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· Aiding False Teachers amounts to the worst kind of witchcraft 

· God’s Microscopic Marvels and Man’s Most Atrocious Witchcraft 

· Witchcraft committing man discovered viruses, bacteria, and fungi 



¨ Most Heinous Acts of Witchcraft Against the Highest God came through science and technology, (Daniel 12:4) 





Aiding false teachers and preachers amounts to the worst kind of witchcraft 

As said, to contribute to any form of sin, aiding manipulators such as lazy beggars and other fraudsters, also constitutes the crime of idolatry and witchcraft, as it violates the Moral-Law commandments of God to be responsible and earn our daily bread if possible, (Rom. 1:32.)  Our humanist intention to ‘do good’ might be noble, but we are not helping them to get closer to God by submitting to their exploitation.  We dare not turn God’s commandment, (to work for our own bread and to live responsibly,) into cheap ‘charitable,’ humanist works, which merely pacify a deep religious need within ‘good’ people to earn their salvation and blessing, while all of that is already completely free in Christ, (Gen. 1:15; 3:19; Gal. 3:10-14.)  Paul got his commandment, “If you [do not want to] work, neither should you eat,” from God’s creation principles before and after the fall in the garden in Eden, (2 Ths. 3:10.) 

The same goes for aiding lazy and/or drug and alcohol addicted spongers in our home, church, family, and on the streets, where our misplaced priorities amount to disobedience to God!  The Holy Spirit will never lead us to violate His own Word!  This most important principle of the Law of Love is demonstrated in 2 Corinthians 9:5, 7, “[Give… as you have decided in your own heart,] not grudgingly or of necessity… that it may be a matter of generosity and not a grudging obligation.” 

Aiding false, Scripture abusing teachers, prophets, and preachers also falls into this category.  As the defrauding manipulation of such unethical abusers of God’s Word impact directly on the eternal destiny of humanity, their exploitation consists of an extremely evil kind of witchcraft against God and their fellow man.  Hence, in 2 John verses 10-11, God forbade support and sponsorship of all such deceivers as dangerous, willfully unrepentant sinners.  God will surely hold us accountable for not allowing His wisdom and Scriptural truth to guide our charity in our support of others.  The footnote in the Spirit Filled Bible 1991 explains, “Giving hospitality to the false teachers [and other manipulators and fraudsters,] indicates sympathy with and support for their evil teachings, [their disobedience to the commandments of God, and their disregard for their ‘neighbors’ hard work, charity, and eternal souls!]  The book of 2 John does not forbid common courtesy towards others, but does prohibit action that will encourage deceivers in their work.”  



Man Discovered Unseen Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites  

One of the most amazing wonders of our terrestrial world is that an entire, unseen world, filled with incalculable numbers of minute creatures, exist all around us.  Innumerable numbers of tiny-tiny, living germs or microorganisms, (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites,) so small they are invisible to the naked eye, float in the air all around us.  They also encrust the outside and  inside of everything on earth.  They live on and in our bodies and on everything we touch. 

For very specific reasons, God created each of these organisms, which are completely invisible to the naked eye, in the beginning when He made all life on earth.  Through all the millennia, humanity remained oblivious to their existence until finally, in 1590, three Dutch eyeglass makers invented the first microscope. (Many scientists credit the discovery of the microscope to the 1674 findings of Van Lewenhoek, but he merely developed the invention of the three Dutchmen.)  Until that day, when those Dutchmen saw the hidden world of microorganisms (viruses excluded) for the first time through the lens of their microscope, humanity suspected, but did not know for certain that all of life’s existence pivots on the unknown world of unseen ‘germs.’  These minute life forms have been interacting with all life on earth from the moment God created all plant, insect, animal, human, and other life, as there was only one creation, as described in the Book of Genesis.  To say that they ‘evolved’ after the fall in Eden or that they ‘gradually came into being over millions of years’ is ludicrous, as no life on earth could or can exist without the mostly unknown, but necessary work of microorganisms. 


Another great wonder is that interrelations between different types of micro-organisms can either be toxic and lethal, or beneficial to all life on earth.  Firstly, (and this may sound scary at first,) they all feed on everything they can find.  Each species attacks their particular food source, either devouring or decaying everything within their reach.  For instance, a species that kills plants and mammals provide dead bodies for other species to feed on, which in turn, makes everything into compost to feed all plant life.  During the millennia before the construction of the first microscope – (and for centuries after the initial discovery of germs, while scientists continually improved the microscope,) humanity was oblivious to the fact that inestimable numbers of different types of microorganisms are continually controlling every living thing on earth. 

As the rest of creation, this micro-world proves the existence of the Great Intelligence, Who created them so Masterfully.  While all types of germs are present everywhere, some are dangerous while others are beneficial and benign.  It is impossible to kill all, or even just the bad micro-organisms on, say, our hands by washing, as germs of all types are not only extremely resilient to water and soap, they all constantly reproduce and spread at a phenomenal pace.  Dangerous germs always share a space with their benign enemies on waste and fluids from the body, washed and unwashed hands, clean and dirty food; in and on intestines, blood, air, water, soil, plants, and on everything else on the planet. 


For the benefit of all creation, different types of micro-organisms are constantly at war with one another, keeping the numbers of ‘bad’ as well as ‘good’ germs in check.  Our health and survival depend on the balance between the numbers of certain species at any given time and place.  If the numbers of a ‘bad’ species get out of control because there is a decline in the numbers of their ‘good’ enemies, they can cause polluted air, dirty soil and water, and diseases and epidemics in humans, animals, and plant life.  While we should clean ourselves and our homes regularly, cleaning does not discriminate against any particular type of germ.  When we ‘sterilize’ our hands, we dispel some of the harmful as well as some of the beneficial germs from our skin, while many still remain.  In fact, by over-cleansing and over-disinfecting our bodies and our environment, we could take down the numbers of beneficial germs, allowing dangerous germs to proliferate and make us seriously ill.  God created our bodies with their own marvelous defenses, but once ‘bad’ and even ‘good’ germs attack us in uncontrolled numbers, we will get sick and our bodies could lose the war. 

We find ‘good’ and ‘bad’ germs among the entire spectrum of micro-organisms.  Fungi decompose living and dead matter, and can cause disease and death in plants, fish, animals, and humans, while some species of fungi are vital in turning dead plant and animal matter into compost and bone meal.  Certain types of bacteria are necessary in the making of yogurt and cheese, while bacterial syphilis, tuberculosis, or pneumonia can kill the victim. 


In the ongoing war between all these different armies of unseen organisms, antibiotics, [which scientists developed from less dangerous fungi which destroy bacteria, (as used in penicillin,) and certain kinds of probiotic or ‘good’ bacteria, which live in and on everything on earth,] can combat and cure many fatal bacterial diseases.  However, it is important to know that the use of antibiotics is germ warfare.  An antibiotic tablet is not a painkiller or an instant cure to infection.  Each tablet contains type-specific germs, intended to attack the kind of germs that are making us sick.  In their war against ‘bad’ germs, the ‘good’ germs in antibiotic also kill many millions of beneficial bacteria in our bodies, which could imbalance the types of inteflora or microorganisms in our bodies.  Thus, long-term use, not finishing the course, or overdosing on antibiotics could make harmful bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and thus render the illness untreatable.  It can also cause ‘bad’ bacteria to become stronger or more resilient, posing the risk of causing fatalities among unknown numbers of people, animals, and other creatures all over the planet.


Most importantly, antibiotics cannot kill viruses.  Thus, it is useless and very harmful to take antibiotics for diseases such as flu, as flu is caused by a specific variety of flu virus and not a bacterium.  Viruses are so minute, they can only be seen through an electron microscope, (which only became possible with its invention in 1931,) yet they feed on unimaginably small bacteria, which are still much larger than them!  This is a good thing, yet, certain species of viruses can be much more dangerous to our health than bacteria.  Viruses can cause diseases such as measles, polio, diphtheria, and rabies, which remained uncurbed until scientists discovered the use of “species-specific” viruses such as cowpox to immunize, (or stimulate a person’s own immune system to fight) against deadly human viral diseases such as smallpox. 

What makes viruses immune to antibiotics and the attack of natural probiotics or beneficial bacteria, is unlike fungi and bacteria, which assault the cells of living creatures from the outside of the cell, viruses are so extremely small, they can live and multiply inside a creature’s cells, where they are protected from attacks.  As viruses infect the cells of plants, animals, humans, and even bacteria from the inside, they can only be killed or suppressed by the body’s own immune system.  Immunization or inoculation actually infects a person or an animal with a scientifically modified, ‘low-dose’ viral disease.  This triggers the body’s own immune system and ‘train’ the defensive white blood cells to recognize a particular virus as an extreme threat; eradicating specific types of viruses on infection. 


In contrast, dangerous parasites such as microscopic ‘snails’ cause tropical diseases like bilharzia, while the bite of a parasite-infected mosquito causes malaria fever.  Here too, bacterial antibiotics and even inoculation are useless.  But to kill malaria parasites, the anti-malaria medicine Malarone is used to prevent these parasites from multiplying in the bloodstream, so that the body’s immune system can suppress and/or eradicate them in time. 

We all know how scientists were and are tampering with God’s creation to commit germ warfare on soldiers and innocent civilians.  They genetically modify certain diseases to make them untreatable.  This must be one of the greatest acts of idolatry and witchcraft against the all-good Creator of heaven and earth! 


God’s Word on preventing physical disease 

The wonderful booklet, “None of These Diseases” by S.I. McMillen, makes the powerful statement that God’s people “can be free from all diseases by their obedience to His Biblical regulations.”  The writer illustrates his statement by using Deuteronomy 33:13 where God, in a time when humanity knew absolutely nothing about microscopic life, commanded sensible sanitation in the following manner, “You will set a place outside the camp and, when you go out to use it, you must carry a spade among your gear and dig a hole, have easement, and turn to cover the excrement.”

Through history, and increasingly in our day, disobedience to God, which constitutes witchcraft against His commandment to live sanitary and holy lives, caused the outbreak of many water-bound, intestinal diseases in the form of cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever, while humanity’s dreadful immorality caused venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea, which kill, vex, and disfigure millions of people across the globe.  The washing of hands after going to the toilet, and the washing of hands, body, and clothes after touching ‘unclean things’ such as blood and corpses, are also important commandments, which humanity ignores, spreading infections in unsanitary conditions, (Num. 19.) 

McMillen wrote, “The laws against leprosy in Leviticus 13:46 may be regarded as the first sanitary legislation, as quarantine, (which is commanded in this passage,) finally brought leprosy under control.” In later years, quarantine was also effective against other outbreaks of infectious diseases such as the Black Plague, (bubonic plague,) which killed between 750 and 100 million people during 1348 and 1350 - a quarter of the world’s population at the time.  However, nowadays, disobedient governments refuse to obey God’s commandment to quarantine those suffering from deadly infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS.  Instead, they made legislation to protect the so-called ‘rights’ of HIV and AIDS sufferers to incorporate them into society, with no other so-called ‘protection’ for the healthy than the wearing of condoms, “eating garlic and beetroot, and showering after intercourse” – according to South Africa’s President Zuma. 

The fact that these dangerous viruses permeate the entire body of diseased humans and animals, and live in all kinds of body fluids such as excrement, blood, and saliva, has no bearing on the minds of these so-called ‘leaders.’ 


God’s greatest minuscule miracles: Atoms and Subatomic particles 

In 1931, about 341 years after the three Dutchmen first saw the micro world of germs through a microscope, Max Koll and Ernst Ruska made the first Transmission Electron Microscope. Through the 500,000 times magnification of various kinds of Electron Microscopes, scientists could now see right inside those minuscule microorganisms.  Most amazingly, they could even see past the minute insides of germs - they could see exactly how intricately God had formed the tiniest organism!  For the first time in human history, scientists could see atoms. 

In 1931, humanity actually uncovered the very building blocks of God’s entire creation! 

Atoms are 40,000 times too small to see with the naked eye, yet they are the extremely minute bricks that God used to build everything in His creation, and even creation itself.  The latest ‘SuperStem2’ microscope can magnify an atom 20 million times, emitting a 5-millimeter wide picture of an atom.  To illustrate the wonder of this type of magnification, someone made the following comparison, “If we could magnify a man 20 million times, he would be able to hug the whole earth in his arms!”  It was through such immense magnification that scientists could now also study the inside of atoms! 

Amazingly, the inside of a most tiny little atom consists mostly of empty space!  Yet, inside that diminutive empty space inside that more than microscopic little atom, subatomic particles, (or protons and electrons,) bond with one another in very specific combinations to form a single nucleon.  Furthermore, multiple clusters of nucleons in different combinations merge inside the atom to form the center, or the nucleus of just one extremely tiny atom - whose inside mostly consists of empty space!  Now wrap your mind around this wonder of God’s unfathomable creation!

Additionally, the specific number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom’s nucleus identify different kinds of atoms.  These specific combinations determine the atomic number of an element.  For instance, six protons in an atom classify it as a carbon atom, while 16 protons in an atom identify it as sulfur, etcetera.  Yet, the scientific fact which baffles evolutionists the most is that a specific combination of atoms, which make up a certain element like carbon, by themselves, can never become something else! This is so because God did indeed create everything to multiply after their own kind!  Yet, these ‘scientists’ look to so-called ‘self-creation’ to solve their problem with the Almighty Creator. 

Now, knowing all this, say that you understand the super-meticulous God, Who commanded that certain atoms must merge in exact combinations with one another to form a molecule of a specific substance or element such as iron, copper, or salt.  For example, when two unbelievably tiny hydrogen atoms combine with one astoundingly small oxygen atom, they form a single, extremely tiny water molecule. When billions of teeny-weenie water molecules combine with one another, they form a single drop of water.

How incredibly true is the Word of God, which declares, “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that He made, even His eternal power and Godhead...” – (Rom. 1:20.)


Without a Shadow of Doubt, Creation itself Proves the Existence of God!  (Romans 1:18)

It is simply impossible that such precise and unfathomable intelligent planning could happen by ‘chance’ as evolutionists try to believe. It is completely implausible that, from just one completely so-called ‘accidental’ combination of protons, electrons, and neutrons inside just one so-called ‘coincidental’ little atom, the entire, most intricate and diverse universe could have created itself.  It is even more audacious to allege that from all the multitude of planets in the many solar systems of the universe, just one particular planet called earth ‘created itself’ or ‘evolved’ into a planet with just the right atmosphere, temperature, water, soil, and everything else that is necessary to make it teem with life. 

It is even more silly to think that, without any personal means or an inkling of intelligence, atoms ‘accidentally’ combined with one another to ‘mutate’ and supposedly ‘evolve’ into millions of diverse species of living, intelligent beings.  Dear reader, the lie of evolution is not only completely unscientific, it is super-illogic and totally satanic! 

Noel Horner wrote in ‘Planet Earth: Lucky Accident of Master Handiwork?’ “Earth’s atmosphere is 21% oxygen. If it were 25% oxygen, fires would erupt spontaneously; if it were 15% oxygen, human beings [and animals] would suffocate… However, having just oxygen is not good enough, it has to be in a specific form.  [To replenish oxygen levels continuously, humans and animals breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants ‘breath in’ to ‘breathe out’ oxygen!]  If the atmosphere were less transparent, with not enough solar radiation, [sunlight] to reach the earth’s surface, everything could die. If it were more transparent, we could be [incinerated] with far too much solar radiation… 

“Without the specific amount of gravitation on earth, our planet would never have come to orbit the sun… If the gravitational force [on earth and between the sun, moon, and other planets] were altered by 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001%, our sun would not exist, and therefore, neither would we.  There also exists a vital balance of gravitational interaction between the earth and the moon.  If the interaction were greater, tidal effects on the ocean, atmosphere, etcetera, would be too severe.  If it were less, orbital changes would cause climatic instabilities.  In either event, life on earth would be impossible. 

“When God established earth’s moon as “the lesser light,” He set its size and position relative to the earth by careful calculation… The earth rotates at just the right speed, making a complete revolution every 24 hours [one day] in its trip around the sun; heating earth’s crust evenly like a chicken on a turning spit. None of the other planets has the same speed of rotation. It was specifically designed this way to support life on earth…  Earth’s carefully calibrated ecliptic path around the sun, tilted at just the right angle on its axis, is also influenced by the moon.  The moon pulls on the earth’s ocean tides… slowing the earth’s rotation… [and keeping earth tilted at the right angle] as the planet spins on its axis… Gravitation also works on a subatomic level as it is the force that holds electrons and protons together inside atoms…” 

How magnificent is our all-knowing Creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!  (Heb. 1:1-14.)  For this reason, God, after creation, looked at everything, and said, “It is very good!”  So, where does the masonic ‘big bang,’ anti-god, anti-creation, antichrist theory come from?  And from where did the UFO, dinosaur, and “flat earth” theory without gravity and “outer space” originate?  From the enemy of God and all creation, whose name is Satan, of course. 


The Most Heinous Act of Witchcraft Against the Highest God came through science and technology, (Daniel 12:4) 

Scientists, mathematicians, and quantum physicists such as the Jew Albert Einstein, who studied God’s creation most intently to reject the reality of the Creator God in favor of the completely unintelligible, illogic, and unproven evolution theory, are really “without excuse.”  Einstein and other clever men also had the nerve to commit the highest form of witchcraft against the Creator God.  A mere 14 years after the first Electron Microscope was assembled in 1931, these men had perverted God’s little building blocks of creation, atoms, into the most destructive force ever known to man.  Through radioactivity, they distorted the nucleus of atoms, releasing the immeasurable, invisible power, which God had safely stored inside the core of atoms.  If we can describe atoms as the substance of our universe and of everything on earth, Einstein and friends had the audacity to change and twist the very essence of God’s creation! 

On August 6, 1945, America’s masonic president Truman, (Grand master of Missouri Lodge at the time,) gave the order to release their newly invented weapon of mass destruction upon the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  The first atomic bomb ever made exploded with the force of an estimated 20,000 tons TNT.  Notwithstanding that unbelievable mass destruction, (unparalleled in all of human history,) and the incredible loss of life, just a few days later, Truman callously released a second atomic bomb on the civilians of Nagasaki.  Some 75 years later, (in 2020,) the survivors of that inhumane American assault on the defenseless civilians of Japan, still suffer the brutal, prolonged agony caused by that radioactive radiation.

The unbelievable statement of the Jewish Cabalist J. Robert Oppenheimer, financier of this American “masonic experiment,” will live on until the end of days.  A stark-eyed Oppenheimer, crazed with satanic power, declared triumphantly, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds!”  J. Robert Oppenheimer knew exactly what he was saying.  As the ‘father’ of the atomic bomb and the embodiment of Satan and Death, he became the deliberate destroyer of both God’s (visible and invisible) worlds, (plural,) through atomic warfare.  Now, South Africans ought to realize where most of their country’s gold and diamonds went.  The Oppenheimer dynasty, built on the backs of thousands upon thousands of non-white and white mine workers, shared virtually in nothing of the billions upon billions of bullion they exported to the rest of the world to fund ‘pet’ projects such as the atomic bomb! 

Old Testament Daniel prophesied, “[He, the ‘last of the end-days’ antichrist spirit, Satan who rules all those who declare in various ways, “I am become death,”] will not regard the God of [the Bible…] for he will exalt himself above [all else.] 

¨ “Shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end… [when] knowledge will increase…”  This is clearly not the false Israeli Timeline that focuses on early “one-man antichrists” and the ousted, Old Testament covenant with the Hebrews, (Heb. 8:13.)  No one could understand the prophesies in Daniel chapters 7-12, which firmly connect with those in John chapter 13, until now that they manifest right before our eyes.  Additionally, knowledge had never increased as much as during the 20th century!  Paul referred to unscrupulous men such as J. Robert Oppenheimer  when he wrote, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men… because what may be known of God is manifest to them, for God has shown it to them… so that they are without excuse…  [These men are] of debased minds… inventors of evil things…” – (Dan. 11:37; 12:4; Rom. 1:18-19; 28-30.)