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· The Reformers’ ‘just and holy war’ on the Baptists 

· The Reformation’s offense began with slander, “That heretical sect the Re-Baptising Anabaptists are Donatists!”

· Catholics and Reformer Protestants deem the Preaching of the True Gospel as “Unnecessary” 




On October 17, 1553, John Calvin personally saw to it that his sly, ‘all-seeing’ police cremate Servetus on the stake. 

Miguel Servetus supported the Reformation in the beginning, but rejected John Calvin’s Protestant acceptance of the Roman Catholic trinity.  Servetus, a diligent theologian, could not find the contextual word and concept of ‘trinity’ in Bible Scripture.  Consequently, he believed in the Mono or One God of the Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures, as God  inarguably commanded in both the Old and New Testaments, (Deut. 6:4-6 KJV; Mark 12:29-30.)  [In the true context of New Testament Scripture, God is called “The Godhead” of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - the Inseparable,  Omnipresent God, the Lord Jesus Christ, (Col. 2:9! 1 Cor. 8:6 KJV; Acts 17:29, Rom. 1:20, 1 Jn. 2:23; Jn. 1:1-14; 14:5-11 KJV! Mt. 28:18-20.) What’s more, “The Godhead” is NOT Modulism or Oneness Pentecostal, Jesus-Only dogma.  This deception teaches that God only ‘manifested’ Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is allegedly the mere abstract ‘power’ of God such as fire and wind.] 

On the other hand, Roman Catholics teach that God is three completely separate, divine persons, (‘divine persons’ are gods,) “three distinct hypostases or persons who are coeternal, coequal, and united in one being, or ousia.”  In layman’s terms this means, “The three separate gods of the trinity are only ‘persons’ in agreement with one another and so, they are [supposedly] one.”  (That such illogical falsities can actually ‘make sense’ to billions of brainwashed people!) 

¨ The above motivated Servetus rejection of Calvin’s acceptance of this Roman Catholic doctrine as polytheism. The word ‘trinity’ or three ‘divine persons’ in agreement were unknown to early believers until it was developed by the Vatican during the fourth and fifth centuries when Caesar Constantine declared Catholicism the state religion of Rome. 

¨ Additionally, Servetus rejected the dogma of the trinity because the Roman Church made “Mother” Mary into the third  ‘divine person’ of the trinity: the holy spirit.  The Christianized pagan goddess Sophia or Shekinah is supposedly the ‘feminine side of god.’ (The great blasphemer Benny Hinn also teaches that God is androgyny, or “both male and female.”)  This is the reason why Catholics and even the pope bow to statues of MaryNonetheless, Calvin declared Servetus’ rejection of the Catholic trinity the ‘crime of blasphemy against God’ and called for the death penalty


Dan Corner wrote in ‘His Ashes Cry Out Against John Calvin,’ “Servetus refused to ‘recant’ and spent his remaining days in an atrocious dungeon with no light or heat, little food, and no sanitary facilities… [Then, with the implicit command and approval of John Calvin,] the Calvinists of Geneva put half-green wood around the feet of Servetus and a wreath strewn with sulfur on his head...  Servetus whispered with trembling voice: ‘Oh God, Oh God!’ [Farrell, the executioner] snapped at him: ‘Have you nothing else to say?’ Servetus replied, ‘What else might I do but speak of God!’...  For more than 30 minutes, the horrible agony continued… for the wood burned slowly.  ‘Jesus, Son of the eternal God, have mercy on me!’ the tormented man cried from the midst of the [smoke and] flames, while the [Calvinist] people of Geneva stood around to watch him suffer and slowly die!  Calvin had thus murdered [another of his many enemies,] and there is nothing to suggest that he ever repented of his crime

John Calvin himself was unsaved, according to Scripture, [and a child of the devil, Mt. 12:33; Jn. 8:44.]  But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers… their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur... (Rev. 21:8.)” 

As all the Roman Catholic human sacrifices, this sacrifice (and all His many other human sacrifices) of John Calvin can never be justified, no matter how hard Calvinists try to make Calvin into their hero.  Even if Servetus was really a ‘heretic’ because he rejected and rebelled against Scriptural truth, (which was not the case,) he still did not deserve to be slowly tortured to death at the stake! 

As Dan Corner also points out in his study on Servetus, “The truth of Scripture commands, in resolving doctrinal dispute, a false teacher should not be “silenced” by murdering him, but by refuting his heresies with the [contextual’ truth of the Bible!” (Titus 1:9-11…) 


“Alas, this is not the only personal execution on the stake of John Calvin…  Jacques Gruet, whom Calvin considered a Libertine… petitioned the Catholic king of France to intervene in the political and religious affairs of Geneva. [The territory of Calvin.]  Cruet… with Calvin’s concurrence, was beheaded for treason...  Bolsec publicly challenged Calvin’s [false] teaching on predestination, a teaching Bolsec, with many others, found morally repugnant.  Banished from the city in 1551, he revenged himself in 1577 by publishing a biography of Calvin that charged him with greed, financial misconduct, and sexual aberration….  It should be apparent that, from the founder down to us today, the “perseverance of the saints” doctrine, (most commonly known as ‘God’s unconditional love and acceptance’ or the “once saved always saved” dogma,) has often been a license for sexual church immorality [and violent Roman Catholic/Protestant murder, or blood-sacrifice to Satan,] taught under a banner of grace. 

“Because Calvin’s own theology allowed for his actions against Servetus [and against his many other victims as well,] many of his followers in our day are sexually immoral, liars, drunkards, and filled with greed, hatred, slander, etcetera, while they profess salvation.”  Corner is correct.  This is a ramification of Calvin’s perverted grace message – a teaching which has “spread like gangrene” from a man who could most cruelly murder people for disagreeing with his Roman Catholic doctrines.  For the remainder of his life, he never publically repented of his crime – or showed even a slither of remorse! 


That Heretical Sect the ‘re’-baptizers!” 

Just as the Vatican, the vision of the Reformers’ Protestant Church-Denomination Franchise was world domination or Christian Dominionism.  As a result, they instituted most of the Roman Catholic dogmas, which stood for complete State control over all their Christian-ruled countries.  So, to obliterate political and church opposition, Roman Catholic name-calling also became a vital component of the Protestants’ ‘just and holy war’ on all the ‘members of the opposition.’  Everyone who disagreed (or still disagrees) with their doctrines and so-called ‘saving sacraments,’ suffered (and are still, in one way or another suffering) under their sharp Roman Catholic/Protestant tongues and other means of torture and multilevel death.  (To this day, their lying and twisted slander is the crime of emotional murder, 1 Jn. 3:15.)   

In addition to labeling the Baptists as “heretics,” those two mainstreams of Christianity, (Catholicism and Protestantism,) marked them as ‘a sect or cult.’  Brainwashed by inquisitors, most people still do not understand the word ‘heretic’ as someone who contradicts an established religious teaching.  They were brainwashed to see ‘heretics’ as Satan’s witches from hell or crazy, demon possessed people.  Therefore, to them, a ‘sect’ is not merely a side-branch of the Christian church, but a group of insane, religious fanatics, who are also ‘politically hostile.’  Hence, many Christians still believe ‘heretics’ supposedly ‘sin against God,’ (the Christian church is a false replica of Jesus’ spiritual body of believers and definitely not “God,”) and may be scorned and ill-treated, even murdered, (emotionally and physically,) and they have to be avoided and rejected at all costs.  (What happened to Jesus’ commandment “to love even our enemies” enough to [at least] pray for them and tell them the truth about the Scriptures in any offensive situation? Lu. 9:53-55; Mt. 18:15-20.)

Many true sects have been existing through history and are flourishing during our time.  However, it is amazing that, as recorded in the Book of Acts, Satan does not continually direct such insults, hurts, and harms at them, but at “The Way, [the true Jesus Christ and His real disciples,] Whom [the actual blaspheming heretics] call a sect,” (Acts 24:14; Rev. 17:5.) 

Re-Baptizers are Anabaptists and Donatists! 

Through the ages, Catholicism and Protestantism tried every method known to man to restrict, suppress, hinder, and prevent Jesus’ true disciples to obey His commandments and to worship Him in spirit and in truth, because Scriptural obedience will always contradict their ‘saving church sacraments’ and Roman Catholic inherited doctrines, (Jn. 4:21-24.) 

Just as during the Roman Catholic crusades and inquisitions, refusing the Catholic/Protestant sprinkle baptism, (by which they forcefully ‘christened’ or ‘made into saved Christians’ the citizens of conquered countries,) “warranted the death penalty as the crime of treason against the state and god:” the Roman Catholic/Protestant church system. 

As the Baptists of the Middle Ages also stood for the Biblical separation between State and Church, they seriously interfered with the Catholic-Reformed goal to Christianize all the citizens of conquered countries the Catholic-Protestant way.  (Jesus commanded, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesars, and unto God the things that are God’s,” Luke 20:25.)  Add to this their belief that only true disciples of Jesus must be baptized according to His commandment and Personal example, and you gave Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans the ‘divine right’ to do damage control by declaring them ‘enemies of the State and Church,’ and thus to eradicate them en-masse by using the monarch’s armies.   

As a result, those churches ‘lawfully’ identified the Baptists as ‘Anabaptists’ or re-baptizers, (a sinful, unscriptural, antichrist  mindset that endures to this day,) and declared it ‘a threat to national and church security’ to ‘defect from the Church’ by ‘baptizing yourself again as an adult,’ after you were ‘baptized’ as a baby, or as a new convert, to become a church member — or actually, the ‘legal’ property of the church!  They completely ignored the fact that the real Biblical baptism is neither a baby sprinkling nor an ‘adult’ baptism by immersion.  Jesus commanded the baptism according to His own example by immersion in Matthew 3:13-17, and it only relates to sincerely believing disciples of Christ


On top of this, the early Baptists believed, just as the early Donatists, that believers must live moral lives according to Biblical standards.  Scripture demanded, “An overseer must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach, not given to wine, [a drunkard,] not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous…” (1 Tim. 3:1-3.)  So, if clergies unrepentantly practice immorality of any kind, they are not fit to minister to believers.  Of course, both the Vatican and the Reformers declared this statement ‘heresy’ as it spoke directly against them and the way they ruled their churches.  Their church ministrations supposedly had nothing to do with the type of lives they led.  Their authority rested solely on their formal church ‘ordination,’ which gave them the ‘legal right’ to manage the church according to the church’s corporate rules.  Jesus’ Scriptural, Moral-Law commandments were never even mentioned, (Jn. 13:34.)       

Catholics and Reformer Protestants deem the Preaching of the True Gospel as ‘unnecessary 

The so-called ‘insult,’ “Donatists,” led to another source of conflict between the Catholic/Protestant coalition and the Baptists.  Traditional churches unwaveringly declared that the Donatist/Baptist belief in evangelization, (to make disciples for the spiritual Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of men by preaching the real Gospel of Jesus,) “is completely unnecessary,” (Jn. 1:12-14; 3:3-5; 1 Cor. 6:15-20.)  Modern Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Calvinist Dutch  and other Reformed, Methodist, and other traditional Protestant Churches still follow this view, because “everyone in a Catholic or Protestant country are already Christians, as they are members of our churches through the sacrament of the baby baptism!”  

I repeat this, because it is so vital to understand what the sprinkling-church baptism really means to these churches.  The “christening” of babies and new converts literally means, “to make them into or convert them to become church Christians, who are ‘saved’ forever as long as they remain church members, no matter their personal convictions or lifestyles.” - (Read the truth in Mt. 28:18-20; Lu. 17:20-21.) 

Catholicism and Protestantism – and sadly, most of their divisions or denominations still declare, “The church is our mother and outside her, there is no salvation.”  Hence, their incredible lie that church membership with its so-called ‘atoning’ sacraments, administered by an “ordained” clergyman, is the only requirement for salvation. 

However, church clergies are actually Christian shamans that were ‘initiated’ into the “mysteries” of church religion, (the untold agendas and core dogmas of that system,) and who teach their pagan/Christianized doctrine and so-called ‘saving’ sacraments to hapless people who have no clue what they have joined or were born into, (Rev. 17:1-6; 18:4.)