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· God Himself created Seasons on the 4th day; the ‘greenhouse effect’ is a lie

· The Creation Science/Evolution Theory of the “Dinosaur Eden” and Sudden Climate Change

· All these Evolution-Distortions of Scripture Permeated Christianity through Creation Science

· Idolatry and witchcraft in the Garden brought the curse on all creation 




God Himself created seasons on the 4th day; the ‘greenhouse effect’ is a lie

Despite the plain, contextual truth of the Book of Genesis and the realities of our earth, Creation Science and its false disciple Kent Hovind also spread the evolution belief that the so-called “tropical” garden “of” Eden represented the climate of the whole ancient earth, which was allegedly first a ‘tropical paradise,’ or a ‘lush reserve’ in its entirety.  This teaching was taken directly from evolution.  So-called ‘Answers in Genesis or Creation Science’ Christianized the false perception that only the tropics constitute “Eden” or pagan ‘paradise,’ which they perceive as the only perfect state of nature.  They claim that God changed Eden (or the entire earth) from a tropical rainforest into an open field when He cursed “the earth,” which man now has to cultivate all the days of his life, (Gen. 3:17-19.)

God created the entire earth “very good.”  Yet, God did not create the entire earth as a ‘tropical paradise;’ neither did the so-called ‘tropical paradise’ called earth become ‘an open field’ through sudden, or even systematic ‘climate change.’ 


In contrast to the evolution lie, the Bible tells us that on the fourth day of creation, (Gen. 1:14-19,) God created the sun, moon, and stars to “be for signs and seasons, and for days and years,” ruling time, the planet’s climate, and subsequently, all vegetation and other life on earth.  On that day, God created seasons by placing the rotating earth on a non-stop, elliptical orbit around the sun.  It takes the earth 365.25 days to complete its one-year cycle around the sun.  During this course, the surface of the earth experiences natural temperature changes as it moves nearer and farther away from the sun, resulting in four distinct seasons - winter, spring, summer, and autumn.  Winter, for instance, can be severely cold to warm and even hot; or wet and dry to very dry, depending on the location of a specific geographical region on earth.  Even rainforests can, therefore, experience cold winters and dry summers when rainfall and food supplies diminish. 

Different regions on earth did, and always will experience massive storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, etcetera, which continue to shape the geography or landscape of the planet.  (I am not denying or discussing the ‘signs of the times’ - the escalating frequency and severity of these phenomena, as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself had prophesied in Matthew Chapter 24, etcetera.)  Even so, Genesis 1:14-19 make it obvious that, in conjunction with earth’s original geological features, (e.g., high mountains, hills, canyons, and valleys - which stemmed from God’s massive, instant separation of the Seas from the Earth in a single 24-hour period, as described in Genesis 7:19-20, 1:9-10,) God Himself made the earth to consist of rain forests, tropical and sub-tropical savannahs, swamps, open grasslands, semi-deserts, deserts, and so on.  

Amazingly, on the third day, (the same day that God separated Land from Earth with one almighty sweep of His hand - one day before God placed earth on its seasonal course around the sun,) He had already commanded the earth to “bring forth grass, herb that yields seed… and fruit trees… that yields according to their own kind,” and of course, in their appropriate places and seasons, (Gen. 1:11-12.)  Hence, we know that, on the third day, God created ferns and palm trees to thrive in the tropics, where they still grow today.  He also created succulents and other desert plants to live in harsh climates, where they all have been “multiplying according to their own kind” through all the millennia.  We also know that God created certain animals, birds, and insects to live in the tropics, while He created others to live in forests, grasslands, deserts, and semi-deserts where they, too, all “multiply according to their own kind.” 


Evolution-Distortions of Scripture Permeated Christianity through Kent Hovind and Creation Science  

Creation Science or so-called ‘Answers in Genesis’ and Kent Hovind teach the evolution theory, dressed in a fancy Christian cloak.  God's so-called ‘re-creation’ after the fall in Eden, [e.g., changes from lizards to dinosaurs and from dinosaurs back to lizards,] or ‘adaptations,’ [e.g., certain sea animals ‘adapted’ or changed themselves to become land dwellers, and plants ‘adapted,’ or changed themselves to become carnivorous fly-catchers, desert plants, etcetera,] is pure evolution-dogma, which fit snugly into the completely unbiblical, unscientific theories of their teacher, Kent Hovind

Let us test a few of Hovind’s doctrines against pure Bible Truth.  

1) HOVIND: "Dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Noah took dinosaur eggs on the ark..."  

THE GOD OF THE BIBLE:  "Of every living thing of all flesh you will bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they will be male and female..."  (Gen. 6:19.)  This also proves that dinosaurs definitely did not live in Eden; either before or after the flood, as ‘Answers in Genesis’ and Hovind allege. 

2)  HOVIND:  “The earth was flatter and without mountains before the flood of Noah.  This flood destroyed the surface of the earth to create mountains, canyons, etcetera.”  This lie comes directly from evolution dogma!

BIBLE TRUTH:  In the beginning, God shaped the entire landscape of the earth as we know it through His almighty moving of the “waters” that covered the earth when God separated the “Seas” from the “Earth” in just one day.  [“It was evening and it was morning:” a literal 24 hour period – Gen. 1:2, 9-10.]  In that single day, long before Noah’s flood, God created “high hills, “high mountains,” etcetera, as recorded in Genesis 7:17-24.)  At Noah’s flood, the floodwaters “receded continually” or gradually, and slowly “dried up from the earth” during the course of about 12 months!  The flood of Noah did not gush away in one go to form mountains as they already existed before the flood!  (Gen. 1:8-2-15; 7:20; 8:1-15.)

3) HOVIND:  “At the flood of Noah, the seas were underneath the earth in a place called “the deep,” which burst open and the waters under the heavens [which was actually a thick layer of ice, melted]... to destroy all the trees, vegetation and animals…  Everything was buried underneath the cataclysmic creation of mountains and canyons...  That's where all the coal comes from!" 

BIBLE TRUTH:  In Gen. 1:9-10, on the second 24-hour day, God said, "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear...  and He called the land Earth and the waters Seas..."  Hovind does not even know that the seas were exactly where they still are today, because God created it to be like this!   After the flood, the “fountains [not “seas”] of the deep [underground springs and rivers] were stopped, and the rain was restrained,” (Gen. 8:2-3.)  So, the deep did not cataclysmically burst open.  It still exists today. 


Moreover, all the aquatic animals and other life in the sea were not ‘destroyed’ in the flood; as that would have necessitated the re-creation of all the water creatures, as well as all of earth’s vegetation.  Only the creatures that were “on the face of the ground,” or on dry land, were drowned, (Gen. 7:21-24; 11.)  When the water eventually began to gradually dry up from the earth, the dove came back with an olive leaf in her mouth from a tree that was still standing under water on one of the highest mountains, which God had created at the very beginning in Genesis. 

Hovind's list of gross twisting and additions to Scripture goes on and on.  To read more into the Scriptures and the real Biblical changes, which God Himself made to creation because of the fall, (like the earth that henceforward brought forth weeds,) is to conjure up witchcraft against God.  To come to the twisted conclusions of Creation Science, which are based on the completely illogic, anti-creation philosophies of the evolution theory and not on the real, contextual truth of the Bible, is to be “proud and think above that which is written… [which] makes us differ from one another [in belief and Biblical doctrine,]” (1 Cor. 4:6-7.)   Surely, conjuring up such lies is a serious form of witchcraft against God and His Word.   


Scripture makes it clear that in the beginning, “all the animals, birds, and everything that creeps on the earth,” (such as snakes, lizards, and insects,) fed on vegetation or “green herbs,” (Gen. 1:30.)  So, without adding, omitting, and twisting Scripture while still keeping biological facts in focus – how do we answer questions like, ‘Did God create the lion with predatory claws and long, carnivorous fangs, or did such predators gradually ‘change or evolve’ into hunters after the fall?’  [This is evolution.]  ‘Did God create snakes and insects with venomous fangs and stingers in the beginning, or did they themselves develop these adaptations’ after the fall?  Did God create insects like leeches and mosquitoes to prey on blood from the beginning, or did they suck on plants first, and then ‘developed’ their own proboscises to penetrate skin?

God cursed His once immortal creatures with toil, old age, and death 

We can be certain that God’s curse on the snake, ‘the ground,’ and on humanity was fulfilled on a multilevel – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  God said to the once perfect, sinless, physically immortal Adam in Genesis 3:17, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife and have eaten from the tree of which I have commanded you not to eat, [effectively committing idolatry and witchcraft against Me,] cursed is the ground, (not the entire creation and all the vegetation,) for your sake, [so that] in toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.  Thorns and thistles it will bring forth for you, [strange, invading, hazardous, poisonous plants – symbols of a multilevel fulfillment of toil, trouble and hardship.]  You will eat the herb of the field… [which you will now have to cultivate with difficulty,] until you return to the ground from which you were taken.  [You would have lived as sinless, carefree immortals on earth, but henceforth all of humanity, (and all of creation; animal and plant life too,) will be subject to toil, suffering, old age, and death.]” 

A New Testament Paul confirmed that a major change from effortless blessing to suffering, (not a physical, evolutionary change,) came over creation at the fall, as “creation [became] subjected to futility.”  God’s once perfect, ever-living creation on earth became prone to the rot of sin.  From then on, hardship and decay would rule over God’s entire physical creation, (Rom. 8:20.)

God cursed the snake “more than” the other cattle and beasts

In Genesis 3:14, God said to the snake, “Because you [have deceived the woman,] you are cursed more than all [the cattle or domesticated animals and all the other ‘wild’ beasts.]  On your belly you will go, and you will eat dust all the days of your life…”  The snake would also become “subject to futility” like all everything else on earth.  In addition, a two-fold curse would follow it “all the days of its life,” which symbolizes God’s judgment on the devil for abusing the snake and deceiving Eve, thus causing Adam so sin knowingly; plunging all of humanity and creation into degradation and death.  First, a specific, multilevel change occurred from a position of blessedness to a state of cursedness.  Second, a specific kind of hostility between the snake and humans would make life even more difficult and dangerous for the snake than for all the other animals.  The snake is certainly the most hated animal on earth. 

There are many different interpretations of “on your belly you will go.”  Most Bible scholars believe that the snake could have been a lizard with legs.  If that were true, why did the curse not cause all lizards to lose their legs and become belly-sliding snakes?  Maybe God cursed the snake as a sub-species of the lizard family as others allege.  However, this poses the problem of how many legs a 6-meter long anaconda had to lose that day in the Garden.  Realistically, someone remarked that an anaconda on legs would have resembled a giant centipede more than a giant lizard.  Some Christian leaders like Martin Luther (and the false Christian Creation Science or ‘Answers in Genesis,’) say the snake first walked upright on two legs like a human.  This too, would have been impractical as an upright anaconda would have been as tall as a tree. Others think the snake was able to fly and lost its wings.  If that were so, would it not have had feet as well as wings?  John Calvin and his followers say God cursed the snake only on a spiritual level, humiliating it.  I hardly agree with anything the reformer John Calvin said, but this might be the exception. 

It is true that snakes do not literally ‘eat dust’ either.  Gary Vaterlaus explained in ‘Contradictions Left in the Dust,’ The imagery is symbolic of a creature low, despicable… In Micah 7:16-17, God prophesies of a time when the nations will come crawling to Him… ‘They will lick the dust like a serpent; they will crawl from their holes like snakes…’ 

Conclusion: The Curse of Eden was a Multilevel God-change – which is not the lie of evolution

Evolution mumbo-jumbo such as “continual and gradual adaptations” or so-called ‘evolutionary changes over millions and millions of years’ are unbiblical, illogical, and definitely un-scientific!  The real motive behind the anti-creational lie of evolution is to cut away creation from its Creator.  Since those first, literal six days of creation and especially since that day of the fall, humans are still humans, elephants are still elephants, lizards are still lizards, and it is merely a masonic, fabricated “fact” that dinosaurs really lived, (like that “scientific” hoax, the Loch Nest monster,) which is supposedly still roaming the earth, according to Creation Science’s deceived disciple, Kent Hovind

It is unlikely that snakes were venomous creatures before the fall as Scripture tells us that all the animals, birds, and “creeping things” were once peaceful grazers.  However, without re-creating any of His creatures, or ‘evolving’ them into other species, God Himself, because of the fall, changed the talking snake in the Garden into a species of ferocious predators, as most serpents incapacitate their prey with deadly venom, which also aids in digesting prey, once it is swallowed whole.  Because of what happened that day in the garden, God also equipped carnivorous beasts, birds of prey, oceanic predators such as sharks, and all kinds of ‘creeping things’ with fangs, sharp claws, talons, venom, and stingers to feed on flesh, blood, and bone. 

According to the Bible, this predatory change could not come into fulfillment until after Noah left the ark.  That day, under God’s first rainbow in the sky, our wonderful Creator first placed the “fear and dread of man” on all animals, as “every moving thing would become humanity’s food - except the flesh and blood of other humans.”  At that moment, the curse in the Garden came into effect on “every moving thing,” and especially on the snake, which was cursed ‘more’ than all the other animals, (Gen. 9:2-4.) 

It is clear that God also spoke metaphorically to the physical snake at the fall; actually addressing that sneaky old stowaway Satan, the entity that used the physical snake to do his dirty work.  Actually, God’s judgment on the snake was an allegorical prophecy, announcing that from then on, there would be great enmity between Satan and humanity, just as there had been enmity between God and Lucifer since that day he first committed mutiny against his Creator.  However, while God was declaring judgment on the snake as a symbol of Satan, He also prophesied redemption for humanity and all creation, stating, “[Jesus the Savior of the whole world] will bruise your head, [Satan,] and you will bruise His heel [at Calvary.  He will cast you down to humble you, you proud, rebellious snake, and] you will eat dust all the days of your life,” (Gen. 3:14-15.)  Read Gods promise to redeem His entire creation at Jesus’ return in Rom. 8:18-23. 

Because evolution in all its various forms is such an anti-God, antichrist, anti-creation lie, I believe, to say that in physical appearance the talking snake in the Garden resembled anything but the snake we know today, is to add to Scripture, and to fall into the trap of evolution and its Christian counterpart creation science.  Nothing on earth was first one species, which ‘changed’ into, or physically ‘evolved’ into another species!  All of creation suffered ‘futility’ because of what Satan did to the snake.  There is nothing that leads us to conclude that the snake was first another species before God commanded Satan to “go on his belly” before the living Christ at Golgotha, (Col. 2:9-15.)  As the snake allowed Satan to use it to bring humanity to a fall, ‘everything that moves’ began to predate on one another, and the snake and everyone and everything else became victim to that Old Snake the devil, that day in the Garden.   


Occult ‘Medicine’ Consists of Cannibalism and Vampirism   

God commanded in Gen. 9:4-6, “You will not eat flesh with its life, [consciousness, mind, or soul,] that is, [in] its blood...  Whoever sheds [human] blood, [or commits murder,] by man his blood will be shed; for in the image of God He made [humanity.]”  What’s more, God explicitly forbade witchcraft, and willful communication with spirits, (either human, or demonic – even angelic spirits, unless communication with holy angels is initiated by God first.)  God plainly stated, “There will not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, [through so-called initiation or dedication ceremonies, or by physically sacrificing them to any cause or deity,] or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer [fortune teller,] or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who [supposedly] calls up die dead [in ancestor worship and consultation, etcetera.]  For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord…” (Deut. 18:10-14.) 

It is not just murder to kill and consume humans; cannibal, vampire Satanists in all their various forms believe they are consuming the ‘life force,’ being, consciousness, character, or the ‘soul’ of the murdered victim by eating the flesh and drinking the person’s blood.  This is a horrific abomination against ‘our neighbor’ and God, which pleases Satan greatly.  However, the evil one promises special ‘powers,’ or strong demons to the person who violates the Word of God in this way.  That’s why, through the world, traditional witchcraft, ancestor worship, and animal and human sacrifice are continuing practices, entrenched in cultural, occult ‘healing’ and ‘fertility blessings,’ which keep whole communities in fear and under the control of the local witchdoctor/shaman and their tribal leaders. 

¨ Also, wildlife and plant life in most parts of the world are being butchered and gathered indiscriminately at such a phenomenal rate that most species were already pushed into, and onto the brink of extinction, yet everything that moves and grows is exploited for witchcraft practices and used in so-called ‘traditional medicine.’  The cruel abuse of God’s innocent creatures and humans alike, slaughtered and slowly tortured to death for the sake of occult ‘medicine’ and other witchcraft practices, goes way beyond all levels of human logic. 

Animal and human sacrifice in particular, was always a royal custom among indigenous tribes through the world, and practiced by shamans of all types, who were/are employed by kings and other dignitaries to call ‘strength,’ ‘blessing,’ ‘protection,’ and ‘victory in war’ to the leader, tribe, and nation. Witchdoctors smear the dripping blood from frantic, half-skinned, slit-throat, yet live goats, chickens, and other animals, over the bodies of their ‘clients’ to ‘anoint’ them in ‘healing’ and ‘power’ ceremonies.  It is assumed that the ‘patients’ of these ‘healers’ do not realize that they are participating in voodoo and black magic; evoking the power and control of Satan over their lives. 

As in all these revolting blood-ceremonies, the Spanish still barbarously practice their ‘national sport’ to torture bulls by continually spearing, chasing, and provoking them until those suffering animals succumb to unimaginable fear, confusion, frustration, anger, exhaustion, pain, and blood-loss.  The real motive behind such inhumane cruelty is to allegedly ‘acquire’ the strength and bravery of the bull – and of course, they say such ‘brave torture’ of the bull ‘proves’ the so-called ‘courage’ and ‘skill’ of these cruel tormentors, the ‘matadors.’  Matadors, just as other shamans, who torture people and animals to death ritually, are Satanists, and those bulls are ritual blood sacrifices to Satan, performed in their ‘sport’ arenas or actually, public temples, in full view of hordes of bloodthirsty spectators, who are all, (knowing or unknowingly,) participating in voodoo and black magic.  The purpose of all blood-sacrifice is to ‘earn’ demonic power from Satan in exchange for extreme cruelty against God’s helpless creatures.  [The Zulu Ukweshwama Ceremony, where a bull is most violently, but slowly tortured to death by the bear hands of a bloodthirsty crowd of men, (in which President Zuma of South Africa is a reveling participant,) is discussed in “Neglecting Ancestor Sacrifice Constitutes their Notion of ‘sin.’] 


Once, it was accepted tradition in huge parts of the world that, when a royal dies, soldiers, maidens, slaves, even pets and horses had to be sacrificed to the gods and then buried with the monarch to escort him to, and serve him in the afterlife.  Most of these victims were buried alive.  In fact, to this day, animal and even human sacrifice remain an accepted way of life in all countries — although much of this is committed secretly.  For instance, in Tanganyika, the Lion Men ritually slay hundreds of people in a single ceremony, and the West African secret society, The Leopard Men, continues to practice ritual cannibalism.  In Limpopo Province, South Africa, at Lake Venduzi and other places, shamans sacrifice(d) virgins to their ancestor gods – or in reality to the water god, in exchange for fertility ‘blessings’ like rain and victory in war. 


Today, ritual ‘medicine’ murder centers more on personal gratification and money than tribal needs, as vast amounts of money are always involved in witchcraft.  As in most cultures, the sacrificial offering and consumption of human and animal body parts like the brain, ears, eyes, lips, feet, hands, genitals, heart, liver, etcetera, are supposed to ‘strengthen’ the shaman, and/or the ‘client.’  Sometimes, the victim is left alive with a missing lip, nose, ear, or hand. 

Often, body snatchers mutilate corpses in mortuaries to supply the constant demand for body parts.  ‘Medicine Healers’ also hire murderers and undertakers, (and smugglers of rare and endangered wildlife and even domestic animals,) to supply them with body parts, which they then soak in liquid or grind into powders to make ‘strong medicine. 

‘Medicine doctors’ use sexual parts to ‘strengthen’ libido or to buy fertility from their ancestor and other gods; a human heart to enhance bravery, etcetera.  Those ‘medicines’ are all being derived from the ancient practice of witchcraft.  Most horrendously, rhinos are needlessly being slain to extinction to allegedly aid and cure erectile dysfunction — what satanic rubbish!  Horn is the same as nails: dead skin, which has absolutely no ‘power’ at all! 

If the body parts can be ‘harvested’ while the human or animal victim is still alive, the begging for mercy, torturous screams, etcetera, supposedly call many powerful demons to the witchdoctor and the ‘client,’ who bring these shocking sacrifices in exchange for so-called ‘good luck’ from Satan.  (Luck always connects to Lucifer.  Blessing can only come through the full atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, Gal. 3:10-14.)  These Satanists believe, the more the victim suffers, fights and protests, the stronger the ‘muti’ or ‘medicine.’  They then ‘take in,’ (vampirize, and if the victim is human, cannibalize) the ‘soul’ and ‘abilities’ of the victim by ceremonially drinking the blood and eating the flesh.  

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