reality” is definitely not what they promise it to be.  

Therefore, Pontius Pilate, severely infected by these age-old philosophies that were now made “new,” asked upon the testimony of Jesus, The Truth Himself, “What is truth?”  Then he went out to the Jews and said, “I find no fault in Him at all,” (Jn. 28:35-38.)  Pilate was actually saying, “This Man says He Is The Truth.  Your truth; my truth; the truth of the Jews…  None of it is reality but merely ‘cognitively impaired,’ ‘distorted religious and cultural reality.’” 

Authentic reality is supposedly that cognitively, no one’s truth is reality if it is “unnatural,” and, therefore, “does not feel right,” for then it is “illogical.”  But Jesus never went to the cross to redeem all of believing humanity because it “felt right” or seemed ‘logical.”  Although His full atonement in the place of humanity is the only “reality” of eternal redemption, salvation, and blessing, everyone is free to believe and do whatever they think is right.  This is how they “create their own realities.” However, it was against such presumptions that God warned in Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way [of so-called truth] that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is a way to death.” 



Supposedly, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (or CBT,) and Logic Based Therapy, (LBT,) differs from psychoanalyzing in that it no longer lingers on the cause of problems, but allegedly ‘focuses on the problem itself.’  The ‘problem’ is the ‘negative, impaired cognition’ or cultural understanding of people, who “make themselves suffer” with ‘victim mentality.’

Albert Ellis spelled out the meaning and real goal of these ‘Cognitive Behavior and Logic Based’ therapies. He is another devoted disciple of the anti-god, masonic religion called “evolution.”  He wrote, "[Evolving] humans, unlike all the other animals on earth, created fairly sophisticated languages, which enable them to think about their feelings, actions, and the results they get from doing and not doing certain things.  But they are now able to think beyond thinking, know beyond knowing; aware of their awareness to metacognition.” 

This means they are “evolving” to “higher order cognition” and thinking skills that ‘go beyond’ human abilities to connect with the super or ‘meta’ intelligence of aliens from outer space.  They are “now” allegedly ‘evolving spiritually to metacognition’ or acquiring supernatural knowledge of their own thoughts and the factors that influence their thinking.  These are allegedly paranormal/spiritual “thinking skills to problem solving.” 

Thus, psychiatrists and psychologists are “now going beyond natural thinking and memory by using hypnosis, [among other things,] to help people achieve ‘higher’ or ‘metacognitive’ understanding between cross cultures.”  That provides better results in learning about all the different cultures to discard ‘impaired perceptions,’ and “mould the world into the One Global Culture of the One World Order.” 

This dangerous messing with people’s minds psychologically and spiritually by contacting ‘higher powers’ or ‘spirit guides’ through hypnosis and other ‘therapies,’ to lead them to ‘higher knowledge’ and ‘metacognitive, collective consciousness,’ is merely Carl Jung’s occultism on steroids.  Additionally, Ellis lies about this ‘metacognition’ rubbish.  It is definitely not “new.”  Wikipedia wrote, “Writings on metacognition date back at least as far as two works by the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC): On the Soul and the Parva Naturalia.” 

So, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and it’s many offspring are supposedly based on logic thinking but in truth, they are all still grounded in evolution, humanism, spiritism, and the occult doctrines of Greek, Roman, Buddhist, and Hindu philosophers!  


Part of metacognition evolution is to find lasting happiness by “living in the moment.”  Daniel Gilbert wrote, “Happiness is found by living in the now, particularly if ‘the now’ involves having sex, [this is a call to immorality such as adultery and fornication — sins, which “do not exist” in psychology.]  According to a major study into mental wellbeing… happiness was more affected by… where they went in their imagination, [the occult practice of visualization,] than by the activity they were doing at the time... [This is the occult doctrine of Maya: ‘suffering is not real, it’s only an illusion.’]  The ability to think about what is not happening [or ‘living in the moment,’ which, ironically, psychiatry and psychology call “denial,”] is a cognitive achievement…  Sex is one of the few broad categories of activity that requires and perhaps benefits from our full attention…”  [What utter immoral nonsense!] 

A reporter continued, “[In response to an advertisement that sells mindless sex,] more than 5,000 people have signed up for the happiness study and the researchers hope to attract more so they can look at mental wellbeing in different geographical regions and between the sexes with greater accuracy…”

So, we now know why psychologists urge people through their so-called ‘therapies’ to live as ‘mindless’ beings.  They are creating an entire mindless race of banged up, immoral ‘human robots.’


On the surface, ‘here and now,’ occult Buddhist/Hindu therapies such as ‘Living in The Moment’ seem to turn ‘regression therapy’ on its head as they appear to be much more ‘beneficial’ than ‘repairing the past,’ because the focus seems to be “a straight-forward, logic, fresh approach to psychiatric help.” In layman’s terms, ‘living in the moment therapy’ can be compared to the belief that ‘mindless’ fish cannot remember anything for more than three minutes, and they cannot feel pain.  Believing silly myths like these is why fish are some of the most abused creatures in the world!  Thus, ‘living in the now’ therapy says a lot about the abuse of humans, because these ‘therapists’ actually expect people not to remember any abuse or feel any pain.  However, the God-given abilities to remember and feel pain are essential in learning innumerable survival and other skills, which keep us alive and benefit us personally, as well as human society as a whole. 

The same creation principles apply to animals.  I have kept Koi fish, Goldfish, and tropical fish for many years, and can confidently state they have different personalities, show emotions, remember faces, specific feeding times, what is safe, and what endangers them.  One can clearly see when fish are happy, cold, sick or scared.  I have seen fish die by giving up on life when they are separated from the school for prolonged periods of time.  My Koi fish hide underneath the water lilies and in the deep side of the pond when strangers arrive.  They also respond when I call each one by name to come out from under the water lilies during feeding time. This is how unique God made His whole creation. 

¨ The wonder is that the ever-living human spirits of people even cry out in the afterlife, (1 Ths. 5:23) Though the deceased “know nothing of what is going on here on earth and have no share in anything done under the sun,” (Eccl. 9:5-6,) they remember the abuse they suffered while they were still physically alive.  Revelation 6:9-10, “...The [human spirits] of those who had been slain for the Word of God and the testimony which they held, cried with a loud voice, ‘How long, O Lord… until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?’” 

Of course, the human spirits in heaven crying out to God for righteous judgment, (Rev. 6:9-10,) is not a licence to hold grudges and harbor unforgiveness.  This merely proves God does not expect us to live “in the moment” with three-minute memories, and the fact is that the pain we feel while physically alive, is very real.  Romans 8:28 states, “[God promised] that [He will] work all things for good for those who love Him [and keep His Moral Law commandments.]” 

So, how can we believe we do not learn from past and present suffering?  Not because we sinfully cling to harm and hurt but because we learn and grow emotionally from experience.  Experience and wisdom come from hardship, loss, suffering, personal sacrifice, and pain.  Hebrew 5:8 declares, “Though He was the Son, [in His complete humanity,] Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered,” Col. 2:9.] 



The ‘patient,’ through ‘self-discovery, self-healing and self-will,’ (as humanity supposedly only uses 10% of their brainpower,) must ‘rectify’ “learned, self-destructive, unreal, irrational emotions” by changing their “negative perceptions” and feelings of rejection, anger, etcetera, cognitively into positive, rational, and real emotions. 

The ‘problem’ of “impaired religious and cultural beliefs” can easily be treated by doing ‘positive corrective exercises’ to acquire the “real” cognitive knowledge of different cultures.  This can only happen if the patient cognitively replaces his or her ‘impaired reality’ of self-defeating, learned perceptions and negative words such as  “sinner,” “sin” and “adultery,” with collective, “positive and real reality” such as unconditional love and unconditional acceptance

¨ A great ‘tool’ in achieving this cognitive shift, is Role Play treatments that invoke spirits to supposedly help traumatized children and adults ‘correct their pasts’ by “confronting” their abusers.   For instance, in Gestalt Therapy or “empty chair treatment,” [in German, ‘gestalt’ means ‘form or shape, or manifestation of the unseen,’] the ‘patient’ “confronts” a spouse, parent, child molester, etcetera, by “imagining” the person is sitting in the opposite, empty chair.  The ‘patient’ must then face the imaginary person to vent all his or her “negative feelings” to the “gestalt.”  Then, the ‘patient’ changes chairs and “imagine” that he or she is the “gestalt” that sat in the chair, who now cognitively answers ‘the patient.’  In this way, the ‘patient’ and the ‘gestalt’ alternate roles until the ‘patient’ resolves his or her problems by cognitively “repairing” his or her “impaired, negative perceptions.”  In fact, this is calling up evil spirits, and the devil will never pass up such a golden opportunity to get hold of someone’s soul. 

¨ In Safe Place Therapy, ‘patients’ ‘escape’ to an alternative state of mind when they feel threatened by imagining  or visualizing that nothing can harm them while they are in their ‘safe place.’  This place might be on the beach or under a bed, wherever they feel completely safe.  It is told, one ‘patient’ went as far as to build a wooden jail to use as his ‘safe place!’  Of course, the only ‘safe place’ that is real is to be found at the throne of God in the Name and Power of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus, God’s  Word states, “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom will I fear?  The Lord is the Stronghold of my Life, of whom will I be afraid?  Ps. 27:1. 

¨ "Spirit" dolls are talismans used in witchcraft for "good luck," protection, etcetera.  They are also used in psychological “therapy.”  For instance, "worry" dolls can be small, cute, dressed in traditional dress - and even made from paper.  Wikipedia wrote, "...Worry dolls are given to sorrowful [people.] They would tell the doll their sorrows, fears and worries, then hide it under their pillow during the night. After this, they will literally sleep over the whole thing. The next morning, all sorrows are said to have been taken away by the worry doll. Worry dolls also play a role in modern paediatrics and child psychiatry. During a psychological interview with children, some counsellors offer a worry doll to the child as some kind of imaginary, but trustworthy "listener" and "contact person". The doll, in turn, will work for psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, and parents as some kind of "agent" and "trouble-shooter" between child and adult…”  These ‘toys’ might seems like "dolls from the light," but they are voodoo dolls from the kingdom of darkness.



While Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) seem to mirror Paul’s commandment to ‘deal with the past God’s Way and move forward,’ (Phil. 3:13-14,) in reality, it equals the medicating of symptoms such as a runny nose and fever, while ignoring the cause of the illness: killer bacterial pneumonia. 

In Cognitive Behavior Therapy and all its occult accomplices, prescription medication also plays a major part in the treatment of mostly unsuspecting people, who fail to reach ‘cognitive’ or actually ‘collective consciousness,’ which these shamans term “repaired reality.”  (All of this, of course, is pure New Age Dogma!) 

Sadly, the careless over-medicating, over-dispensing, and long-term use of soul and life demolishing prescription  ‘medication’ (or actually very dangerous drugs,) resulted in the addiction of countless people suffering from depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety, etcetera.  These drugs are far more habit forming and life destroying than the addictive and dangerous drug named “alcohol” - and addiction to alcohol can never be defended or minimized in any way!  In fact, used indiscriminately, these drugs are just as hazardous as any other illicit narcotic found on today’s market. 

Consequently, many conscience ‘impaired’ medical doctors, psychiatrists, and chemists have become superrich, sophisticated, educated drug lords, while medical aid funds pay billions upon billions to support the addiction of ‘sick’ drug addicts on prescription ‘medication.’ 

The extremely dangerous, illicit drug PCP (or Phencyclidine,) widely known as one of the “dissociative drugs” used from  1926 to 1965, (and in some countries into the 70s-90s) as an anaesthetic in medical operations on humans, (it is still used in animal ‘care,’) was banned from human use because of its hallucinative “disruption of distinct cognitive functions… overt alterations in cerebral metabolism, [that is brain function] and brain connectivity…”  [Medical Journal, BioPortfolio.]  In secular terms, PCP causes, among the many other complications, cognitive and memory impairment, and amnesia. 


Similarly, when used long-term and indiscriminately, anti-anxiety drugs or actually, dissociative drugs in the Benzodiazepine class subject people to memory loss and other dangerous complications.  Two most common drugs in this class are Alprazolam (Xanax,) and diazepam (Valium,) used as anticonvulsants in epilepsy, in panic attacks, insomnia, etcetera.  Cognitive impairing drugs (among others) are anti-cholinergic drugs such as Paxil, Detrol, Demerol, and Elavil.  These prescription drugs and all their derivatives are psychoactive drugs or hypnotic drugs that act on the central nervous system, “affecting brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.  These substances are also used recreationally, to purposefully alter one's consciousness, or as Entheogens or hallucinative ritual, spiritual, or shamanic purposes, and as a tool for studying or augmenting or “extending the capabilities of the human mind.” 

Entheogens (that also allegedly “generate the god within,”) are drugs that actually ‘blow open’ a hole into the reality of the spirit world, (the Fourth Dimension,) effectively connecting the user with demons, who pretend to be ‘angels of light and truth.’  False religiosity, hallucinations, prophecy; transcendence, revelation, etcetera, follow. 

When stopped, Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome multiplies all the effects that this drug first suppressed and supposedly ‘medicated;’ plunging the user into a deep abyss of emotional and physical hell. 

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