· Dedication to Earth, Fire, Smoke, Wind (or Air) and Water gods through baptism sacraments, etc.

· Initiation, or Unbiblical Dedication is a Pact with the devil — Ancestral Contracts with Satan 

· A Scriptural distinction between Rape and Willing Participation 

· Sex, Alcohol, and Drug Initiation

Dedication to Earth, Fire (and Smoke,) Wind (or Air,) and [church baptizing] Water gods 

Scripturally, supernatural manifestations of God can, and do be presented as, or take the form of God’s natural forces such as water, wind, (or air,) fire and smoke, (Acts 2:2-4; Heb. 1:7;14; Rev. 7:1; 15:8.) 

We read in the Bible that God is the God of heaven and earth.  However, God is not earth itself; or ‘Mother Nature’ – which is revered as a god itself - He is the Creator of heaven, earth, and nature in its totality. 

Moses had an encounter with God at the burning bush when God manifested His presence in the visual form of fire. 

God was not the natural fire itself; His presence was “as of fire.” 

Likewise, the Holy Spirit manifested His presence and power at Pentecost in the form of wind and fire – and in the temple as smoke.  In addition, the Bible refers to water as the symbol of God’s spiritual “washing, sanctifying, (or hallowing) and cleansing Word;” the presence and supernatural work of the Holy Spirit; also described as the “Life of God” or “Life in Christ.”  Yet, water itself can never be God; it merely symbolizes the consecration, [to make holy by the blood sacrifice of Jesus,] and salvation of God, (Eph. 6:26; Titus 3:5; Jn. 3:3-5,1 Jn. 7:7-9 in the Old King James version, etc.) 

As God manifests and symbolizes His presence and work in the form of natural forces, Satan always turns Biblical encounters with God into witchcraft to gain a foothold in the lives and minds of people.  The main difference between Biblical manifestations of God and the worship of nature, is that pagans revere natural forces itself as sacred, because they worship earth, wind, fire, water, (and even plant and animal life itself) as deities - as gods.  Hence, earth gods, fire and smoke gods, wind or air gods, and water gods have different names in every pagan culture, but by any name, these ‘gods’ are worshipped for their ‘holy,’ ‘supernatural’ abilities and benefits to humankind. 

Consequently, all unscriptural dedications or initiations, where the ‘water itself’ (as in sacramental or ‘saving’ ‘regenerative’ baptism,) or the fire itself, (as in cremation of the dead,) relies on the power of the ‘water god,’ the ‘fire god,’ etc. 


The ‘saving,’ ‘regenerative’ water god in pagan and Christian baptism 

In all pagan worship, the so-called ‘healing properties’ of water do not merely relate to the soothing heat or refreshing cold of natural water, but to the element of ‘holy’ water itself as a healing or saving god.  While water is refreshing, absolutely necessary, and marvelous, it remains a creation of God.  However, most ‘health’ practices, which incorporate the ‘healing’ of water, invoke the power of the water god itself and do not merely refer to the soothing warmth of water, etc.  Thus, both in paganism and in Christianity, we find so-called ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’ springs and rivers ‘of healing and life’ on a global scale. 

Similarly, in both pagan, and pagan-Christianized water rituals, water is not used as a mere symbol of salvation or consecration as in the true context of the Bible.  Water itself supposedly is a god - the actual savior, (spiritual regenerator,) sanctifier, healer, etc.  For instance, Roman Catholic/Anglican, and all their affiliated churches allege that they, as the ‘ordained, holy’ priesthood of the church, (and actually gods and christs themselves,) have the ability to ‘change’ ordinary water into so-called ‘holy’ water.  They accomplish this in the same way as transubstantiation or Roman Catholic holy communion, when they magically turn ordinary bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ – which they then actually cannibalize ritually to ‘absorb’ the blood and body of their christ. 

Consequently, these Christian clergies also revere water as a deity with supernatural abilities. 

Roman Catholics also use the water god (‘holy’ water) in exorcism, and to cross themselves to ‘bless’ themselves by ‘putting on’ the water god.  Even more horrendously, both Catholicism and traditional Protestantism such as Lutherism and Calvinism, (the Dutch Reformed/Methodist churches,) use the Roman Catholic water god itself, (or rather, the ancient Babylonian water god itself,) in the ritual sprinkling of a baby to accomplish so-called “complete spiritual regeneration.”  The water god itself, invoked by the ‘blessing’ of the ‘holy,’ ordained clergy-gods of these churches, has “saving, soul-regenerating power, which accomplishes the spiritual rebirth of the baby!”

Just as in raw paganism, the Christianized water god of this ‘baptism’ is the ‘Savior’ of these denominations.

However, the Lord Christ Jesus of the Bible has nothing to do with this completely unbiblical ‘baptism.’   


The earth god and goddess, or Pan and ‘Mother Nature’

We discuss the worship of earth and nature (plants and animals) later on in this study.  For now, it is enough to say that the center of all earth (and nature) worshipping religions, (called ‘pantheism,’) is the worship of earth itself and the forces and creations of nature itself as the fertility goddess ‘Mother Earth,’ and ‘Mother Nature,’ from whom, supposedly ‘all life sprang.’ 

Earth itself is also worshipped as male fertility gods such as Pan.  Earth, as the male god Geb, also allegedly incarcerates the dead in his own body, the ‘sacred’ ground.  In Africa, earth itself is worshipped as the ‘supreme’ god Anansi. 


The fire and smoke god in fire sacrifice such as cremation and fire walks   

‘Sacred’ fire and ‘holy’ smoke rituals call specifically for the worship of, and communion with a god, as both fire and smoke itself is revered as a deity.  In Biblical times, worshippers of the Canaanite fertility god or sun god Moloch sacrificed their children by throwing them into a furnace, or into the ‘arms of the fire god’ to gain ‘blessing’ on their crops, marriages, etc.  They were not simply sacrificing their children by burning; they were sacrificing their children to the ‘sacred’ fire itself.  With the same motive in mind, some followers of voodoo and other forms of witchcraft still cast their children, virgins, etc. ceremonially into open fires and active volcanoes. 

Fire rituals (as other pantheist rituals) always hold a special place in all occult practices, as they signify humanity’s complete surrender to, union, and communication with the fire god.  The burning of candles in religious ceremonies and other fire rituals such as fire-cracker feasts, (worship to the gods of fire and light,) call and signify the presence of fire gods.  Similarly, in cremation of the deceased, the body is ‘released’ to the fire, ‘surrendering’ the body and the soul of the deceased to a fire god.  Through union with the fire god, and by being ‘consumed’ by the fire god, the soul is ‘set free’ from this earth and the person ‘bonds completely’ with the fire god.  The rising ‘holy’ smoke from the cremation is allegedly the “concentration of the fire god,” which ‘carries’ the burning person ‘to heaven’ – to the Viking’s Valhalla, the Hindu’s Nirvana, etc.  [Refer to ‘Cremation is a Pagan Fire Ritual and not the same as Biblical Burial.’]   

ALL RITUALS INVOKE SPIRITS.  Whether water, fire, and smoke rituals are used in a tribal, church, or corporate context, fire rituals too, always initiate people into communion and union with the fire god while bonding them spiritually to a tribe, marriage spouse, family, or community - such as a corporate company, which tells them they simply use fire walking for ‘self-enrichment’ and ‘team building.’ 

‘Holy’ smoke rituals such as sharing a “peace” pipe, jumping over fire and smoke, or ‘smudging’ (fanning or blowing) ‘holy’ smoke over oneself, an object, or someone else allegedly seal a friendship, a covenant, or a treaty.  Such smoke rituals also ‘seal a baby’s soul into its body,’ ‘ward off’ bad spirits and ‘negative energies,’ calling up ‘spirit friends’ or in fact, demons to unify or to protect people. 

The truth of the Bible declares that the presence and power of the Holy Spirit manifests as, or merely in the form of smoke.  The sincere believers’ prayers, thanksgiving, holy lives, and holy deeds of love and truth are as sweet smelling spiritual incense before the throne of God, (Eph. 5:2-14.)  However, just as in crude paganism, the Bible-twisting witches of the Roman Catholic/Anglican papacy and their affiliates, swing burning incense to “enkindle in the heart the fire of God’s love, exhaling the odor of Christ.” In this way, they ‘release’ their pagan yet Christianized smoke god and supposedly make their prayers ‘rise into heaven.’ 

Initiation, or Unbiblical Dedication is a Pact with the devil

Ancestor Contracts with Satan

Satan is never satisfied with the sinful service of humanity only.  He demands the lives and souls of all sinners, as well as the lives and souls of all their descendants.  Consequently, he insists that everyone on earth enters into a legal contract with him.  Satan cunningly convinced our ancestors to sign the contract on our behalf while we were still too young to make decisions concerning own lives and eternal souls.  In ancestor pacts, as in any other strategy to gain the soul of humanity, Satan stands, no less, on the truth of God’s Word, which he turns into witchcraft to suit himself.  Satan knows God had commanded in His Word, “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, [through so-called initiation or unbiblical dedication ceremonies, or by physically sacrificing them to, or ‘baptizing’ them into a cause or religion, thus ‘giving’ them to a deity…]  You shall have no other gods besides Me… For I… am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and the 4th generations of those who [disobey] Me,”  (Deut. 18:10-14; Ex. 20:1-6.) 

In defiance of God’s protective commandments and for the sake of tribal or church acceptance and membership, Satan persuades most parents to ‘dedicate’ their children, or actually, to sacrifice them to him by initiating them, (or by pushing them) into his dark, religious kingdom.  In this way, the enemy entices parents to give him a legal contract to control and possess their children through false beliefs.

If your parents or grandparents were involved in pagan and other occult practices such as Wicca, etc., you can be certain that they have dedicated you and your descendants to Satan.  ‘Making their children pass through the fire’ is part of the pact that witches of all religions and societies make with the devil. 

In Christianity, the first pact, which parents make with the devil, is ritual dedication or initiation into a religious system through the unbiblical baby sprinkling-baptism – or by surrendering the baby to the water god of Catholicism and traditional Protestantism.

The copy of this contract is the baby’s ‘baptism certificate.’ 

As a result, Satan wages a legal contract over millions of God’s souls!  To dissolve that satanic contract, we ourselves have to personally accept and confess the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, and fully repent from all affiliation with that church or religion, (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.)  Then we have ‘tear up’ the contract by asking God’s forgiveness for the sin our ancestors have committed by violating His commandments concerning our lives.  Next, we have to repent, (or turn away completely) from all involvement in that religion or church.  We have to destroy all church and other religious certificates; renouncing out loud all ancestor pacts with the devil on our behalf – asking God to break all demonic holds and influences that Satan had gained on our lives and souls, (1 Jn. 1:7-9; Deut. 7:25-26.)

The only ‘certificate,’ which a truly born again disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ needs, is the one Jesus Himself described in Rev. 10:11-15, “Then I saw a great white throne and Him Who sat on it… And I saw the dead… standing before God, and books were opened.  And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. [The record of heaven’s citizens.]  And the dead were judged according to their [sinful] works, by the things which were written in the books… and anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.” 

Willing or Unwilling Sexual Initiation or Dedication 

The more extreme the pact people make with the devil, the greater the demands of the evil one will become.  The greater the demonic power that people seek, the heavier the sacrificial price they have to pay.  The more humanity transgresses God’s Holy Word, the stronger the bondage that befalls them.  The more horrific the crimes that transgress God’s Holy Word, the greater the demonic possession of their spirit, soul, and body, (Deut. 18:10-14; 1 Cor. 10; 2 Cor. 6:14-18.) 

As God intended the human body as His holy temple, sexual immorality in all its various forms is a most heinous act of witchcraft against the Most Holy God of the Bible, which opens powerful gateways into the demonic world.  Satanists of all sorts know, “he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.”  Hence, this type of sin allows possession by many and strong demons.  Satanists and other instruments of the devil always use sexual initiation to indwell their willing initiates (and their unsuspecting, or even unwilling victims) with many demons to control them for Satan.  As a result, sex orgies and unspeakably vile sexual acts form the basis of all satanic culture as Satan constantly tries to violate the human body and especially the bodies of innocent children and animals to pervert God’s laws of creation, and to desecrate the human body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, (1 Cor. 6:18-20.) 

For example, temple and money prostitutes, and even ‘ordinary loose’ men and women, play an important part in most pagan religions and initiations, as their vile spirits infest the souls, bodies, and lives of all their ‘clients,’ participants, and victims.  Pedophiles and sodomites turn little girls into their “bondage fairies,” and make homosexual boys (known as Peter Pans,) their “bondage gnomes or pixies.”

Mostly, Satan’s sexual initiation, [including incest, pedophilia, orgies or group sex parties, adultery, wife swapping or swinging, threesomes, pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity or indiscriminate sexual intercourse, bestiality, sado masochism (domination, bondage, and sexual violence in sex,) etc.] begins with the sexual molestation of children, peer pressure, and the wrong company, (see 1 Cor. 15:33!) 

Sexual bondage is so strong that, unless the victim is delivered through prayer, (in the case of children,) and brought to truly serve the Lord Jesus Christ - unless the experimenting teenager or fornicating adult sincerely dedicates him or herself to God and drastically repents from sexual sin in the power of the Holy Spirit, sexual sin and step-by-step initiation will escalate continually, and even progress into active Satanism. 

Pedophilic instruments of the devil, therefore, are set on destroying young bodies and minds, initiating children into various forms of Satanism from a very young age.  [We elaborate on this incredible act of witchcraft in ‘Divine Homosexuality.’] 

It is common for witch parents and grandparents, standing naked in a pentagram, to commit incest with their children and grandchildren to seal the ancestor sexual initiation pact with Satan.  (A pentagram is an occult drawing of a 5-pointed star in equal proportions.  Each point of the star symbolizes one of witchcraft’s five elements – spirit, air, water, fire, earth.  The star is often encircled to symbolize containment and protection against ‘bad’ magic, the cursing ‘evil eye,’ ‘remote viewing,’ attack from other witches with ‘unfamiliar’ demons, etc.) 


A Scriptural Distinction between Rape and Willing Participation

Unbelievingly, a Christian woman, who was raped while a gang of robbers held her hostage in her home, now teaches publically on television that she “SO overwhelmingly loved her rapist ‘with the love of Christ’ while he raped her, she would have thrown her arms around him if she wasn’t tied up!” 

In the face of such satanic absurdities, which twist and nullify the holy love of Christ and the commandments of God, we need the contextual knowledge of God’s Word as the true light for our feet in the spiritual darkness of this world, (Mark 7:13; Mt. 15:6-9. ) 

This woman’s statement is nothing less than blasphemy - which could also bring great condemnation upon many real victims of rape!  In reality, God commanded a death-sentence for a rapist if the victim protested the rape to the best of her (or his) ability, because the crime of rape intends to destroy or murder the victim emotionally and spiritually, and to defile every area of the victim’s life!  God, in His infinite wisdom, commanded in Deut. 22:25-27 that if a man ‘rapes’ a woman who does not ‘cry out;’ (does not scream, say no!, fight back, or desperately seek a way of escape,) he must marry her!  It is clear that, according to Scripture, this woman was definitely not raped.  She should marry the man she accuses of rape.  [Refer to ‘The Crimes of Rape and Adultery Carried the Death Sentence.’] 

Sex. Alcohol and Drug Initiation

One thing we can know for certain - Satan is into mind control, not God. 

God always requires our willing participation in obedience to His will, decision making, revelation of His truth, our salvation and redemption, and even the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, (Jn. 3:12-13.)  Hence, human beings, and children of God especially, should always be in control of their own minds as far as possible.  The Holy Spirit of God will never ‘take over’ anyone’s will or mind – that is Satan’s specialty.  The Word of God is clear on this matter, and declares, “The spirits (and minds) of the prophets are subject to the prophets, [or under their control,] for God is not the author of confusion but of peace,” (1 Cor. 14:32-22.)   

The ongoing battle for humanity’s soul rages in humanity’s mind, (Rom. 12:1-2.)  Whoever controls the mind, controls the person, (Jn. 8:34.)  Whoever controls the person possesses the soul, (Jn. 8:35.) 

For this reason, Jesus commanded in 1 Pt. 1:13; 5:8-9 and Eph. 5:18, “Gird up the loins of your mind, be SOBER…  Be SOBER, be VIGILANT, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour…  Do not be drunk from wine in which is dissipation… [depravity, corruption, immorality, iniquity.]” 

Jesus knew that Satan always uses mind-control, lies and deception, and alcohol and drug abuse and addiction to cloud and control the human mind, thereby infesting people with many strong demons in order to use them in his service.  As a result, God clearly forbade the abuse of mind-altering alcohol and drugs, (Eph. 5:18-19.) 

It remains an immovable fact that the abuse of alcohol and pharmaceutical and prescription drugs can become soul, life, and family destroying weaponry in the hands of murderous demons.  Anyone who had lived and worked with alcoholics and drug addicts will be familiar with the incredible demonic hold on these lives, so pitifully dedicated to Satan, the god of all perversion.  It is therefore impossible to calculate the destruction of addiction to habit-forming, prescription drugs such as Valium, Zolof, Prozac, or Zanax, or to highly addictive, mind altering drugs such as dagga or marijuana, heroin, or methamphetamine known as ‘ice, crystal, tik (in South Africa) or meth,’ to name but a few.  While all alcohol and drugs can be addictive and can therefore extremely dangerous, hallucinating drugs such as LSD are on a higher level.  Hallucinates are not simply mind-altering.  These substances blast open doors to the spiritual world for demons to possess and harass the victim freely.  As high Satanists see into the spiritual world almost continually, they usually reserve alcohol and drugs, and hallucinates such as LSD, for some of their followers and those falling prey to their deceptions.

It is vital to the Zulu culture to use the ‘holy’ smoke of the herbal mixture called “impepho” (or “impehepo”) in tribal and private rituals to communicate with ancestor spirits, and during animal and other sacrifice.  Impepho incense consists of specific herbs mixed with Shamanic Tobacco, and it really stinks.  This type of ‘holy’ smoke-ritual under various guises is a common practice in witchcraft around the world, as also seen in American Indian and Aborigine ancestor worship.  Witches of all types inhale the smoke, which has a sedative and/or hallucinate effect, to induce trances, visions, and dreams. 

Alcohol and drug abuse, just as sexual perversion, also desecrates the temple of the Holy Spirit and constitutes another major part of satanic initiation into the occult, as this is also ‘sin against one’s own body,’ just as sexual sin. 

Satan knows that God forbade the mind altering state of drunkenness, condemning it as idolatry and witchcraft, (Eph. 5:18-19.)  We should therefore know that even playful or curious encounters with idolatry and witchcraft could pull us into bondage to demons, which will certainly drag us increasingly deeper into Satan’s bottomless abyss.  Until, (should God be so merciful!) that helpless captive of Satan wakes up one starless night and realizes that he or she is being consumed by every kind of demon.  Sadly, this peak of satanic possession might only be reached when Satan himself appears to force sexual relations on that person, and/or to demand human sacrifice in the form of a loving parent, spouse, or child.  However great the high of living dangerously, the time for every disciple of Satan will come when that slave would be willing to do anything to attain some form of relief from mounting demonic oppression, assault, and torment - or simply for the hope to stay alive just one more day,  (Gen. 6; Deut. 18:10-13.) 

Then only, at the end of this mostly irreversible road to everlasting torment and damnation, that pitiful slave might realize that he or she has forfeited their entire freedom of choice by laughingly and thoughtlessly hobnobbing with that dangerous old snake called Satan.  His poison, ingested just once too often, always brings forth a most torturous death and everlasting destruction.  However, without condoning the abuse of alcohol and drugs, it remains a fact that alcohol and drugs are lifeless substances, and therefore not sinful in by itself.  Although God always remains the only true Healer, in moderation, certain types of alcohol and drugs can be merciful pain relievers and even aid physical healing.  Abusers of God’s Word will always find a Bible verse to feed their deception.  While traditional Christians mostly condone the abuse of alcohol, many modern evangelicals condemn even the mere existence of wine as a serious sin.  Anyone with a drinking or drug problem should avoid these substances!  Yet, Paul instructed Timothy to ‘drink a LITTLE wine for his stomach and frequent infirmities,’ explaining that repentance from the sin of drunkenness was quite different from the perception that, for the sake of holy living, one should reject the moderate and therapeutic use of wine.  In fact, Paul was warning Timothy to guard against asceticism or empty religiosity, which is religious self-denial to earn holiness or merit with God.  Asceticism is witchcraft and devoid of any spiritual value.